Hailey from Arizona Needs your Prayers

I received a request for a young girl. From ArizonA, by the Name of Hailey, SHe has just Had a surgery for Cystic Fibrosis.. This is the same Disease that has plagued our Dear Brother HollyRolller11 or Joe’s Grandsons. I wish to ask for those help Whom will promise to lift Hailey up as well as Joes Grandsons in prayer before our Lord For At Least 40 Days and to fast along with their prayers! But I will take as much prayer as anyone will give for these 3. It is well worth the effort. And 3 beautiful children of GoD have Sufferd too long with this illness. I do ask in all hopes that many Brothers and sisterS in Christ will hear the call and petition our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus, For He is the Life. Thank You and may all who accept this request be blessed in our sweet Sweet Savior, Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette. Also, I hope I got the name of the disease correct dear Joe, if I Got it wrong please let me know & I will correct it!

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  1. childofjesus says:

    Father in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.Lord i commit Dylan, Chandler & Hailey into your Hands.Lord, you’ve knitted us in our mother’s womb..even before our mother knew You had already designed us..Father i ask you to heal these dear children..there is no disease which you cannot heal..Stretch forth Your Hand and heal them completely..In Jesus Healing Name, i pray..

    • lookingforhope2011 says:

      I will add hailey to my list as well. Father we come into and stand in agreement together now and in our private prayer time for these children as well as others, that Your mighty healing come swiftly in Jesus name name! Amen!

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