You are God’s spokesman in the earth!

ambassadorIf you only knew who you are, at the heart level, life will not feel boring, a drag or just too hard! You will understand how valuable you are to God in just being you, how powerful your life speaks and how important what comes out of your mouth is for eternity!

God has been working on me about this message for around a mouth or so. It’s been growing on me and the implications of it overwhelm me with a huge sense of individual value but also individual responsibility.

I listened to a message by Bro Rambabu in the car one day and he explained in it what it means to be an ambassador for Christ.  An ambassador is a spokesman for his own country in another foreign country. When he speaks, his country speaks. If the ambassador of India goes to China, when he speaks, India speaks as far as the Chinese people are concerned. Their words carry a lot of value and power in the good or bad relations between the two countries.

In the same way, we are God’s ambassadors here on the earth. We represent the kingdom, the country we belong to, the Kingdom of God, heaven. But we live in a foreign land, as pilgrims on this earth, and when we speak on the earth, heaven speaks. Being an ambassador of the kingdom means that when we speak, the kingdom speaks!

How powerful is that and how are we to treat such a great responsibility to use our mouth in the world. We are in the world, but not of the world, we are God’s spokesmen in the earth, speaking for heaven. Heaven speaks when we speak!

Now that is a great motivation to be careful with our words! That’s why God says that for every careless word we will give account one day, because as ambassadors for Him, our words carry weight and affect people in their relations with heaven! 

If people hear you complain, speak negative things, criticize or gossip, their impression of heaven will be that it’s not worth following Jesus because if following Jesus creates this kind of a person, they don’t want to have a part in it! At the same time, if our words are inspiring people, filled with hope, faith, love and bringing conviction to their hearts, their conclusion in their hearts will be one of respect towards you and therefore towards God for making such a beautiful work in you. They might not change straight away, but it will be a lasting impression that gives God something to work with in their lives when they are at a low point and God can remind them of the change He has made in you.

God says that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, so therefore what comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what is in your heart. And God commands us to keep our heart with all diligence in Proverbs. Why? Because out of it flow the issues of life.  Is life flowing from your heart and through your mouth? If not, this reflects that something is wrong in your heart and you have not kept it with all diligence. There is work to be done in there by inviting the presence of God to work on you and reveal what must change.

Don’t just try to change what comes out of your mouth. Even though that can have value, and I encourage you to use self-control there,  focus on your heart. God before God and ask Him to change you on the inside. Then the mouth will just reflect naturally your heart. For example, lack of self-control in the heart can lead to a uncontrolled mouth. Change the lack of self control by working with God on your heart and the mouth will come into line more.

Remember, your words carry weight! You can’t just let anything comes out of it. You need to give your mouth to heart and mouth to God so it is used right.

Every ambassador when he takes the role, he is fully committed to his job. In fact, I looked into it, and apparently it is quite a long process and many ladders of career they have to climb, starting as a simple officer in a government organization, before he can be appointed as an ambassador. And when he does it, he is fully in it, he can’t change his mind half way because he doesn’t like the country he is in, or the conditions. His heart is fully committed to his role, no matter what comes, and he doesn’t know what comes.

I have read stories of ambassadors and their wives and how life can be rather horrible at times for them. When they have to deal with the local country’s government and they don’t really want to be cooperative. When the wife and the children stay home and have to chase snakes out of the house and the children have almost no friends. When they have to move yet again to a new place, without knowing what to expect there. But they are fully committed no matter what it takes.

When you are fully committed to your role in the Kingdom as an ambassador, you are very careful how you behave yourself and what words come out of your mouth. They carry weight and you are accountable to heaven for any careless word. It can affect the relations between heaven on earth.

This kind of thinking makes me realize that I am very valuable to God but also need to be very responsible. If the King tells me to say something here on earth, I can’t just say: Oh, I feel shy God! Or I am afraid of what they might think of me or how they will react. If God sent you on a mission, you have to fulfill it or you will be an embarrassment for heaven!

As we see in Proverbs:

The king’s favor is toward a wise servant: but his wrath is against him that causes shame. Prov 14:35

So, what is your decision today based on the above thoughts? And what is God speaking to you through this? Write your comments below.

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