Dream Of Return Of Christ

Dreams that Lead to God

(Note – this testimony has been edited to correct the English.)

My name is Eva Michael  and this is my testimony.

I was raised as a Christian – that is our religion – and I was born
in Egypt. My parents were Christians, and as everybody knows that most
Egyptians are muslims, I considered myself lucky to be a Christian, but
I did not know anything about

Christ except that He will come and judge the bad people.

Muslims believe that if they do good works they will be let into heaven,
and  if they sin God will send them to hell for a while, depending
on the severity of their sin, and after that the deceased can live in heaven.

Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, but they worshiped the
sun and other idols, and also they thought that by them doing good works
their god can bless them. They also believed that after death there will
be a scale to weigh the good and the bad acts. The heaviest side of the
scales will go down, confirming the fate of the deceased.

In my childhood  I was facinated about God, and I loved to collect
religious tracts and books. I tried to live a pure life but I found out 
that actually I was a sinner and sin was bothering my soul … but Idid
not know what to do.

I had three dreams in a three years period and they all had the same
meaning. For example, it was that I was in a field, I looked up to the
cloudy sky and I heard  a voice  announcing the arrival of Jesus
Christ to take the good people to heaven. As I was looking up to the sky,
I saw some people flying and going to heaven, but I couldn’t fly like them.
I tried, but in vain. I cried severely, and I had a miserable feeling 
of being left behind, which was so intense…. I woke up from the dreams.
I looked to find my family still there. I sighed and said “Thank God it is
not true it is a dream.” I did not worry much about it. I hated the sin inside myself
but continued the same life as before.

When I was 14 years old, my beloved father died, my aunt came to visit
us to comfort my mother, and she told me about the good news. That
was the first time I heard about salvation and that God died for me and shed His
blood for me. I did not comprehend the concept, but I knew I had
to make a decision.

A few months after the funeral, I sat down with my self. Something inside
me wanted to fight the idea. I said that if I am going to live for Jesus I will
deprive myself of the joy of life and who knows – maybe when I die there
will be no God. ( That was the devil trying to keep me from the truth so to
keep me under him the rest of my life. )

But at that moment I remembered the dreams, and the miserable feeling
when I was left behind, and how much I was in trouble. I was ponderding
and said to myself “BUT how about IF THERE IS GOD after death – How I can face Him?
What I will tell him about my excuses not to follow him? My soul cried, I can
not face Him! I can not face Him! Then I came to the conclusion that if after death there is
no God NOBODY WILL JUDGE ME. But if there is a God I can not FACE HIM.

From that point I chose to know Him. I read the Bible, taught in Sunday school, and
prayed. When I read the Old Testament, I found out God words were not obeyed. This bothered me.
How come people does not follow the Almighty?

I tell you that after couple of months God showed me vision about my faith. It was
like I was standing in front of small tree and this tree was growing gradually until became strong
and big tree and I could see fruit started to grow. I took a piece and I tasted it, it was so sweet
and I was so pleased.

THE TRUTH. JESUS SAID, “I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”. Jesus is the way to eternal life.
Give your live to him you will never be disappointed. BUT you will gain the peace and the joy. Amen.



Eva Michael

[email protected]


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