Dream about the coming of Jesus as King and the horror people will experience as they realize there is no more time to repent

This morning – Thursday, 20th of September, I woke up from a dream that shook me. In the dream Jesus was sited on a chair on a platform and people were in the crowd in the hall. The people represented the world in general. This was a waiting time before Jesus was to come back and declare Himself as King. Suddenly Jesus got up very confidently from the chair and walked very determined , with the chin up and with the authority of a King written all over Him.

He came to the microphone basically to declare that He is thereby from now the King – it was His second coming as King made symbolic by Him coming and declaring it in the mike (the mike is the modern form of a trumpet). I did not here these things, but I knew these things in my Spirit that this is what He was doing.

Suddenly people in the hall – meaning people on the earth in general – they started screaming outloud with the most intense horror and desperation, because they realized that there is no more mercy and no more chance to change their status with God, the cry grew louder and louder and more and more intense emotionally that it was intensely overwhelming! I am struggling to find words to describe the intensity and agonizing desperate feelings that were experience by everyone at absolute height of emotion, basically it was a feeling of a level of distress human beings never experienced before, it was the worst ever with no way out! The desperation of ‘no more chance’ was beyond human capacity to bear!

I woke up from the intensity of these feelings. What marked me also, apart from the horribleness of these feelings was the fact that I saw Jesus in a new light. He has always revealed Himself to me as the One who is agonizing over souls, full of mercy and compassion and intense desire to save them. He was sad over their state and asking my co-operation – as He wants from everyone in the body of Christ – to do my part to help bring people to Him.

But in this dream, He was different, He walked confidently and determined to be King and to judge – the just and fair part of God was coming through a lot and He was ready to judge with no regrets. It was time to put things right and deal rightfully with those who disobeyed Him, there was no more mercy, it was time for judgement. This was shocking to see, since I have always thought of Him as the merciful God, who is sad over the lost and wants to save them. Now He felt good about judging, not in a sadistic way, but because it was just and fair to recompense people according to their works and give them what they deserved.

What struck me after this dream is that us, human beings, even Christians, are deceived and because we have a sense in us that we will live forever – which is the eternity written in our hearts by God – we tend to think there is no danger ahead and if there is danger, there is time to fix it. This is pure deception, the time is getting shorter and shorter to get right with God and it will come to an end, and there will be a day when it will be TOO LATE, truly.

Also, none of us have tomorrow promised, I know of 18 year olds who died suddenly, businessman who was full of plans and goals like no one I know and died suddenly a few weeks ago of a heart attack! No one has tomorrow promised, and to think we have time to put things right, it is PURE DECEPTION!

Another deception, especially for believers who are not right with God and for some unbelievers is that God is such a loving God, certainly He will never judge me. I know He said He will, but I think He is too good and compassionate to do so in the end, really. This is pure deception, because it is one sided in its revelation of God. Yes, God is unconditional love, but He is also a consuming fire and a coming Judge.

Love – in the form of Jesus on the earth – spoke of judgement, hell, recompensing everyone according to their own deeds, blotting people out of His book, spitting people out of His mouth, putting the unrepentant in the sick bed and killing their children with death, throwing others into deep tribulation … ! Yes, it is in the New Testament, and in the book describing the end times, the book of Revelation – read the letters to the seven churches.

You should also note that Jesus, in addressing each of the seven churches, said to them: I know your WORKS, He did not say: I know your heart, but your works don’t matter!

In the message to the Thyatira church, after saying He will severely judge some of the unrepentant WHO WERE PART OF THE CHURCH, He describes the reason WHY He is going to do this:
“and all the CHURCHES shall know that I am He who searches the minds and hearts. AND I WILL GIVE TO EACH ONE ACCORDING TO YOUR WORKS” (Revelation 2:23)

We are saved initially through grace, but we maintain our relationship with God through WORKS done by the grace of God with which we need to cooperate on a daily basis. The way we cooperate with God’s grace is by obeying the Lord in abiding in Him and letting Jesus live His life through us in whatever way He chooses every day.

Another thing spoken to the Thyatira church to be noted is: And he who overcomes, and KEEPS My WORKS until the end, to him I will give power over the nations” (Revelation 2:26)

So, what is the conclusion? Fear God, who has power to throw both body and soul into hell. Get ready to meet the King, who is no longer coming full of grace and mercy, but to judge fairly and justly and to give EVERYONE – including those IN THE CHURCH – ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS. The time is shorter and is getting shorter all the time, you won’t live forever, you will die one day, this is real, this is not fantasy, though it feels like that sometimes, that day is coming closer and closer, it could even be today or tomorrow or when Jesus comes unexpectedly as a thief in the night when we truly don’t expect Him to do it. Let’s ask God to search our hearts and reveal to us how to adjust our lives in order to let Him be Lord over our every day life.

He loves you, but in love He will judge each of us one day, and give us according to what we have chosen – which will be shown through our works. Then you have to live with the consequences forever.

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