Emptiness – an important key to fullness

Its a principle that I have not emphasized enough on this website: but the truth is, God is looking for EMPTY vessels to fill. “Blessed are the poor in spirit [the spiritual beggars], for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 5:3).

No matter how much we have received from God, God must remain our source of initiative, life and power. We cannot trust in what we have received already – be it money, anointing, connections, knowledge, income streams, or people. If we trust in those things, we may lose them. God wants us to do things with Him, by His power and because He prompted us.

May God help us to empty ourselves and depend on Him. Then we can be truly filled with God.

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  1. After a while God gives us a dissatisfaction with what WE can do, even with the things He has given us. This drives us to seek Him more, and for a season, do less.

    If we have invited God to work more deeply in us, then He may take us up in a way we don’t really like. Joseph, in the Bible, for example, had to go through a difficult process of slavery, slander and prison before he could be trusted with authority over the known world. He lost his position as favored son for a season. Joseph said to his brothers later, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good”.

    Daniel also started out as a captive slave before becoming prime minister over a global empire.

    God can use major setbacks to strip us of our self-righteousness, dependencies on the natural, trust in men, hidden idols and more. We are blessed if we realise at all times our need for God’s wisdom, rather than presuming we already have it.

  2. Praise God for this revelation! Nothing complicated about it, yet so difficult to achieve!

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