How Curses Come and Demons Enter

Curses take root in the same way that demons enter. It may be that in the case of some curses, demons don’t go inside the person, but somehow attach themselves to them anyway. The important thing in either case is to destroy the legal ground through which Satan’s demons get access to afflict, harass and torment people.

It is often helpful to know the main ways that demons get into people. In order to get demons out, we usually need to know what it was that gave them the legal right to enter in the first place! Then by renunciation of that thing, and by determined faith in God, we can, with God’s authority, command the related demons to leave. The demons will be forced to leave.

Demons cannot just enter people any time they want to. They need a legal opening to do so. Knowledge of the things that open the door to demons will also give us the knowledge of how to keep the door shut on them. It is also necessary in order to maintain our deliverance. What is the point of getting demons out, if they are only going to be let back in shortly?

Openings through which demons get in

Generational curses

1. Demons very often get into people while they are still in their mother’s womb. Idolatry and occultic sins are transmitted to the third and fourth generations of those who hate God (Exodus 20:3-5). Demons have a right to enter the unborn babies of those who are under such curses. It is through demons that curses are transmitted from generation to generation.

This may not seem fair, but it is a reality. We inherit both good and bad from our ancestors, but because of Jesus, we can break out of the curse and come into the abundant life as God’s children. Some people are a certain way because they have been demonically oppressed all their lives, even from the womb. People can think it is part of them, but really it isn’t. They can be freed.

I personally needed much deliverance from spirits associated with the false religion of freemason. My great grandfather was a high level freemason and the curse associated with that did affect my family and I. After deliverance from this my spiritual life was able to go forward and I had much more peace in my walk with God. There was definitely a spiritual struggle and some demons had to be coughed out of my system as I came to the Lord Jesus for deliverance.

Many Indian people, even from believing families, need deliverance from the curses associated with the idolatry of their ancestors. For example, I’ve heard of new believers in Fiji of Indian origin needing deliverance from spirits of the monkey god which their ancestors worshiped. Strange monkey like manifestations occurred when this spirit was confronted.

When you read between the lines in the Bible you can see how certain sins come down the generations. Solomon was born of David and Bathsheba, a relationship which began in adultery. And so Solomon’s love for foreign women became his downfall. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and his foreign wives led him into idolatry. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, also had plenty of wives and concubines – though he was a man of more modest means.

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all had a problem with lying and deceiving. Abraham and Isaac both lied, saying their wives were their sisters. Jacob deceived his brother, and was later deceived by his own sons concerning Joseph. Even God’s men can be vulnerable to this kind of generational character flaw.

This is not to say that a man is forced to sin because of the sins of his parents. Hezekiah was a good example of one king who refused to follow the ungodly example of his father. In Jesus Christ all can be freed from the chains of generational and cultural sins, and live in the perfect will of God. But often deliverance is needed before this can be realised.

Sins of Commission

“Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves slaves to obey, you are that one’s slaves whom you obey, whether of sin leading to death, or of obedience leading to righteousness?” (Romans 6:16).

Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin.” (John 8:34).

When people yield to particular sins often enough – even at the level of mental acceptance – demons can enter them. Actually, even one deliberate sin can open the door for a demon to enter. It does not always happen, but it can, especially where repentance does not happen quickly.

When a person is doing a sin that they hate and resent, it is no longer freedom – it is slavery. Yielding to sin always costs more than it gives. You may have done it freely the first time, but you can’t stop doing it freely. Demons drive and compel people towards the same evil things. One of the areas where many people are most conscious of this is in the area of sexual lust and masturbation. People may also feel compelled to lie, cheat, steal or think blasphemous thoughts. It is by the work of the cross that all such bondages can be broken, and deliverance from demons is made possible by the victory Jesus achieved there.

There is the law of sowing and reaping, which states that “whatever a man sows, this he will also reap”. Demons work to make sure people reap the negative things they have sown. If we sow deception, we will be deceived. If we sow hatred, we will reap it. “Those who live by the sword perish by the sword”. For this reason alone we would do well to avoid sin. Only Jesus can free us from sin’s chains, from the power of sin. Once he frees us, we do well to give ourselves to Him completely so we can enjoy Him fully and stay out of further bondage to evil.

