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  1. Neldiz D. Morgan says:

    My husband and I met in the military. I found out he was a mason, but had no idea what that was or meant. A christian seargent informed me that this was not of God. I was then not in agreement with this “club”, but still married him anyway. There was much masonic literature in my house which I made him get out of the house. Well long story short my life has turned upside down, I am currently in the process of divorcing my husband after 13 years. He left me and our son 4 years ago and did not divorce me before being with another woman and having a child and getting a house with her. I was believing God to restore the marriage but it never happened.
    Ever since I have been with him my life has taken a turn for the worst. I could not see this before. I was so inlove and blinded. I constantly go through deppression and can’t seem to get rid of it. I wake up feeling sadness, dread, lack of motivation, and I don’t even want to leave the house. I feel like a prisoner and my home is the jail. I have a 12 year old son and and I’m afraid of the curse that could get on him or is already on him. I am a christian but struggle severly with surrendering my all to Jesus. I also noticed that in one of the comments made, an individual could not speak in tounges. This is also true for me, I have been desiring to speak in my prayer language for years and have not been able to. This is so frustating that I just gave up on it. I know something is not right with me, I am not my usual self, the way I was before meeting him.
    In the military masonry is very popular and I have noticed that many of my friends are part of this group. After reading some info on this subject I think I am oppressed by demonic spirits from mansonry. I’m really trying to make sense of all this but I don’t know where to start or who to go to. I have always felt that there was something in my house because of all the sadness and negativity I feel, but no one I spoke to could give me any help. There is something here and I want it gone. There are times when a foul smell comes from the back room and gets into the whole apt. I think there’s something in the closet. But when I go in there it looks normal. This sounds so stupid but I am not making this up I don’t feel the joy of the Lord like I should as a child of God. Only when I am out of the house I can read the bible and feel some happiness but something just keeps me wanting to stay in the house even though I know this stuff. This does not make any sense to me. My husband and I were somewhat o.k. when we lived in Germany but the minute we hit the states,and moved by his mother, thats when I lost my husband. After getting out of the military I moved to Louisiana with him and his family. (I am originally from N.Y.) I tried to hang on to the marriage but to no avail. We have been seperated more than we have been living together all these years. That christian seargent I mentioned earlier came to the house in Germany to annoit the house, because there was some weird activity in my sons room, (a certain toy would play its music by itself with no one in the room touching it) he came to annoit the house and he did but when he finished he had a sad look on his face and he told us that we had a spirit of division amongst us. I didn’t take any action because I didn’t know what to do or what this really meant. I believe there is voodo involved in this mess on top of everything else. (from his mother)
    At this point I don’t care about being with my husband, he’s gone and thats it, but I am extremely concerened with the spiritual junk that was left behind and now me and my son are dealing with. Can somebody please help I am so very confused, afraid, and alone.


    • JustAGuy says:

      Dear Nelly, do not be afraid. The things you describe are typical for what you have faced. Victory in Jesus Christ is possible and is yours for the asking and receiving. You violated scriptural warning about ‘do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers’ and you have paid a heavy price. Jesus wants to take the curse that came with it, but your heart needs to be fully returned to Him.

      Have you confessed your sin to God?

      Have you taken responsibility for your actions and repented?

      This is the beginning of healing. There are also the spiritual forces that need to be evicted. This is not a problem once the first works have been done correctly. I would like to recommend a ministry that can help. It is Wellspring Ministry in Anchorage Alaska. Here is a web page they have on renouncing Masons, you can contact them for ministry as well.

      God’s desire is that you and your son be set free, and He has made a way through Jesus Christ. Seek Him and you will find Him when you search with all your heart. You do not need to live in fear any longer.

      Blessings and Peace,

      • Timothy, thank you so much for this direction. I really appreciate you taking the time to help out. May the favor of the Lord be on you and yours always.


        • JustAGuy says:

          You are welcome. Of course I did not state the obvious, that Michael has excellent resources here for you to pursue for your freedom! Have you followed the links he has here on prayers?

