Hello everyone…Stn Mtn Georgia

I have a question… I started my new year with the three day fast (first time) No food or water and I also prayed. But I Did not feel the change, I was fasting for a finacial break thru for my family and nothing happen Did I do something wrong?

What do YOU think?



  1. 7firestorm says:

    just continue to wait on him.God hears you.He will answer in His timing and way.sometimes when im praying about a certain issue its like the heavens are like “brass.” maybe He will guide you to what is really important for you in this hour.He is faithfull to complete what He has started.you mentioned you didnt “feel” a change. go by Faith in Him despite your feelings and circumstances.He will bring about everything concerning you in his timing.He knows your heart.IF you want a breakthrough it WILL come.remember “He is able to do abundantly above and beyond what we could think’ASK and imagine!”

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