To the extent we compromise with evil we become the slaves of it.

Sins of Omission

God said to Cain, “If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin lies at the door. And its desire is for you, but you should rule over it.” (Genesis 4:7). Here “sin” is portrayed as a personality with the desire to rule over us. This speaks of demonic powers.

Sins of omission are the main reason that demons get into or back into Christians.We are supposed to be filled with the Holy Spirit as much as possible, and to seek the face of God. We are supposed to be devoted to prayer. However much we may seek to avoid this logic, when we are not doing this, we are living contrary to the will of God. And Satan knows it.

Demons return to empty vessels. The demon says, “I will return to my house from which I came. And when he comes, he finds it empty, swept and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” (Matthew 12:44,45).

Demons can only get back in when we are not doing what we are supposed to be doing. Paul said, “Nor give place to the devil.” (Ephesians 4:27). We give place to the devil when we fail to give to God what truly belongs to Him, in terms of our praise, our love and our adoration.

If you have done this, be sure that God is well able to deliver you, but it will be when in your heart you truly return to the Lord as being the number one passion of your life.

Sudden shocks, traumas and crises

These can open the door for demons to get in – for example, a sudden shock might open the door for a demon of fear to enter a young child. That demon may have a stronghold for years afterwards, producing irrational fears in a person at odd moments. Once we are aware of this, we will be more prudent about the kinds of things we let our young children watch, and we will also learn the importance of praising God instead of going to pieces when the storms of life strike.

Rituals of non-Biblical religions and secret societies

These can open the door for demons to get into people – demons which will later work to blind them to the true gospel. Such spirits are also transmitted through curses down through the generations. Therefore, in seeking light from the Holy Spirit concerning a particular need for deliverance, be it in your own life or someone else’s, be aware of this possibility.

Many forms of modern entertainment open people to demonic invasion.

Much in the film, television and music industries is inspired by satan and opens people up to satanic or worldly philosophy and the influence of demons. Pornography, occultic role-playing games or devices to supposedly communicate with the dead or tell fortunes all open people up to demons.

These days the majority of films and television shows rated PG or above have elements which glorify evil, promote lust, or inspire fear. Many video games, besides being a huge waste of time, have violent themes which at worst can inspire violent attitudes and behavior in people.

Hurts and Wounds from Others

When people don’t deal properly with the hurts they receive from others in life, by forgiving them fully, they are going to be opened up to demons. Spirits of resentment, rejection, anger, hatred and bitterness are very common amongst people who have been dealt hard and hurtful blows by others. Christians who have been hurt by pastors or spiritual leaders are especially vulnerable. If this applies to you, for your own sake, forgive them, and avoid speaking evil of them. Otherwise you will go on suffering needlessly. Not dealing with the hurt correctly could mean you do more damage to the body of Christ than they did to you. Also, we are only forgiven by God to the extent that we forgive our Christian brethren from the heart (Matthew 6:12,14,15). That’s just the way it is.

Covenants, Religious Festivals and Pilgrimages

Strong demons have a right to enter people who worship other gods, and especially when they make covenants to them. Satan is keeping the teeming millions of Asia in bondage through all kinds of religious festivals which renew the demonic covenants between a nation and the evil spirits that rule over them in the heavenly realms. When you see Hindu priests with hooks through their backs who apparently don’t feel pain, you should realise we are not dealing with mere psychological or cultural curiosities. The pilgrimages to Mecca are a pillar of Islam whereby the evil spirits associated with that religion keep their grip on the minds of the faithful.

The Olympic Games is amongst other things a kind of pagan ceremony of Greek paganism. The spirit of Greece expresses itself in humanism, worship of the body, intellectualism and things like this. The amount of fuss created concerning the Olympic Games should alert us to the fact that it is a religious as well as a sporting event. It is well known that pagan priests are involved in the Olympic tradition, and the lighting of the Olympic flame, and Satan has always sought to use these games for his purposes. (God also has strategies to use the Games for His purposes too, but that is another subject).

