Heaven Sent

I’m on this earth for a mission to speak the word to end this age. I will be sharing the word that I speak for God while I’m in this forum. Most of you will find it very difficult to believe but don’t worry, that was prophesied to happen.

It won’t be long before the earth starts to shake violently and this indicates the end of this age. From that moment on, everything on earth will be destroyed as the earth’s crust is melted by hot molten lava. This is has been prophesied for over 2500 years so it’s not something I’m making up.

Don’t worry about your body because it was only a temporary home until the new heaven and earth are ready for us to live on. We will get new immortal bodies as most of God’s created people are reborn into paradise.There will be a certain amount of people placed in new adult bodies that take the place of the bodies that God used in this age to reveal his knowledge with and have them speak for him like he did with me. Our biblical names are the saints, prophets, and messiah.

We will be the new rulers of paradise as we receive knowledge directly from God and speak for him. We will be the ones who are guided by the knowledge we received in this age to form a new vocabulary and language so God has a way of revealing new knowledge as we speak to each other. This knowledge will be added to the language that we teach all God’s people with so everyone will get to know God.

God bless you,

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