false revival church

Hi there, I used to go to a church which I now realise is a false revival church and they have now established a huge building right in the middle of my home town. I’m worried that they are sucking in people who are weak and going through issues for example people dealing with substance addictions as well as people who are just seeking God, but the reason for my concern is that these people are actually being led away from God and his truth.

When I attended this church the service was more about getting a high than learning about Jesus and people were encouraged to let go of their self control, get drunk in the spirit and have seizures on the floor. I know isn’t wasn’t the Holy Spirit at work because the Holy Spirit is about self control and being sober.

Anyway Im so worried about those with addictive personalities getting sucked up into this as well as the people who I got to know while attending church and it breaks my heart to think of them all being decieved like this. I ask that you please pray that these people and everyone else being decieved by similar situations will see the truth and the true light of Jesus will light up their lives and give them the ability to discern these false movements.

Thank you

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