The main point is that covenants and pilgrimages are often entry points for demonic powers. Satanic priest make a covenant with the devil, signed in their own blood, and many other religions involve pilgrimages and covenants which are not in accordance with God’s revelation the Bible. They are inspired by a different spirit and lead to bondage whether people realise it or not.

Idols and Cursed Objects

Any object associated with idolatry can bring demons into a person’s life. We need to be careful about bringing back trinkets from third world nations that may be associated with gods, fetishes or magic in any way. Any object with supposed occultic power brings demons to the owner. Some symbols like the Ying and Yang symbol, the upside-down broken cross used in witchcraft and the “Peace” movement all have demonic connotations and can open the door for demons.

What do YOU think?


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  1. Logic Promises says:

    Sorry I know it probably had nothing to do with what is going on, just simply letting the world know the truth 🙂

  2. ZAC is from India and the Lord brought me to his video’s on YouTube. I can say that his truth of teaching has set me free from bondage. This man is from God and God alone. I don’t understand after hearing the true GOSPEL, that my husband STILL has a sex addiction. It’s Hurt’s but God gets me through the hurt. I can feel his lust demon and it’s so hard for me to want too have love making with him. I feel so dirty because I know that God didn’t mean for sex to be so abused in a sick way my husband desires it. I feel like I am just his prostitute.

  3. pastor samuel simbo says:


    • yes..its important for you to be filled with the HolySpirit and have the anointing before laying hands on people..very important. Demons usually manifest by the laying of hands..people start screaming and could be they have great fear..or pain in their bodies tor no real reason at all..all sicknese is seeded in Satan..we command it out…people eat things which eomeone has put muti in it or did witchcraft in it…people have bad dreams because of it..usually if asked they actually see the food they ate which helps you..we anoint the stomach with oil and then start casting it out…prayer and discernment are key ways of uncovering demonic activity…here in Africa it is very prevelent…especially the eating of doctered food…christians often are tempted and then we have a problem…a demon has entered with the food..people complain about cramps that move in their stomack…or the have not gone to the toilet for a couple of weeks etc…we pray then ask the person do they see anything…normally they have..then we pick up from their…one of the greatest tools to exorcism is NEIL ANDERSONS BOOK..SEVEN STEPS TO FREEDOM..This covers every area and shows you how to help people renounce all connections to evil practices they may have been involved in…this is a very great key in deliverance…once a person submits to aGod and asks for forgiveness. then begins to resist the powers of darkness by telling them they no longer have legal rights to their bodies..the war begins…manifestation can take place especially if they cant know you have a problem…if it dont want to pray..turns its head away from you, averting the eyes…no eye contact….wants to keep leaving…and so forth

      • Glory be To LORD GoD; One must Always Bind The { STRONG MAN~~satan }. Until Anyone Has Done That Not much Can happen. If A robber Breaks Into One’s Home and The robber Is Not Bounded Up, One Is At The Mercy Of The robber. I’ve Binded Up { The STRONG MAN { satan }, and Then Proceed To Minister Too The Person/s Who needs Deliverance. And ALWAYS in The Name Of JESUS and In The BLOOD Of The LAMB OF GoD. *** ALWAYS IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

        Have Mighty Women and Men As Prayer Partners and Who WILL Pray What One Is Praying For and WILL Come Into AGREEMENT With You About What you Are Praying About & For.