          You CAN be FREE!

          Blessings and Peace,

      • I read through that page, and I must say, it is very thorough! A lot of people are going to be set free from that wonderful information!

        But reading through it, I am appalled at how thoroughly this organization has covered just about every stone in order to place some horrible, enslaving curses on people…generations onward. In short, they have done a good job…(or bad, if you will)

        I should not be at all surprised, I suppose, because over the years, I too have read all I could find on Freemasonry, in order to educate myself and not be fooled/deceived. The more I have read, the more I see that one just can not learn all there is. But I did learn enough to know without even the minutest of doubt that this organization is evil in the extreme! I would say that this is truly the abyss of all wickedness! Egregiously bad!

        I am thankful in my heart to Christ that to the best of my knowledge my dad, grandfathers, etc were not involved in the organization.

        Of course, my dad and grandparents are gone now, so there is no way of ever finding out. But I would think such curses passed on down through the generations would be obvious and glaring…

    • kylie jefferys says:

      Dear Neldiz,

      I hope you get to read this. Do not despair. In response to the below comment I would like to give you some encouragement and answers.

      “I also noticed that in one of the comments made, an individual could not speak in tongues. This is also true for me, I have been desiring to speak in my prayer language for years and have not been able to.”

      As a true Biblical Christian this is not an ordinance from God. Speaking in tongues had its’ time and place for a specific reason. No where in the New Testament is a believer commanded to do what the “charistmatic movement” interpretation of speaking in tongues is.

      There is a reason God does not want you involved in such an unscriptural practice which is just another one of the devils ploys to confuse mankind.

      I recently did some volunteer work where I attended different assemblies (All true Biblical assemblies. No more or less being added to or taken away from the word of God. By the Book so to speak.)At the meetings were people who spoke different languages. There was always an interpreter/s to translate what was being said so all attending could understand the message in their own language.

      With reference to tongues in the Bible:
      The Galilaeans were speaking in various languages so that “every man heard them speak in his own language” (Acts chapter 2). The Holy Spirit gave them utterance to deliver the “wonderful works of God” and the Gospel (1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-8 – Saving Gospel told by Paul).

      If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your saviour and told Him you do you are saved. Through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension to the right hand of God He overcame any hold that the powers of darkness have for those who believe on Him.

      Read your Bible every day. If you have accepted Jesus as your saviour, as an outward profession of your faith and in obedience to God get baptised by full water immersion in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit/Ghost. Fellowship often with true Biblical Christians. Find a Gospel Hall or brethren assembly in your area. Move and make a fresh start if need be to one. Pray (in the language you speak)often whenever you feel and just have an open discussion with the Lord about any burden, help you need, or to give thanks for things you are grateful. He is your best friend and protector. He reassures His followers that He will never leave us or forsake us. Once saved always saved. Our salvation is a gift from God that will never be taken away. No one or anything can pluck us out of His hand once we are saved.

      If you are a born again Christian God is always with you and you will have the Holy Spirit indwelling within you. Because of this you will have a direct link to God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit will guide you in your walk with the Lord and discerning the scriptures. You are a temple of the Lord here on earth, an ambassador for Christ, in this world but not of this world. You are protected from Satan but need to be on guard from his many deceptions that may temporarily lead you astray.

      Besides being in fellowship meetings please visit this site regularly to help you in your spiritual growth and learning.

      If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your saviour please remember you are not alone Neldiz, God is with you. Do not be afraid or feel you are alone because you are not. God and His angels are watching over you and protecting you.

      God is not about confusion. So if you ever feel confused go straight to His word in the Bible and pray. The Holy Spirit within you will give you the clarification you need and answer your questions. Sometimes patience is required. He is faithful and true to His word.

