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Hello I’m now a 22 year old girl. Many years ago i started to get stomach pain and it came and left. Soon it started to get worse. And i didn’t go to the doctor because it wasn’t that bad at the beginning. Its just the type of person i am. I don’t eat painkillers unless its really bad. I don’t take medicine unless its really bad. I don’t cry if unless its really bad. So i didn’t go to the doctor because it was pain only a few times and not so often. But it got worse and worse and i couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. And the few people i told told me to go to the doctor and i didn’t want to go there. Maybe a year past by and soon it started to bleed when i went to the toilet. First time i was really scared and i thought tomorrow i will have to go to the doctor, but the morning after it didn’t bleed and i didn’t have any pain. So i didn’t go to doctor, why should i? I’m not sic any more. So it went a few months and it started to bleed again. And i didn’t want to go to the doctor so i did some fast not honest pray to god, it went like this: Oh god please heel me it hurt so much i think i will start cry. And i wasn’t even sure god existed so i didn’t even believe anything would happen. Nest time it started to bleed i ate some painkillers. And time went by and i refused to go to the doctor. I one day asked a true christian man in church to pray for my stomach pain and i told the man that i had so much pain and it was bleeding and i wanted it to go away. He told me lots of stuff that god wanted to tell me. That he loves me even if i don’t believe it. I was so happy because he answered some stuff i been asking god. After i realized he never started to pray for my sickness. So i went home again and this time i was thinking god doesn’t heel people. I didn’t want to go to church and i still didn’t want to go to a hospital. I asked my friends what they thought was wrong with me, and i thought i had the answer, what my pain was. So i called a doctor over the phone and said i think i have this sickness and i have these symptoms. The pain was so often and painful so i some times told god to just kill me. The doctor on the phone told me to go to the pharmacy and get some medicine for my sickness, so i did. And i treated my self with this medicine for around 3 months. And it didn’t help. So i went to church and asked people to pray away the sickness and that didn’t help either. So i thought if god existed I’m sure he doesn’t want to heel me. So i waited for someone to say anyone with this sickness can come up and get prayed for. I waited and waited and if people said someone with stomach pain, i didn’t thought it was detailed enough. I was sure it was plenty people with stomach problem, i wanted them to call out more detailed about my sickness. I waited and waited and waited. And was thinking GOD why are you not calling for me, when you see I’m in pain. I again thought god didn’t love me. I one day thought i was going to die when i was on the toilet and the water was filled with dark red blood!! Then i went to the hospital were people enter were they have something that cant wait ( like car accidents, people who cut there arms of and stuff, in Swedish we call it akuten, and i cant find the English word for that.) I explained to the doctor in the desk i was really sick and she first didn’t want to let me in because i don’t look that sick and she wanted me to get a appointment instead. But finally they let me get examined. Then another doctor put tools in my ass and it hurts like crazy so i started to cry and said please stop! After some minutes of crying he didn’t even find anything. And i was really sad and also a bit angry. The tools gave me so much pain and then the doctor didn’t find ANYTHING. I thought i would never go back to the doctors who are trying to give me so much pain I’m screaming. The doctor who put the tools in my ass then said i should take more medicine! And i told him i already taken that medicine at it didn’t work. I went home really angry and with tears in my face and was thinking what a evil doctor. A few months after the hospital gave me a new appointment to a doctor that was specialized on stomachs and they also decided to put the tools in my ass. And i was so afraid because i remembered how it felt the last time. I was thinking NOT AGAIN! They did the tools check and i cried a lot again. After they saw that i had a hole inside of me that was bleeding and every time i was going to the toilet it riped open and gave me huge pain. Then the doctors gave me new medicine because the old one was to heel a sickness i didn’t had at all and the medicine was a a complete waste because it didn’t heel the bleeding i had inside my body. The new medicine for the bleeding was pills you should stick inside your ass 4 times a day for 3 weeks. I didn’t take them because it gave me so much pain to put them inside. Instead i went to church and asked them to ask god to heel my bleeding, now when i knew it was another sickness. My bleeding and pain started to be more rare. And i didn’t want to go to the doctors again, all day say is eat more medicine and everything will be fine. I don’t really think they understand how it hurts inside of me and i feel like they don’t care. Though i thought it was embarrassing to tell people that my ass was bleeding when i had to go to the bathroom, so i didn’t ask a lot of people to pray for me because i thought it was embarrassing. Now it been maybe 4 years i had these pains, i cant really remember when it started i was maybe 16 or 17 years old when small pains started and I’m now 22. Its a bit scary when i now knew the pain came from a hole inside my even if it didn’t always bleed it did often give me pain. In the beginning it gave me pain not even once a moth in the end it gave me every time i had to go to the toilet. Last month i went to CA, redding and the bethel school and many people give me words from god. And they told me lots of stuff from god but they didn’t ask me if i wanted to to pray about. Then one girl asked me is there anything special you want to pray for, and i felt like it was god who wanted to heel my bleeding and stop the pain. We prayed together and she felt like god told her i will heel you because of my love to you(me). I was happy and the pain didn’t come until today and i went to the toilet and then it started to give me pain and i was thinking oh not again and i started to cry in pains and i was thinking maybe i will go to bed early Tonight. But i stayed up longer i still had lots of pain. Then before i went to bed i had to go to the toilet again. And once it starts to bleed it get worse if yo had to go again. And so i cried even worse the second time today. I dent went to my bed and was thinking i have to talk with some friends online to make me less sad. So i logged in and one of my friends were online and i asked him to pray for me and he did and the pain started to disappear as i told him why i needed some heeling. He then started to pray and all the pain was gone. Even if i would have taken painkiller to go to sleep the pain wouldn’t never gone away that fast. God really helped me so i wouldn’t cry my self to sleep. Now I’m really happy. I hope it never starts to bleed again. If it does i will pray again and again until its completely gone. Also i want to say my faith has grown much stronger the past month. and the past weeks i did believe that god could heel me. Maybe that’s why he took away my pain now, I’m not sure. I’m just very happy. God thank you for taking care of me. And if someone is reading this God Loves even if you don’t believe in him and seek god and you will find him. Sorry for bad spelling English is not my native language

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