Ensuring good health during strenuous Outreach Ministry

If you are like me and go on the road for 10-15 days at a time traveling on local buses on rough roads 100-200kms a day in places like Punjab and Chatisgarh and stand and minister for 4-5 hours daily. Here are my tips for your health.
I am 65 years old and 35Kgs over weight so its tougher on me than others.
1. Drink only boiled water as all times.
2. Try not to eat at the local centers. I say that I’m always on fast for the ministry. Heh! heh!
3. Never stand in one position when preaching, always move around the stage. In fact use the entire stage.
4.Always lie down on your back whenever you get the opportunity. Never get up to meet anyone, give an excuse of a bad back (it will be true!)
5.When you get back to your room. Lie down on the floor on a wet towel to cool the nervous system network along your back. It would have heated up with all the standing and pounding you got while traveling. Let it cool for just 10 minutes (don’t overdo it or you may get a chill) Then wait for 30 mins before you take a bath. You will get a fantastic relief. Do this again for 10 minutes just before you go to sleep. You will get a good nights rest and the back will heal back to normal. Your God-given self-healing mechanism, your body, needs to cool down before the healing begins. When you lie down to sleep it takes 3-4 hours for the nerves to cool and only then you will begin healing. With external artificial cooling you get the full sleep time to heal. In Punjab I have traveled widely on buses over 1500 Kms in 10 days standing up and preaching for 4-5 hours at a stretch. And bounce back the next day with this method.
5. Next is the strain on your throat, never drink cold water. And every morning chew raw bits of ginger with salt and let the juice salve your vocal cords. For 10 days I have got up, hardly able to croak and by the time I stand up to speak I am fully recovered. I always carry a small bottle of raw ginger chips in salt to keep my vocals going.
These are my tips for Pastors on the go. Anyone else has any good tips Please let me know. And by the way I dropped 5kgs on the trip. The side benefits of serving the Lord!

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