      For those who are unsaved:
      God says He has written His Law in the mind of every human and because of this no person is without excuse. Any man/woman found guilty of disobeying any one of His Commandments will be found guilty of disobeying all of them when they stand before God at the Great White Throne Judgment. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. For those who do not want to face this condemnation God himself made a way for every human being to avoid this. He manifisted Himself in the person of Jesus Christ to atone for the sins of every human being. For those who believe in what Jesus did for us will be saved. Profess with your mouth your belief in Jesus Christ and that you accept Him as your saviour and then turn away from your wrong doings. You will then be secure in knowing that you will eternally be with God and not seperated from Him for all eternity.

      May God Bless you and keep you safe,

      Kind regards,

    • hi kylie I have known my current boyfriend for 2 yrs and we have been in a committed relationship for about 3 months over the past month my daughter has been complaining of a dark spirit tormenting her in our house so I have tried drawing closer to jesus and it has now started on me I have reached out to fellow Christians for deliverance im in love with this man but demons are trying to infiltrate my faith so im trying to educate myself and put the full aurmor of god on so I can protect myself and family I would like to be able save this man but im not sure that is possible thankyou for sharing please have faith and god bless

  2. I am a forty something female and have had nothing to do with freemasonry personally. I love christ and always have. My father and my grand father were masons and I do not know if it goes back any further. I am not sure how far up the ranks they both went yet. Both of them have had a lot of misery in their lives though. My life though has been a night mare. I have experienced every kind of abuse and have almost been murdered. My unborn child was murdered by her father. I lost the memory of all of my past, got married eventually and when my marriage broke down my memory began to come back to me in flash backs. I have suffered from post traumatic disorder (like soldiers experience after they return from the war) and depression since then. I have been told by professionals that I am lucky to be still functioning well and not in a mental hospital. I have done many self development courses etc. and had lost my way in regards to christ in some ways but never in my heart.

    I only heard about this curse two nights ago from a christian friend and have been researching today on the internet when I found this posting. I find it very scary to think that my life and family can be so significantly affected by the possibility of a curse. I am worried about my brother and his family as he is a first born male of a Freemason. I have heard that this is a problem though I have not found this through my research. He lives in poverty and has all the ability not to but can not do otherwise through depression. His two children are alright so far but I am concerned for their safety and well being also. I have been living with my parents since my marriage broke down years ago and it has been a very long process to get to health and this truth. My father is not affectionate but appears to be caring and then flips to being totally irrational. I have been told of a christian who is a health professional that can help me lift this curse etc. and I am intending to see her soon. A curse is the only thing that makes sense when observing my life as there is too much pain to share with you here. I have studied counseling and understand how you create much of you circumstances however, this is all beyond my behavior and thoughts as I see it.

    • You need deliverance from the Freemasonary curse. Check out this website, it has lots of info on deliverance. There are children of God who’s sole minstry is deliverance.

    • Hi Suzanna
      I am new to this group – I was also looking for information on Freemasonry and I read your post.
      I would really advise you to go see a Re-born Holy Spirit filled counseller that can help you in your fight for deliverance from these devils.
      Yes, I get angry. I am currently 38 years old and have been living under all the freemasonry curses all my life. I was a baby of 4 months old when the first attempt was made on taking my life by my father. I was 2 years old when I was raped by my grandfather, the second attempt to take my life was at the age of 3 and so the story goes on.
      All my life I knew that I am living a life that is not mine and I could not understand why. I ended up looking into wicca in order to get answers. Finally God answered me and told me the truth about who I am and where I came from and why I was in the situation that I am in. He delivered me last week from all these devils and spirits that kept me in a jail that was not mine. It was never meant to be.
      You see – I am not even my fathers child. I am an illegitimate child because my mother had a relationship with another man while being married. But because I was born into the family the curses came down on me. And of course because he hated me.

      And I can tell you from my own experience, that it definitely is a curse. Not one of your own doing and not all your circumstances are due to what you have done. Most of it is because you have been born under this curse. The first thing that happens is confusion. And that is the worst. You want to do things and you know how to do it in your heart of heart, but the moment you get to the point of doing it, it seems as if the information dissapears. Then depression sets in, you really at times loose consiousness even it is only for a few seconds. They steal and steal and steal and steal.