        This Is How I Pray *** ALMIGHTY LORD GoD In JESUS Name I Pray, Ask, And Sing, In JESUS Name and I/We Do Not Come On My/Our Behalf, I/We Come In The Name Of JESUS and I/We Thank You For Listening Too and Answering My/Our Prayers, Requests, Petitions, and Desires Of My/Our Hearts, and I/We thank YOU and I am/We Are Grateful IN JESUS NAME AMEN:

        *** If One Goes To A Bank To Acquire A Loan, One Cannot Just Waltz In There and go Straight into The Office Of The Bank Manager and Ask For A Loan. Everyone Has To Speak To A Teller and The Teller Takes All Details and Then Gives All Details to The Loan Officer and Then The Loan Officer Speaks To Bank Manager and Then It’s The Bank Manager Who Decides On The Loan and Instructs The Loan Officer To Okay The Loan. The Loan Is Similar Way When We Pray. We Can Always Ask FATHER GoD, BUT, It Is Always In The Name Of JESUS. Scripture Declares, Always In The Name Of JESUS. {” And NO One Can Get To The FATHER But By ME Declares JESUS “}.

        { DECERNMENT } Is Missing From Many Churches World Wide and Are Suffering From The Gift Of Non DECERNMENT. Its A Gift From The HOLY SPIRIT. Reason: Many Leaders/Pastors Do Not Have A Clue Of Who Has A Gift Of { DECERNMENT }, *** And They Do Not Allow Others Who Have { DECERNMENT } In The Body Of CHRIST To Use That Gift Or Any Other Gift The HOLY SPIRIT Has Given. WHY ?? Some Causes: ” I Am The Pastor/Leader and I am The Only One Who has { DECERNMENT } and All The Spiritual Gifts “. Resentment, Jealousy, No~All’s Who MayB Knows Not Every Thing About LORD GoD, HUMILITY Is Missing, Many Times Wanting To Be In Control Instead Of Allowing LORD GoD and JESUS CHRIST Be In Charge, And This Is One I Notice And See Too Often In Many Churches With Pastors/Leaders. * CONTROL FREAKS *

        I Do Many Researches and I Read It On The internet, In Newspapers, See On Televisions, and ALL Over Social Media. In Many Churches. Can Anyone JUSTIFY and Explain To JESUS Why Many Preaches Have EACH; One Man $154 Million, Another $45 Million, Another 14 Million, Another Who Can Afford To Rent Or Own An Apartment and Lives In Trumps Tower, Another Who Spends $10 Million On Her Bath Room, Live In Million Dollar Homes Including Their Children and Other Family Blood Members, BUT Not The Family’s In LORD GoD Who Dig Deep into Their Pockets ??

        May All LORD GOD’s Blessings, In JESUS Fall Upon You All and Safe Journeys In JESUS CHRIST Always. God Bless Us ALL Amen.

  4. So glad God brought me to this today. I have been battling demonic forces seated in high places my entire life. But God gave me power over all powers and through the Holy Ghost I can see spiritually and fight spiritually. If you need to know how to fight this evil research the Holy Ghost it’s our comforter and so much more.

  5. Thank you for posting this wonderful revelation. I wanted to find out more about demon for a video I am working on and the Holy spirit led me to you site. Can I use your work in my video? My video is about Ephesian 6: 10-20.

    • Marilena Fackerell says:

      Hello Adama,

      Yes, you can use it in your video, as long as you give the credits at the end of the video to this website and Michael Fackerell. By the way, if you make a good video, feel free to share it with us to air on TV in India and the Philippines 🙂

  6. I think I recently had a demon enter me through injecting meth. It was sexual in nature. I craved masturbation, incest, sex, pornography and even child pornography. Sometimes I didn’t leave my house for days while masturbatingand having sex. I think I spread it to my girlfriend too. We both quit meth like 5 days ago. We slept non stop having terrible dreams and screaming in our sleep. Now it’s like we’re different. I quote her “i open my eyes and see the same things but it different” my apartment looks the same but it feels like I’m looking at it frome a different angle, it’s so hard to explain. It’s like I was in a different realm while injecting meth and lost in sex and masturbation and now my apartment looks the same but it’s just normal. Has anyone had anything like this? Is this a demon that has entered us and now left? Id love to talk to someone of Christian authority about this.

