Financial crisis and the use of dialectics.

Since August 07 economic researchers have been warning of impending financial difficulties faced by the world markets and even though governments have strived to play down the seriousness of what is happening, the predicted scenario is unfolding rapidly.
Over the course of the last week, another clutch of financial institutions have crashed and the reason for is because the financial model that banks are based upon is broken.
The banks have been reporting huge shortfalls as mortgages and loan collateral are no longer able to be sold off as investment vehicles.
The holes have appeared and the only solution is to bail out using taxpayers money, or buy out, the smaller banks being merged into huge “superbanks.”

The effects of the banking crisis are only just being felt. In the U.K. this week, as many as 50,000 bank staff are in danger of losing their jobs.
Today with the buy out of HBOS, 28% of the mortgage market will be owned by one huge organisation.
Experts are predicting that mortgages will rise.
No matter how many banks fail and have to be funded with public cash, not one penny of our loan obligations will be forgiven.

This grim situation is only one aspect of a wider unfolding of financial ruin and destruction. Add to the mix, fuel and food price increases and there emerges a picture of widespread suffering as people in the normally prosperous western nations, struggle to be able to afford to pay for their basic needs.

How did this situation come about? Surly with the expertise of those who are charged with handling the world economy, this situation could have been averted. Our system of world economics has been developed over many decades and one would have thought that by now they would be able to get it right.
I am in no doubt that world leaders of finance knew what they were doing all along. The reality is that banks have gorged themselves unashamedly for a long time and now are going to be left to collapse and we will pick up the pieces.
Many of the banks directors will have made a fortune on the markets and the brunt of the losses will be borne by small investors who will have naively tried to put a little aside for a rainy day.

But why on earth would our world financial leaders, deliberately destroy the economy? Simply this: the rebuilding of the economy after the meltdown will give them a grater share of power for it is power they drives them.

One of the greatest con tricks ever played upon humanity, is that money has any value. The only thing that gives money any real value, is the gold or silver reserves which it represents.
Since currency is mostly divorced from any gold or silver deposits, it has no real value in itself and as most of the money that comes into circulation has been through the issue of loans and mortgages, it could be said to have a negative value.
The main problem with this “anti” money is that ever more will be needed because not only does the principal amount have to be repaid, but the interest also.

As long as the government continues to issue money into the system, then the economy can continue to function but the credit crunch has stopped the whole machine dead in its tracks.

The process of providing a solution to a manufactured crisis has been used by social engineers with devastating effect for many years. The answers which will be given to us will be a whole range of economic and political reforms which will consolidate the powerbase of the elite globalists.

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  1. Hi Michael,

    I know that this site is not the really the place for such discussion but I am quite convinced that the fractional reserve banking system and usuary in general, is a tool of the enemy to bring entrapment and misery to millions of people.
    I agree entirely with your views regarding the dollar and the policy of lowering interest rates to enhance liquidity is only delaying the inevitable.

    I suspect that when things start go really bad, we will see the commencement of global conflict. Not a rosy outlook by any means.

    What intersts me is China’s role in the future of world affairs. Their economy is racing. Do you know anything about the “Yen carry trade”?
    The yen has been loaned out to the world virtually interest free for years and this dilution has been keeping the far east’s exports very healthy.

    Many commentators have also described Chinese communism as ready to export.

    Some may say that such matters need not be of concern to us christians. I agree in part but what we know about the the reality of our surroundings helps us to rightfully discern the truth from lies.

    Throughout all of the plans and posturing of the evil one, God’s holy purpose for our future will not deviate. He remains God, who is to be praised for ever and ever, amen.

    • God is permitting the economic systems of this world to shake so that people will awaken to their dependence on God.

      My view is that God may be using these things to bring down our carnal dependence on financial resources, and teach us to trust in the Living God. Because most people won’t serve the Lord with their money, they are better off without it, so that they can learn to trust God.

      The love of money is the root of all evil. We can expect the children of the devil to create systems which serve themselves to the detriment of others, but we have little authority to speak, because taken as a whole, the Christian church – and I mean the evangelical/pentecostal church as well – is made up primarily of stingy and/or stupid people who love their temporal assets more than they love God or perishing souls.

      Even today Christians have money. For a few million dollars it is possible reach half of India with the gospel through TV 24-7 for a year – but does anyone care? Until now I have found just a handful who do care, including amongst Indians themselves. Some have given up the pursuit of wealth so that they can pursue God’s glory and honor, and so they don’t have much to give financially. But there are plenty of rich Christians in India as well as all nations of the world.

      Most people just don’t want to know, and I believe the blood of the masses is truly on the hands of those who refuse to join hands with those who are preaching the gospel. A million dollars will buy you just two or three modest homes in Brisbane where I live. It could also evangelise 4 million homes – maybe 16 million people – with the gospel, with solid teaching, testimonies and much else, for an entire year 24/7. Christians may believe that the gospel is the power of God for salvation, but clearly most of them also believe that their own financial advancement and that of their children is even more important. The church spends more on CAT FOOD than it spends on evangelising the most unreached peoples of the world.

      So if we won’t serve the Lord with our resources, maybe the devil should take them. Chinese Communism might be exported, but so will Chinese Christianity – and that will be a blessing for the world.

      Its not that I am totally ignorant of financial things and economics, its just that I am passionate about Christians waking up from sleep and giving up what they can’t keep so that they can gain something that they cannot lose.

      If Christians believe that what the secular media talks about is what is REALLY important, that is the biggest deception. The agenda should be set by the priorities of God’s Word. People matter. Eternity matters. God’s glory matters.

  2. In the story where the Teachers of the Law ask Jesus about whether to pay taxes to Caesar or not, Jesus points them to a denarius, which had the image of the Roman Emperor on it. I have read that the denarius had its precious metal content progressively diluted. It became in effect, another FIAT currency.

    Gold in itself is valuable mainly because of its relative scarcity, and its beauty, and it is valued at what people are willing to trade for it at the time.

    The US dollar is now something created by a privately owned company, the Federal Reserve. They can create these US dollars at will.

    The US dollar is ultimately backed by the US taxpayers, and by the agreement of other nations to use it as a means of international trade. Other countries are willing to buy US Treasury bonds and lose value year after year, because to refuse to do so would provoke the US military machine. The US dollar is therefore backed by the force of the US military, just as the Denarius was backed by the might of the Roman armies in the days of Christ’s earthly ministry.

    Silver and gold will only protect us in financial hard times IF the government allows it to be used as a means of exchange. If the government declares that owning silver is punishable as would be owning crack cocaine, then silver won’t help you in a day of crisis. The US government banned the private ownership of gold in the 30s and only repealed the legislation in relatively recent years. They could ban it again if they want. You can’t eat gold and it doesn’t make a very good weapon against guns and bullets.

    Our trust as Christians should be in God, who ultimately is the one who can provide in any situation. God will give us all we need to do the will of God, if we are committed to doing God’s will in the first place.

    Of course the financiers of this world who worship money and the things it can buy are committed to selfish and abusive behaviour at the expense of everyone else. Our calling as Christians who really belong to the age to come, is to show forth the love of the Father wherever we go, and trust in our Father to give us what we need.

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