Doubting Brother

Hi all,
My name is Emily and this is my first blog.
I have a brother who is Christian, but doubts God.

I am in the seventh grade and learn about religion in school. Todays lesson was on faith in God. We learned the the definition of faith was belief in God. Also, we learned that faith is a girt of God’s invitation to share in His life and love for ever and that faith is a response tp either accept or reject His offer to believe in Him. Faith affects every single aspect of our lives! You can’t just say that you “believe in God”, it has to be MORE than that, you have to show it!
As for my brother, I understand that faith is a complete choice in our lives. We were given the free will to accept or reject God. Although there may be no logical explanation to prove that God exists, and their may never be one, we have to have faith that He does. The choice to have faith goes above and beyond and doubts about God that you may have. Faith is an on-going process. Choosing to have faith is not a choice that we make once in a lifetime, to have to make that same desicion over and over!!

Thanks and good luck,

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