    • Please go to a Holy Spirit filled man of God and confess to him. Let him pray for you and your girlfriend for deliverance God bless you

  7. Hello everyone. I am very glad I came across this site. I was actually investigating why sometimes I will have dreams of resisting and fighting off evil spirits. Mainly it ends with me saying “in the name of jesus christ, be gone”. It used to be very difficult to say this in the dreams and I felt weak but knew that was the only thing I could say to repell these evil thoughts/spirits attacking me.

    I havent had any dreams like that lately but upon reading the articles above I had to ask a for your opinion on something.

    Im married to a great, pretty, open minded indian who is Hindu. She is not super hardocre hindu but is somewhat supersticious and she has a few “idols” around the house. One is a little wooden Budhha figurine that sits in the living room and she has a small temple to Vishnu, i believe is the god, in another room. I know they are both peacefull symbols and not satatanic or anything and I certainly dont worship or pray to buddha nor does she (she prays to Vishnu) but can the mere presense of this idol/temple invoke un-wanted spirits?

    I have not felt or she has not said anything yet about feeling uncomfortable or feeling any weird feelings. I have strong faith in myself that no evil presense is just going to walk into our lives, i wont let it. Also i might add I have had these dreams prior to knowing my wife. So I am just wanting some opionins on my situation. I am not too worried about this but would love ot hear some feedback on the buudha and her temple. Thx.

    • well the bible says you cannot serve 2 masters either you’ll love one or hate the other and the bible says don’t be unevenly yoked with some one either your word is yes or no. Are you serving man (yourself); or God; the enemy is already in your home with all those idols; so wisdom asks how can God be there. your house is unclean by those idols and idol worship from your wife .You already know what must be done your just afraid of doing it. God says in his holy word what is for man to make a vow to him and not keep it; for a vow made to God had best be kept and thou best not delay in giving it why should you loose all than make a vow to God and not keep it for it is written- God is a jealous God and thou best have no other God before him. it is written and amen – THE WORD OF THE ONLY TRUE LIVING GOD HAS SPOKE FOR HIMSELF-THE LORD OF HOSTS- THE GREAT IAM. RFAZE

      • DJ Dantas says:

        Hi I loved what you said. I am in the process of researching demons as I am in the midst of them in my home. My husband has been attacked. I have searched the bible for solutions and found a compiling one in the Book of Tobit where Archangel Raphael provides Tobias the solution to rid the demons attached to Sarah. I have performed the same process in my home and so far so good. The demons have identified themselves to me through my husbands mouth, the demons of anger and resentment, but I know the demon of deception is also there. I found a prayer to banish these demons and have done so. Today when coming from chapel, God spoke to me and guided me to their hiding place in the home and I banished them out of there also. I believe that our Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit has banished these demons, I want to ensure they do not return how can I ensure this on a daily basis without going through the process I went through this week. I would love to be able to speak to you further on a one to one basis, please follow me on FB at Sara Costa Barbosa. Thank you and God Bless you for the information you just provided.

  8. For me personally I can remember many times where by the help of jesus christ and god I could make demons vanish and go away, by praying and believing. I remember once that I had a very strong pain in my right leg, many doctors did not know where the pain came from, some of them told me that it might be a problem with my back, none could really find the origin of the pain. I was very young at that time, about 20 years. So I prayed to jesus christ that the pain should go away, and I remember once when I had prayed some times before that jesus gave me the feeling he would help me. And the day after the pain vanished. From there on I try to help people who hardly can walk like me back at the time by praying when I see such people. As is stated in the bible, man can have the ability to make demons go away from manifestions to people by praying for the people that are obsessed. I read the new testament nearly every day to follow jesus christ and I can cleary see that jesus christ helps me and the people around me. Two days before I was at a party place and had drink much, unfortunately I did several mistakes that night and a guy (thats what I think) hit me. I believe jesus christ and god helped me in that night. As I do not remember anything between the end of the struggle and the moment I stayed up from the street. The interesting part is that I woke up in a different place than I have been before. It was like the lights shut down and I wake up at a different place. I believe that jesus helped me so that nothing really serious happend to me. Actually I had that event before too when I was alone in a bad situation, I “stopped living” and immediately woke up in a different place. Basically what I want to say is that demons exist, but they can never be as powerful as jesus christ. Praying helps alot, helping, praying and loving other people and family members helps much more than only praying for oneself, that is what I have experienced. I can say that I sin often because I currently think that not all demons from my past have gone. Therefore I try to strongly believe jesus christ as it showed to be proved for me that he is alive and being there for us.