      I have seen a 100% turnaround in my own life in just 7 days since my deliverance from these devils and strongholds. I can now talk to people about God where before I was not able to, no matter how much I wanted to. They seemed to glue my mouth together and at the same time confuse me so badly that I never could figure out what the truth was and what was the lie. And most times – I ended up believing the lie because I could not make the destinction. That is the first effect of this curse – Spiritual blindness. But God opened my eyes by revealing the truth about my origins and restoring my memory of my childhood, of which I could absolutely not remember a single thing. Only from the age of 10 could I remember some things.

      So I praise and thank God for healing me, and I know that there will be healing for you and your whole family as I there will be for mine. That is why I was born into the family, because God needed someone on the inside to start the fight and loose the family from this spritual blindness and withcraft curses.
      I will be praying for you and your family.
      God loves you more than you can imagine and He loves your family as well. And there is hope. Where there is breath , there is always hope. Don’t give up the fight. We will win in the end through the might of the Holy Spirit. There is freedom for all of us.

      Love in Christ.

  3. I need prayer – I did the renouncing free masonry last night. My grandfather who is passed away now was a Grand High master of all things and both my mother and myself suffer from asthma and a variety of other allergies/stomach disorders described as a result of the curse of freemasonry.

    What tops it all is that my dad was involved in heavy occult and weegie bords and treasures all of my grandfathers grand master stuff (my fathers side stuff was sorted out at my time of salvation as it was addressed and they were broken at the time of salvation)

    I used to clean a masonic lodge (before i was saved though) I had to hoover the temple and was one of the only poeple allowed in!

    The lord has prepared me in advance for this and i new something was coming as over the last few years/months has given me words about healing and even the Boaz name and my wife has been having visions of a cord around my neck when she has been at church also she was getting visions of the compass all of which we have only just found out about from the article about unmasking freemasonry on this website.

    I have found from this information that all of these things which i suffer from come from and understand that they originate from the Curse of Freemasonry:

    i suffer from: and so does my mother (her father was the grand master)

    Fear of choking/being sick
    Fear of loud noises
    have numerous stomach disorders and voice related tightenings

    I just wanted to post this to urge other christians who dont believe its possible to be tampered with by evil spirits. Even though the Holy spirit has sealed us – we still dwell in our earthly bodies here on earth and there is still doors that can be opened. Dont ignore how important you are in the spiritual struggle that is happening. you will be prime target at some point and need to understand that we all have specific weaknesses that are used as levarage. If you can understand the leverage then you can ask Jesus to SPECIFICALLY heal you. IT needs to be highlighted and brought into the light in order to be healed.

    Just briefly:

    I am a spirit filled christian I talk in Tongues alot every day when i pray and am grounded in Christ and in his abounding grace. When i received the Holy spirit after I accepted Christ into my life (actually after i trusted in christ to take away my sins instead of trying to earn my way to god with good works!) I was baptised in a local river with an amazing grace filled fellowship (which i am truly thankful for as christ knows). I read the bible from a very early age but never understood that it is the person of Jesus christ that is salvation rather than good works etc so I fell away and became bitter.

    When I originally came to christ I hated all the talk about being accepted as righteous because in my mind all the things i had done were off my own back and i wouldnt accept praise from god unless i felt like i had earned it. boy did that change!

    My brother in christ that came into my life overcame my pride and i fell at christs knees and accepted his gift.

    I know now that it was the same spirits from the freemasonry curse that were involved in blinding and muting me because when i originally came to christ my mouth was trying to talk in tongues but nothing came out and also I had the classic Freemasonry Lie about providing your good works as the atonement. One evening my brother in christ prayed for satan to release my tongue and actually touched my throat and the next morning I talked in tongues – and i mean for a long time for the whole day. I still do every day when I pray though maybe not 24hrs.

    The reason I write this is because my brother in christ had no knowledge of this free masonry but he was alerted (this is about 5 years ago) to a problem around my throat area (the tow rope described in the witchraft of free masonry).

