wow, it’s been a while since my last visit to this site. Well, Let me give you a quick update of what’s been happening!

I will begin by giving thanks unto the Lord for bringing me this far and blessing me beyond measure. Our God is GREAT, Amen! After a year of searching for employment, my God came through for me. In November last year, I almost gave up on searching because it was too painful to open my emails and find regrets. Then, one day I came across a job ad in the local newspaper, it was my dream job but I thought I was too young and inexperienced. I almost didn’t apply for it, but decided I go for it. I contacted them for an application pack, I received it within two days-I filled out the forms and attached the required documents and send it back the next day. Within three days, I received a call to come for an interview that same day, but I couldn’t because I was at work. So we scheduled it for the following day at 4pm after my shift. That meant I only had that night to prepare for the interview, I was nervous, really nervous but i managed. The following day, I finished work early, went home got ready and drove to the location.

I reported to the reception when I arrived, and the CEO came down to meet me. We went into the interview room, and to my surprise it was a panel interview (4 pax), that got me very nervous. To cut the story short, the interview went very well-they all seemed pretty impressed. I thanked them for their time and I left. I arrived back home, feeling very discouraged, and worried that I wasn’t going to get the job. However, two hours letter I received a call from the CEO. He said ‘tell me something, are you serious about this position or were you just trying your luck’, I said ‘This job is my dream job, and I just happen to be young and inexperienced but if given the opportunity I would work hard to gain and develop the required skills and experience. Then he said, Well, if you want the job, It’s yours! Oh I can’t begin to explain how that made me feel, It was an amazing feeling and I thank the Lord.

I started the job in January, and It’s great. I work as a field officer for an organization called Prisoner’s Aid and Rehabilitation society alongside the department of corrections. We work with offenders and help them with re-integration after life in prison. It’s been challenging, but I love and enjoy it.

Lesson learned: Being young and inexperienced is irrelevant to God. If it’s where He wants you, he qualifies you. Also, I need to learn to trust and wait on the Lord-even when it seems like He’s not listening.He always comes through for us, time after time. He’s got our lives in his hands, we need not to worry. If he did it once/twice, rest assured that he will do it do it again and again and again

More news, I’m getting married this May, I think in one of my other post I mentioned that I was getting married but we postponed. So I’m a very busy woman at the moment. I also had a laparoscopy last week which I am still recovering from.

Please pray for our wedding plans, my recovery, and that God would lead me in my job. Also, just give Him the praise for being a wonderful God. Love you all, happy to be back :))

Ebenezer, “Thus far the lord has helped us” For the Lord that has brought us thus far will continue to do so time and time again.

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