  9. When i was growing up i would regularly hear mother screaming in her sleep. She would later say she saw a man on the end of her bed. When i left home, i started having the same dream. I can really feel a man rocking/sitting on my feet and i wake up screaming in terror. He has followed me for the last 20 years and my mother claims to know longer have the dream. My grandmother also used to continually pack up and move house because she saw a “black dog”, not literally, but spiritually. What do you suggest.

  10. John Parven says:

    What’s the process of actually casting out the demons. I want to be freed. I have a demon of deception and anxiety that will at times be strong but other times not so ofter but the demon hasn’t fully left. I came from a rough home and forgave my parents and gave everything to God but the demon won’t leave me alone.

    • You know about demons but you also need to research curses.

      It would be good if you were able to seperate the flesh mind from the spirit mind. Truth is a spirit, the master teacher is Jesus ans the Holyspirit you need to reconnect and reaffirm God as you Father and your connection to God.

      God is your father, to hear and walk with him you must be working with the spirit. Parents often cause use to fear of the flesh and people more than God. You need to seek out a better relationship with God. Through Jesus you are able to reconnect with God. By accepting Jesus and God as your father and be born again and you are able to break family curses.

      Do not accept what I am saying without checking the bible abd doing research and praying consult the Spirit of Truth. Christian enemies are the sin nature of the flesh, curses, demons, and Satan.

      Or relationship with God is the real reality and all the others are delusions because God is the true power.

      I hope this helps.

    • JustAGuy says:

      John, a short answer is to reverse the process by which they came in. How did the demons come in? You mention having a rough home and forgiving your parents. That is an excellent place to start! There can be a few reasons why you have the unwanted guest.

      Is it a familiar spirit that operates in your family tree? Perhaps it has a generational “right” or opening to be there. Have you repented for the sins of your fathers on both sides of your family who may have operated in that spirit?

      Another question to go before the Lord with is, “Am I somehow walking in agreement with this thing?” Fear is a powerful enemy and motivator. It motivates us away from our true shelter of obedience to Christ and walking in the light, to seek our own protections through deceit and lies of our own. It says, “if they knew the truth, they will do ….. to you.” Or some other thought that has us bend the truth just enough to keep us from a perceived negative response to it.

      Paul gives us a couple of VERY important and practical keys to overcoming the power and presence of this thing. The post by ‘help’ is certainly the foundation upon which what I am sharing builds upon. Paul says, “take captive every thought to the obedience of Christ,” 2 Corinthians 10:5. He also says, “Be angry, and sin not. Do not let the sun go down upon your wrath, NEITHER GIVE PLACE to the devil,” Ephesians 4:26-27. NOTE TO READER: take the word “anger” in this verse and replace it with any other emotion, and it will become a blueprint for handling your life….

      Paul is telling us that anger is NOT a sin. It is an emotional response to something. However, we need to take that ‘something’ and get it sanctified in short order, or it will become the opening for giving place (territory in your heart and mind) to the devil.

      Here is the “unfair” part of it. You have had a ‘rough’ upbringing. You were sinned against by your parent, or parents. Each time we are sinned against, the natural response is anger. When we are little, we do not know how to process that spiritually before the Lord. Our parents are perpetrators and are not very helpful in teaching us how. Often they take our anger and it fuels further abuse and then blame. “I wouldn’t have hit you if you had….” and so on.

      Now we have a compounding of things to deal with. Not only do we have anger at our parents, but we are directed to turn it against ourselves. “It is MY fault this happened…” Our thoughts, unrenewed, harbor unforgiveness, which in turn left unchecked, opens us up for resentment, retaliation, anger, rage, violence and murderous thoughts, all under the umbrella of Bitterness.

