Help…please pray for me

Please pray for me that I will be delivered to God soon because I am trying so hard and changing so much for Him,I am literally changing my whole lifestyle for Him and I rise for a day just so that I can be shot down by my own thoughts for the next week.I can’t control my thoughts,my feelings,or the pain I suffer.It may seem exaggerative but I feel so weak.I just can’t stay at peace wherever I go.I can only find a small measure of rest alone in solitude.At the same time I am so low because I have no one in my life that can understand what I am going through or that I can lean on.Yes.God is with me but I can’t hear him talk back to me or feel his embrace.God knows my true intentions and I am really trying to be close to Him so I don’t understand why He seems so far away.Please pray that I will be delivered from the curse I have.Thank you

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