    I sincerely write to those others who have any history of Freemasonry to ask it out in Jesus Name to be thrown out – go through the specific list and renounce 1 by 1 the curses placed upon your generation by your ancestor. Make sure another christian is there because it is full on and you wont enjoy reading some of the curses out as you renounce them.

    Cut it off as Jesus will act when you ask him. God will cut the noose around your neck and take the blindfold off.

    God wants to provide for you. He is not the oppressor and wont clothe you with instruments of pain but wants to clothe you and comfort you with clothes of righteousness and peace.

    Jesus Lord. The Bright Morning Star. Thankyou for who you are. Release those others from the fowlers snare. Unloose the chords of bondage and bless those who come to you with these fowl forces of evil that are organised in Freemasonry and rebuke the evil spirits that seek to burden your poeple.

    I pray that you throw your line out and bring other poeple caught in the snare of freemasonry. Draw them out as if they were being drawn out of the very pit.


    • I am very interested in this article. My Grandfather on my mother’s side was also a Mason. I don’t know how high he went though. I just know that at one point he said that he had gone high enough. My mother’s half-brother was a 33rd degree. Then he became a Shriner. I don’t know if that would affect me though. I often wondered whether there was a curse of Freemasonry and I think that there is. I need prayer too. My life has been pretty messy. I am bipolar. I don’t know where that came from. I think it’s in the family on my father’s side. My mother thinks she is psychic though. I’ve been messed up with evil following me my whole life. The Left-Hand Path has attacked me on more than one occasion. It was almost as if they were seeking me out-this witchcraft. I dabbled in the occult a little earlier in my life but renounced it. I guess like many teenagers do. I don’t know. How much of this came from my grandfather’s involvement in Freemasonry? It’s really hard to tell, because I have had problems mentally as well, am divorced once and remarried to a Jewish man who wants nothing to do with my faith. I have two boys with him. One is very disrespectful, but not totally unmanageable. He seems to be receptive to the Christian faith. The other boy as well. They need prayer, too. I know the Bible says that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations. Thank you for your prayer. I will pray for you too.

      • Freemasonry is the continuation of the mystery religions.

        This fact is confessed by Gen Albert Pike in his book “Morals and Dogma.”
        Pike remains one of the most famous freemasons in history.

        This means that freemasons are involved in the same idolatry as Israel were, when God handed them over to their enemies as punishment for their sin.

        The captivity that the people of Israel faced is a pre-curser to the spiritual bondage that we face now as the penalty for idolatry and sadly, erroneous teachings have left many Christians unequipped and unable to find a way out of such bondage.

        The only escape from such captivity is that we are willing to sign the death certificate to our sinful nature!
        Only through wilfully taking up our cross daily and following Jesus, can we live and walk in Gods power. There is no quick fix.

        Where there is the curse of sin in a family line, let it be nailed to the cross of Jesus.
        Only 100% submission to God can accomplish the work of the cross.

        One of the main weapons of the enemy is to strip Christians of the knowledge of the power and victory that is ours through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

        Specific repentance may be needed to unlock areas of our lives to which Satan holds dominion. Pray that the Holy Spirit will show you those areas, renounce any involvement in whatever sinful practices you have been involved in.

        The Blood of Jesus has cancelled out our debt. Hallelujah.

        God bless,


      • healed.restored says:

        Hi Cheryl

        I used to have many demons through witchcraft curses from my dad's side. I have been free for 7 years now(ish). i was delivered through renouncing all occult involvement and most of the curses and stronghold were so deep it took the Holy Spirit to really show me before i could break them.

        I would like to recommend "Blessing or curse by Derek Prince" to deal with curses and also

        "War on the Saints – the full unabridged version by jessis penn-lewis and evan roberts" (can be downloaded for free from apostasy to learn how to see and overcome all of the enemies attacks and so subtle deceptions.

