Heaven is a state of Mind.

Christianity varies a lot and many I think are misinformed about what it means to live “as a Christian.” I don’t think the Bible is read as it should be, and therefore many readers are either turned off, or lose interest, or take it literally.

I see the Bible as a text book to be referred to, to search and to be fed with, regards Understanding.

One small example of my thinking follows and if anyone is interested, they can respond or email me for further communication.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added to you.

These are the words of Jesus. I see the Kingdom of Heaven as a spiritualised consciousness, what is sometimes called “the Christ consciousness.” St Paul describes this as the Mind of Christ. He says: put on that mind that was in Christ Jesus.

So Heaven is out state of mind, it is not in the next world to be earned by good deeds in this life.

When we ‘put on the mind of Christ” we have a spiritualised perspective on life and we start to live a happier life as a consequence of being in harmony with Spiritual understanding and a growing peace of mind.

Any comments.


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