From Fear to Faith!

I was saved in 1977, and I was taught that I am healed. Well, 18 years later, I still wasn’t healed, only got worse. My faith was wavering by this time, and I became suicidal. See, I had been tormented by night terrors of demonic activity, candida, stress, anxiety, panic attacks and extreme phobias, and 18 of those years as a christian. Yes, my conversion was no shorter than a miracle because you’ll know how bad off I was when I got saved, my whole family followed – mother, father, aunts and uncles, five sisters and nieces and nephews within 1 year of my salvation. I write about my story in my book called “A Matter of the Mind” Journey from fear to faith. But what I wanted to share here my testimony of complete healing from all these things I named.

The day that I met God’s love was the day things began changing. I had been married for 8 years by this time to a man who loved me unconditionally, hung in there with me with all my ailments, and prayed for me continually. But that wasn’t enough! I didn’t realize that in order to respond to my husband with the love he was giving me, I had to be able to receive it. And my problem was the inability to receive love.

Since I had been through so many painful relationships prior to my husband, losing a child, etc., my heart was broken. It was so full of cracks and holes, nothing could fill it. Not until I met my Father’s love. A love that is truly unconditional. A love that requires nothing from me. Just believe it and receive it. That night something happened. I had been saved, but I was struggling. But from that night no, the struggle was over. I was actually living in the land of the living, in His rest. Yes, I still had things to go through, but I had the power, love and sound mind that defeated the fear in my life. And bky the way, all my ailments and issues rooted in fear.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, and once I told fear to Go… it had to go. No one ever told me I could do that, that fear was just an emotional I had to handle. That was a lie from the pit of hell.. and I’m here to tell you that it LEFT me… and for good!

Having been freed from the spirit of fear, and having been able to “receive” our Heavenly Father’s love birthed a ministry which I call “Life Application Ministries.” For the past 14 years I have been sharing my faith in these areas and seen marriages restored, hearts healed, relationships restored, healing in bodies, life changes, salvation and more…

We overcome the devil by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.. .and I share what is on my heart to whomever will listen… and when we do that, we are kicking the devil in the teeth and stripping him of any power.

Be sure to visit my website at www.truthfrees to learn more about how you can find your peace and freedom from whatever ails or torments you.

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