God’s healings

I would like to share my testimonies of God’s healings in my life. Prayer is powerful and Jesus Christ is our Healer. I want to start off by talking about some lessons tha Lord has taught me about healing. I had to hold fast to this knowledge through trials of my faith. Healing comes from our faith in His promises and ceasing from our own works. He’s taught me to look IN THE PAST at what Christ did on the cross. He bore my curse on that cross over 2000 years ago and I was healed by His stripes, the Bible says. It’s already been done, I don’t have to *hope* for a healing but KNOW that He’s already done it in every case. Praise the LORD. This has taught me to keep my eyes on HIM and not on my symptoms during my trial. Also, He’s taught me that His power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). The more I ceased from my own works (which is what the Bible commands. “For by grace have ye been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not of works, that no man should glory. “ – Ephesians 2:8-9), the greater power He had. He’s taught me that He doesn’t need my help in my healings. I’ve ceased from taking medicines, I no longer go to doctors, I trust in Him and Him alone and He’s healed me every time. Now onto my testimonies!

This one was short and simple. I had been dealing with sore and aching joints and bones in my hands for many years because I’m on the computer/laptop often. Well, a couple months ago, this started flaring up again and I knew what the Bible said about my healing, so I simply, placed my left hand on top of my right hand and commanded all the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. Praise God, He took that pain away INSTANTLY. That same day I started to feel symptoms again (I knew this was Him trying my faith) so I simply rebuked it and confessed God’s promises and the symptoms left. I’ve had no more pain. Praise God!!

Another healing I received was from allergies (both seasonal and cat allergies). I’ve suffered with seasonal allergies all my life (both in late spring/early summer and late summer/early fall). I would take Claritin often which actually I noticed that after coming to the Lord, didn’t seem to have as much of an affect (coincidence or a Sovereign Lord?). I’ve also discovered in the past couple of years that I’m allergic to cats. Every time I go to my grandparent’s house I ALWAYS sneeze when I’m over there. All throughout the day/night I’ll sneeze and I usually would have to put a box of tissues in the guest room at night. Well, after receiving the knowledge of the truth of Divine Healing, I prayed for God to take these allergies away from me. Well, this healing was not immediately manifested. I did have to undergo a trial. Some time in September (if I can recall), I gave in and took some Claritin which didn’t help all that much. So I eventually stopped taking it, started getting back into the Word, and suddenly the symptoms stopped. I think another trial could come next allergy season though so I’m prepared to do some rebuking in the powerful name of Jesus if they flare up, lol! I also had a trial for the healing of my cat allergies. I would still sneeze when I went over there but kept confessing that I was healed. Symptoms seemed to ease when I would do that. Finally, this last time of going to my grandparent’s house, I realized that I did not sneeze ONE time during the day I was there. Praise the LORD!!

Another healing I had was from a headache. It was one of those headaches that you feel between the eyes and all throughout the head. I’ve been getting headaches lately because I’ve been straining my eyes a lot (I will tell you all about that later). After a prayer meeting on SKYPE with my awesome prayer group (they didn’t know I had this headache because I hadn’t asked for prayers), I commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. I repeated this, confessed the Word for about 20 minutes. Did not take any pain reliever and Praise God, He took the pain away. It only took Him 20 minutes!! God is my healer and nothing else. Praise the Lord. I did have a headache this week that I told my prayer group about, they prayed for me, and the pain finally left a few hours later. It wasn’t manifested as fast as the other one, but as I mentioned, we sometimes are put through trials of our faith to see if we will get double-minded.

This next healing is so awesome to me. The common cold. Something that can’t be cured. You can take cold medicine for it but you just can’t get rid of the darn thing! LOL! I started getting a cold a few weeks ago that I knew I wanted prayers for right away. I had that scratchyness in the throat/chest area that always leads into a cough. I think I probably caught the virus from going to the mall around that time. On the second day of that scratchyness, I asked my group to pray for me (a few other of our prayer members were dealing with colds too). Sure enough, the next day I started coughing throughout the day and my family around me, who only saw in the natural and the symptoms, didn’t believe that I would be healed after I confessed that I was healed, not under the curse, and that I wasn’t worried about it. I did cough a bit the day after that and even started feeling kind of nasally but nothing progressed further. All my symptoms (which would have been full-blown by then, keep in mind, if I didn’t know about healing and was still finding healing and easing of symptoms from medication) then completely left. Praise the Lord!! That was an awesome witness and testimony to my family who were with me and knew of my symptoms.

One more testimony I want to share. This one is more directed to the ladies because it’s about those monthly womanly stuff we go through, lol. Yes, God will even heal you from ALL of your cramps and discomforts if you ask Him, believe that you were already healed, and hold fast to the confession during times of trial. Cramps are also part of the curse and the Lord does not want us to go through this since we are no longer under the curse. I asked for Him to heal me of these thing s and Praise the Lord, He did. I always had to take Midol during these times but I have a much better Healer now. For a couple months, I still had symptoms but confessed the Scriptures anyway and just believed. Last month, I had symptoms for pretty much one day and they eased every time I confessed I was healed and no longer under the curse. I knew that God was putting me through a trial. Finally, this month, I confessed at the very beginning I was healed and no longer under the curse and that no symptoms would enter my body. Well, Praise the Lord, I have not had ANY symptoms at all during this month. No cramps, no discomfort. The Lord is absolutely awesome.

I hope these testimonies have been a blessing and encouragement for you all. God has not changed His methods of healing, which has always been by faith and speaking the Word of God. Man has changed God’s methods. Please know that I’m not telling anyone to not go to doctors or medicines, nor am I judging anyone who may not know about these promises. I just wanted to share what the Lord has done for me after ceasing from my own works of these things and believing in and confessing God’s promises and keeping my faith through my trials. I hope you all will be blessed by these testimonies. Praise be to God for His grace, faith, and wisdom. All glory goes to Him.

I’m enduring a trial right now for my eyes and I am looking forward to that day that I will be able to share that testimony with you all. The healing of my eyes was the first healing I asked for (that was back in late August). I’ve undergone a long trial that’s been rough at times but it’s also built patience and endurance in me that I wouldn’t trade for anything. The Lord has put it in my mind and heart to do one more thing to cease from my own works and I have to do that before He will manifest this healing for me. I know in my heart this the last step in this trial. I am sooo excited for the day (very soon) that I will have absolutely perfect vision. Praise God. “Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it done unto you.” – Matthew 9:29

God bless you all!

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