Ask yourself, “Did I cause it?” The Bible says, “A man reaps what he sows” (Galatians 6:7b NIV). We cam become very frustrated by many things in life, because we bring them on ourselves. By our actions and decisions. I asked myself today why am I feeling so “GRRRRRR?” Was it something I did? Yes it was. It was my choice of thoughts. I chose to be negative in my thought process which caused me to become very very frustrated. Which then opened doors to panic, anxiety, and sorrow. By allowing my mind and imagination to run wild out of control I allowed every negative thought and feeling in.
Sitting her alone meditating on the word of God, I asked myself, “what can I learn from this? Is God trying to teach me something?” Then I see the scripture, Romans 8:28 In all things God works for the good of those who love him. There a lot negative false thoughts I can imagine up. But all things work together for good.
Got me to thinking about this for a bit. If all things work to together for good for those who love god. What do I need to do? I don’t understand… This choice that created frustration, panic, anxiety, and sorrow, how can I work it together for good. Small voice says Think bout what you are thinking. When thinking about my negative thoughts I instantly realized there’s good and evil. If I have a negative thought what is the positive opposite? I had thoughts of failure. Opposite, I have victory in Jesus. God has the power to turn negative into positives. The more positives we have in our thoughts, the more Christ like we will become. I should use frustration as an opportunity to become more like Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances.” I don’t have to be thankful for bad thoughts or situations. However, I do have a choice be thankful during a bad situation. Or be thankful for what I have done with grace and help of the lord. Instead of feeling like a failure. Being frustrated is a choice. I can let those thoughts open doorways to other evil things. Or I can let the frustration work together for good. Frustration is actually my blessing in disguise today.

Another, thought to go along with all this is frustration can be changed into love. When we think negative insults to ourselves we are actually not loving ourselves or others. We become so frustrated we even use words to frustrate those around us. 1 Corinthians 13:5 says, “[Love] is not easily angered.” Ask God to fill your heart with love. Why? Because love is not easily angered. When not easily angered your not going to be frustrated.
Jesus faced constant frustrations. However, he was never irritated. He never stopped showing love. Sometimes we get so preoccupied with our feelings and emotions. We forget what were even really thinking about. And flip out as to say. Jesus never flipped out. He had the love of God in his heart. Jesus was also positive. Just food for thought, hope it blesses someone as much as it did me today. I love one on one sharing with Holy Spirit. It blesses me and help me stay on the right path. GBU Barbie

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