        I used to be a schitzophrenic since childhood and find that most christians don't understand spiritual warfare enough. those who suffer the most can really help others out there in real need.

        God bless, Andrew

  4. LCharity says:

    I’ve recently found out my grandfater was involved in Freemasonry, however not “too involved”, if that makes any difference. I ask the same questions as the anonymous poster on 2 March 2008. If anybody could provide me with answers to the questions Anonymous raised (as copied below) I would appreciate it.

    Does God not wash us whiter than snow? Is His love and foregivenes not enough. Will His blessings until the 1000’s generation not be stronger than the curse till the 3rd or the 4th? Does this mean that I will have to find out every sin ever committed in my family, How many generations????

    Thank you.

  5. My friend became a free mason a wile ago we both work for the same company, be fore he became a memmber of this cult, he was doing terrible in business. when he became a member he was blowing every one out of the water with his sales. I feel that He has taken up aligiance with this cult and that is the out come of his success. What can I do for my friend to see the truth that Jesus is the only way? thanks Michael!

    • michael says:

      It is true that the devil can give riches to those who follow his ways. It is also true that he will work to prevent riches getting into the hands of godly people who will use it for evangelism.

      The only way to overcome Satan’s power on earth is to PRAY MUCH, fasting also at times, and focus on Jesus and do what God says. It is not an easy path.

      You could try reasoning with your friend but if he loves the world more than Truth it will not work easily. So pray and seek opportunities to talk with him about eternal things.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lucifer was an angel in Heaven of course we know that. In Heaven he was the angel of music and when him and the other angels would do music beautiful colors would surround Lucifer and illuminate the surroundings. Some other angels were astounded by his beauty and chose to follow him, This gave Lucifer a big head thinking that he can be GOD and tried to take over. The devil, lucifer, satan whatever his name is (as if it matters) is of evil and our job is to worship GOD not and spread the truth around. What you should be focused on besides satans tru name is The second coming of CHRIST and getting your soul ready and spread as much of the Gospel as you can. GOD BLESS

  7. Anonymous says:

    My sister seems to now, after recently coming to Christ, blame the fact that my father was involved with freemasonry, nearly 35years ago, for absolutely everything that has ever gone wrong in her life and also in my family and that of my brother’s life. Does God not wash us whiter than snow? Is His love and foregivenes not enough. Will His blessings until the 1000’s generation not be stronger than the curse till the 3rd or the 4th? Does this mean that I will have to find out every sin ever committed in my family, How many generations???? She does not even speak with him and denies him any contact with her children, how will this get him saved? I really need payer in this.

    • Annonymous says:

      It ismy belief and understanding of the word of GOD that once you accept the Lord in your heart than that is a new beginning. You will need to repent of course because all man sin, also being save does not mean that your life will be easier..The devil wants you back so he taunts and nags at you trying to pull you back. He knows he has lost another soul to the creator and satan does not like that. That is why Christians are persecuted so much. You will go through trials and tribulations in life and you need Faith to guide you, Jesus went through alot worse that you could ever imagine. Also if you read the book of JOB you will find out how he went through trial after trial after trial…This is life, there will be suffering..Also GOD says to forgive. I know that is hard (Trust me it is hard) But if JESUS can forgive us for what we did to him and it was our sin that is why he died to save us. If he can forgive us that we can forgive anybody. He bore the weight of the world on his shoulder, we should be able to carry a few burdens..GOD BLESS YOU. If you disagree or have any questions you can email me at [email protected] anytime. Thank You Johnny Crawford

    • My heart cries out for your sister for as a young Christian better or should I say (humbly) merciful instruction should be imparted for her life to be more at peace. As children of the Lord we are strictly commanded to love, forgive and look at others to our best through Christ’s love and mercy. We are instructed never to compromise but firstly love. Irelevant to our family history, our own duty is to impart Christ’s love, acceptance and forgivenes then freely embrace all sinners ti receive the same. My Father became one of the highest masons in Australia to the point of (Sacred Council) but I have no right to point the finger of things that happen to my family because of this. I take respomsibilty to reinvest the Kingdom of God through Christ back onto our family and if (and only if) things my father may have done or have caused to us and others have any effect, I forgive and impart Jesus’s Grace.

