End times coming revival prophecy!

all stated when I was a young boy. My grandparents took my sister 
 and I
to Florida with them to attend the Pensacola revival and 
what we had herd so much about. The first day we waited 
the doors of the church for several hours with many other 
who where waiting in the hot sun. Finally the doors opened and 
spirit of God pored out onto the first dozen people or so at the 
of the line and they had to be carried in. The service was 
and the music was honey to my ears. After pastor Steve hill 
finished speaking and he gave an alter call. ( this was a church under 
and the spirit moved amazingly, I can only imaging what it will be 
when revival breaks out in Calgary AB with the people under grace!) 
went up And joined the line of people who where waiting at the front 
wanted to have the pastor lay there hands on them. As I was 
there, although already saved, but confused, and I was only 9 
old I watched the people around me falling in the spirit. Not 
after pastor Hill looked right at me, this little kid amongst all 
these people, and said to me ” God has given you the gift of music 
you will be part of the new sound that is going to come in the 
days” then he touched my head and I literally went flying 
and landed on my back and laid there for about an hour 
covered in the spirit and unable to move. After that moment 
instrument I touched music would flow from me. Especially my 
the drums. Not a day went by from that point on till even now that I 
not think about this new sound that was prophesied to me by not 
Steve Hill, but also many other men and women of God who did not 
me but had the same prophetic words about a ‘New sound’. I started to 
if maybe it was a new genre, or new way to play that would be 
by God. For so many years it sat heavy on my heart and was 
on my mind. I finished high school, went threw collage and 
to grow in my gift. Again always thinking about this ‘new sound’. 
one day, after meditating on what on earth it could be I said to 
“ok I give up I just have no idea what this sound will be how it 
be played anything”. I was 23 years old at this point and I spent 14 
trying to figure this out… And for some reason never took my 
out of my thoughts when it came to this matter. So on that day, 
doing the dishes at my house  after telling God I give up, at that very
moment I began to hear this 
 beautiful sound almost like a never ending harmonizing
chime as though 
 there where millions of angles singing in perfectly in
unison, I could never 
 explain it in to words but it was amazing and it was
coming out of the 
 water tap where I was doing the dishes. I thought to
myself, what on 
 earth is that? looking At the tap completely confused
at what was 
 going on, I turned off the tap and the sound stopped. I
turned it back 
 on and it began again absolutely beautiful. I must have
turned off and 
 on the tap half a dozen times puzzled. Then like
traveling a 1000 
 miles an hour and being suddenly stopped and
dropped in to the right place 
 instantly, it hit me. If you think of it, if this tap
is making this 
 beautiful sound. which I then new was the sound of God,
can you 
 imagine the sound that would come out of music that God
has laid on the 
 hearts of musicians? where God is in there hands
playing what you hear? 
 Can u imagine the sound that would come out of that?
This IS the ‘New  
 sound’ this is the sound that you will hear and you
will be healed, restored, 
 limbs growing back and so much more. The New sound,
the sound of god 
 coming down in the final age where God says He will
pour out his spirit like it 
 has never before been poured out before or will ever
again. Just like in the 
 days of Adam where I believe you would have been able
to hear the 
 stars and that would have been a healing sound it will
happen again 
 threw the hands of blessed musicians and by the grace
of God, Then 
 Christ will return for his bride . Since that point
when God revealed to me 
 that which puzzled me for so long, I have herd it in
many cases and the 
 feeling has been getting stronger and stronger as the
days draw ne’er . 
 I now attend a wonderful church that is growing in
Grace and my whole 
 family who are full of testimony in relation to this
coming time 
 attends this church and revival is about to break out
you will soon 
 here this sound! This world is about to be rocked like
it has never 
 seen or dreamt of before. I now play drums for this
church and every 
 time I get behind that kit, I feel God move threw my
and stronger every time. It’s gong to explode can u feel it? I 
not wait! It is what I have waited for my hole life!!

Blair Scott

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