For all none believers or those who have non believer friends

I encourage all who have doubts that god and jesus exist to read my other post for if there is a devil there is definately the opposite which he opposes – God and jesus. I encourage all none believers to change their ways to avoid situation’s like mine. I refused jesus until very resently and he and god are actively working to save my soul. Please share but if by chance you reviel this to someone who may know me, please don’t let them tell my friends or family as I am ashamed of my past and I hope i can eventually tell them one day myself about how dire my situation was and still is, i am hoping to change that as soon as possible and have already accepted jesus so I have made my first huge step.

What do YOU think?



  1. Huck Finn says:

    Thank you for sharing. And thank you Lord!

    With Prayers and Love

    • newlight says:

      Thank you very much huck, God lead me to this website as i did not even know the founder lives within my very city, he visited me today and i am very glad he did, he is helping me along the path to rid me of my own demons I feel less opressed already, I put another post on my first post just before to explain in more detail, God and jesus and more powerful, loving and forgiving than i ever thought possible and i can’t wait to start me new life with them on my side. May god go with you huck and thank you for your post.

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