    • Your sister has a root of unforgiveness. You see there are roots of Rejection, Rebellion, Unforgiveness, and Bitterness. Usually one must start from birth and go through their life timeline in order to find what event cause that root to start growing, but since you know that it is due her father’s ties with freemasonry, you have a head start, but it would still be wise to go through her timeline to make sure it didn’t start earlier in her life. When one has a root of unforgiveness they often develop a root of bitterness as well, creating hatred, anger, malice, envy in their life. As long as she lets that root grow she will see trouble bearing fruit, maintaining healthy relationships, and enjoying the fruits of the spirit in her own life. She must realize that unforgiveness is NOT of the nature of God. And if it is not of God, it is of the devil. Satan loves people who are rooted in sinful actions. As James said, “If you know what you ought to do and do not do it, you are sinning.” As long as she does not forgive her father, she is playing host to demons. Demons do not only possess, but Oppress as well. Do not let her be deceived, spiritual warfare is all around us and although she does not know it, she is bound by the enemy. As far as her wanting to forgive and generational curses, fasting is KEY. Sometimes interceding on behalf of another just doesn’t work on its own and you need more power. Fasting is that power! You can fast and pray for your sister to forgive, you can fast and pray for generational curses to be broken, and you can fast and pray for your father’s heart to be broken before the LORD and open to Jesus. I hope you get to read this. I will be praying for you.

  8. I happen to love very much (as a christian) my boss. He is a great man, but I’ve recently find out that he is a mason. I am a born again christian, and I know what freemasonry is. How can I help him? I can’t talk to him about this, he would never listen to me. I have no idea what grade he has. What can I do? Just the idea of him and his lovely wife going to hell hurts me…like hell.

    • If you can weep for this man, God may break the stronghold over his life. Sometimes God will put tears in your life almost supernaturally for others, when you pray.

    • Intercede. Praying for others (intercession) is a powerful way of letting God break down the barriers of others’ hearts so that you can plant a seed or continue to water that seed. Intercession requires much patience and desire. The more you pray and the more fervency you pray with, the more power your prayers have. And as always, fasting is a believers secret weapon against breaking demonic chains off of people. Intercession, fasting, and boldness are your weapons. Follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance

  9. I have noticed that in the Old testament they did just this-they would say things like-‘May God deal with me, be it ever so severely, if I do not accomplish this.’ So it used to be OK to do this sort of thing but in the New Testament Jesus says that now if you do this it is from the evil one. This may explain why these curses are wrong.
    I also find it so disturbing to find so much great christian stuff associated with freemasonry. It is a misuse of His name.

    • What do you mean by great christian stuff associated with freemasonry? Can you give an example of this?

      • Well, its just that whenever I do a search for the ark of the covenant I often find that a lot of masonic sites have info about it. They do love things about solomons temple and a lot of their passwords are biblical names. They talk about Jesus a lot in some orders. I just dont like seeing stuff about God that is misused. Its the same with mormonism, I just dont like seeing Jesus portrayed in a false way like that.

  10. Is there any difference between Lucifer and Satan? Westerners generally would say they are one and the same. Especially those in fundamentalist Christian circles consider Lucifer an archangel who fell from grace and was thrown out of heaven because of “sinful pride.” His “sin” was thinking he was equal to God and rebelling against Him. This rebellious angel is known as Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil, who tempts us to do evil. Supposedly, one of the most evil things Lucifer tempts us to do is to think that we are God. So those who believe in the essential divinity of all life are often accused of committing Satan’s sin, and of being under the influence of Lucifer. Where do these ideas about Satan and Lucifer come from? Is there a biblical basis for them?
    Lucifer means lightbringer, from the Latin lux “light” and ferre “to bear or bring.” The word Lucifer is found in only one place in the Bible — Isaiah 14:12 — but only in the King James and related versions: “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! . . .” The New Revised Standard Version translates the same passage as “How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, Son of Dawn!” In other translations we find: “O shining star of the dawn!” (Moffatt) or “O morning-star, son of the dawn!” (Hebrew Bible). The King James Version is based on the Vulgate, the Latin translation of Jerome. Jerome translated the Hebrew helel (bright or brilliant one) as “lucifer,” which was a reasonable Latin equivalent. And yet it is this lucifer, the bright one or lightbearer, that came to be understood by so many as the name for Satan, Lord of Darkness.

