Healed so that I can walk up the stairs.

My body has been under bombardment for years in pain and sickness and when I recently moved house I was told by occupational therapy there is a long wait for a stair lift. TOO LONG! I was going up the stairs and down the stairs at times on my bottom. I cried out to God and said, I can’t wait for a stair Lift Lord, I need your help now, I want to walk. As I was checking out the different churches in Eastbourne a word of knowledge was given that a lady in their congregation today who has not been to their church before has bad knees, to go forward for prayer. I went forward as I have done many times before. My knees which was the priority was prayed for by the pastor. Since that day I am able to go up and down the stairs without aid, no stair lift is needed. PRAISE GOD! I am receiving all that God has to give me, the rest of my body is still in need of further healing. But Praise God I will testify about God’s healing grace wherever I go. I submit all of me to God and all of me will be healed in Jesus name. Can’t wait, I ‘m so excited to see the hand of God continue to work miracles. We don’t always know why the delay in healing is there but I have never stopped crying out to God, and if you are sick, continue to pray for your healing. God Bless Deborah who for the first time in years can do without a stair lift. YIPPEE!

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