Heart Attack and Stroke within six weeks of each other and still going strong!!!

TRESSIE TURNER—RUSTON, LA: I don’t know where I want to begin because I have so many testimonies of the Power of God in my life. I will start with the big one: I call it the big one because many people will feel that heart attacks and strokes are quite “big ones” to recover from.  I guess it was about five years ago, I was diagnosed with a heart attack. It was three days after my birthday. What a birthday present the devil tried to lay on me, huh? Well, I had no problems with the by-pass surgery that was given me and within the 6 week period, I was totally healed from the heart attack and doing quite well. Two days after my 6-week check-up, I started to feel weak and a bit dizzy. I stumbled around for an entire weekend because when my daughter took me to the ER, the doctor who was there insisted that it was my medication that was making me dizzy. I was not taking any medications that were different from what I had been taking for several years.  I knew and tried to explain to him that it was not medications. He sent me home anyway.

That Monday after the weekend, I attempted to get out of bed and as I did, I couldn’t control my right side of my body. My hand was just hanging beside me and I had to drag my right leg to get anywhere. Well, I went to my local doctor and he found that I had had a stroke. Can you believe it? A stroke!!  I was not happy at all! I was placed in the rehab hospital in my home town for rehabilitation. The first night that I was there, a nurse came into my room, and asked “don’t I know you?” We realized that we were from the same little town just north of where we were then. When she found out what I was there for, she put her hand on my shoulders, raised her other hand, and began praying a healing prayer for me. I also prayed in agreement with her.  I asked her how she knew that I was going to let her pray for me. She said that she didn’t think about it, but before she walked into my room, she was very upset. She wasn’t supposed to be at work that night and wasn’t happy. When she saw me and found out who I was she had to pray. She said that she became content about being at work because she knew that she was there for me. I agree, because I was feeling a bit down about the stroke and our prayer uplifted my spirit. I went through rehab but only stayed three or four weeks when I was scheduled for six weeks. Within two weeks I was walking normally and using both hands well!!

I wish that you could see me now!  Nobody even knows that I have had these problems unless they see the scar in my chest from the by-pass surgery and when they ask, I get to tell this testimony and dance around and thank God for what I know He and only He could do for me. During this time that I had both heart attack and stroke within six weeks of each other, other people in the area were having EITHER a heart attack OR stroke and were not making it. I know truly that it is the Power of God that kept me here and I never cease to tell it. I cannot take any credit. It was Him entirely. And I praise Him and give Him glory for all He has done and is doing for me.

God is still a healing God. He promised us wholeness and that means spirit soul and body. When we are saved, healing is a part of salvation. I am a living witness that God healed me!!! Hallelujah!!


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