    • Clifford Clements says:

      In the Old Testament names were given to persons according to their characters and/or experiences, an example being ‘Jacob’ which means ‘holds the heel or supplanter’ becoming ‘Israel’ which means ‘struggled with God or Prince of God’.

      Jacob was given a new name to reflect his new experience/change of character. When he became Israel he was no longer Jacob, the two names like the two characters became seperate.

      It is the same with the being that primarily came from the hand of God as ‘Lucifer’.

      When Lucifer was created he was exactly that, Lucifer, light bearer, son of the morning.

      Lucifer was chief of angels, not only was Lucifer a Cherub (as opposed to Seraph), he was the ‘covering Cherub’.

      Ezekiel 28:12-15 – ‘You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were in Eden, the garden of God. Every precious stone was your covering: The sardius, topaz, and diamond; beryl, onyx and jasper; sapphire, turquoise, and emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you on the day you were created.
      You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; you were on the Holy mountain of God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. You were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity was found in you.’

      The ‘covering Cherub’ stood by the throne of God himself as depicted in Ark of the Testament, where two golden Cherubs ‘covered the throne of God and their wings met in the middle. The Ark of the Testament, as with all other furniture found within the Jewish sanctuary service was a pattern or copy of the throne room of God in heaven.

      One of these mighty angels was Lucifer (some Jewish traditons called both angels lucifer as lucifer was not so much a name but a title).

      This is consistent with Lucifer being ‘in the mount of God’ where he could see the clouds of Gods glory, the same clouds of glory he wanted to exalt his own position above.

      Isaiah 14:13+14 – ‘for thou has said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of congregation, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high’

      We know taht this being met his ruin – Luke 10:18 – ‘I beheld Satan as lightning, fall from heaven’.

      When the being who held the title Lucifer fell his name was changed to Satan, which means ‘adversary’ as this reflected this being new station and character, he is the great adversary.

      The title Lucifer however remains the same, light bearer etc, it is untainted and is no longer affiliated with the fallen being, so the two names are seperate just as the names Jacob and Israel are seperate.

      Some Jewish traditions state that the angel Gabriel replaced the position by Gods throne left vacant by Satan. There is some credence to this in the scriptures as the Angel Gabriel tends to be the angelic messenger who carries messages from Gods throne to mankind, however there is no conclusive proof from scripture that this is the case and the Christian should not draw too many loose conclusions.

      The point I am making is that the word Lucifer is not a bad name as insinuated in the original essay ( Lucifer being a name of God in Freemasonry creeds).

      Jesus Christ had many names to represent different parts of his character and mission/experience such as King of kings, suffering servant, Michael (one who is like God), Jehovah, mighty God, prince of peace etc etc.

      Jesus himself said ‘I am the light of the world’ which is light bearer, Lucifer. Again I stress that the title Lucifer is not an unholy title.

      I am not a mason and do not advocate masonry but on this point there is no conflict with scripture.

      I do not know if Freemasons understand the meaning of the title ‘Lucifer’ or suggest that it is the true name of Jesus or merely one of His many titles as the subject of Freemasonry is a subject I have not bent much time over in study.

      So please don’t think I am defending Masonry as I am not, on the same side I am not criticising Masonry as I do not know enough about the society to form an intelligent opinion and thus an intelligent criticism.

      I am only concerned in matters pertaining to the correct understanding of Gods Holy word.

      God bless,

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