      But, it goes much further. When we are young, vulnerable and victimized, the devil who is tormenting us through the abuse of our elders also is taunting in our minds, “if God loves you He wouldn’t let this happen to you,” or, “God has abandoned you. You are in this by yourself.” This opens us up for resentment against God. “Where were you when this was going on??!”

      Perhaps the answer to why we faced it alone is found in the thought that somehow we deserved it and God is punishing us because we are as horrible as our abusive parent(s) are saying.

      Once we feel cut off from God’s love and protection, we are ripe for fear. Life is bigger John, than you or I. Bad things can happen, and without the assurance that God is with us, we seek out our own solutions. In your case, the devil has a stronghold built around fear and deception.

      The devil builds a stronghold of fear, and then (in his mercy, “cruel are the mercies of the wicked”) he promotes a demonic solution to the problem. In this case it is ‘deception’. When you get rid of the fear, you will see there is no need for the deception… it will go as well.

      The answer to your dilemma is found in 1 John 4:18. “Perfect love casts out fear, for fear has torment. He that fears (your anxiety says this is speaking to you, John) is not made perfect in love.”

      The post by ‘help’ points you to this need. The ministry the Lord used to heal my wife and I, and others, read this as saying “you were not loved perfectly and so fear came in.” While that statement may be true, I do not believe it is what this verse is saying.

      1 John 4:18 is saying when our love is perfected, we will have no place for fear. What is perfect love? It is the ability to love your enemies.

      Matthew 5:44-48

      Mat 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

      For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

      Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. “

      Our challenge John, is to get our eyes off of our own selves and to lay down our lives for those around us, even as Jesus who while being tortured and murdered lifted His eyes saying, “forgive them, for they know not what they do.” When we love others to that point, we have no fear.

      In a more positive angle. I learned early on in training for public speaking that I was nervous. Why? “What if I don’t say it right?”, “What if I say the wrong thing?” “How is my eye contact?” “What about this, or what about that….?”

      Then 1 John 4:18 came to mind and I realized if I focus on the importance of what I am saying and how it will bless someone, I am released to speak freely!

      Don’t be afraid of just being you. Take your thoughts captive as you enter into temptation and listen to what is going on in the background of your mind. Whatever thoughts are leading you to deception, cast them down according to the knowledge of Christ and lay down your life by acting honestly and letting God handle the consequences. Even if the short term consequence of the truth is painful, the long term consequence is eternal life. The Lake of Fire will be the final place for liars. Let go of that devil now, or you will be cast into the Lake of Fire with it if you don’t.

      I’ve said a lot and there is always more to say. But I think this moves it in the right direction for your deliverance. As you apply these things, the stronghold will diminish and disappear. When you have taken these things before the Lord, you can use the authority given you to simply command them to leave in Jesus’ name.

      Deliverance is like a cross-country bus trip. You start on the west coast with a bus load of “critters,” or devils and strongholds. They are like rowdy teens in the back of the bus. You know by the time you get to New York from L.A. the bus will be clear, but just because they start throwing spitwads, doesn’t mean you pull over on the road of life until you have it all under control. Some will step to the forefront and then you toss them off and keep driving. Your load will lighten as you go, but do not stay stuck on the roadside until you get the last one off.

      You have a mission in life. be focused on it and trust God to let you know when it is time to deal with each one. You will find some may leap out the emergency windows as you crank up the Praise and keep driving!

      Blessings and Peace,

      • Alicialbarker says:

        Wow praise God for you guys…if you have a channel please look to albarker180 on YouTube also my Gmail account and fb, I would love to retell this post or subscribe for other messages if that’s ok… praising him and thankful for his servants amen.

      • Wow. I needed to read this as well, I have a similar story to John’s…it’s too deep to get into but thank you for sharing this. God bless you <3

    • To John Parven
      Did you ever resolve your problem regarding the uninvited intruder (demon). Its been years since you posted this….. but I just now am reading it….I am curious because I am dealing with this too.
      please reply if you don’t mind….mandi

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