help me pray

Hi , may the Lord bless you all šŸ™‚

I need help I accepted Jesus 3 years ago and I’ve had awesome experiences and all I can say is that my life had no sense when I didn’t have Jesus .. lately I’ve. Had weird dreams (scary dreams) 3 days ago I was watching in you tube how there’s hidden messages in songs . I listen to some and stoped I felt normal until the night came :(, last nite I. Pray but felt a lot of fear …I was sleeping good until I woke up at 330 I was sweating a lot and my heart was beating fast and all that will run through my mind were those songs that I’ve heard …I prayed and the fear didn’t. Go away I was crying sweating and felt horrible I felt like if the devil was gonna come inside my room and hurt me I felt horrible . I called my mom who is in mxico I told her and we pray together I kept reading the bible I. Went to sleep around 5ish .I woke up feeling good but the fear is tryng to kick back in please help me pray ..:'(

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