dont know what to do

Im lost and dont know what to do, i made friends with a man up in a tent city in washington state and i talked him into comming down to missouri back home where i was raised and he followed. I didnt see the signs that god was sending me the whole time, to make a story short, he split my family up and i think he has cursed my mother. My little niece got scared one day because he threw my sister her mom across the kitchen floor and she called the police i dont know why no one else saw what i did but the whole time my mother was talking to the police man ralph the man who i befriended was lipping every word she was saying and staring at the ground. Every time us girls (me, jennifer, kamy) and my husband is around my mom while this man is around there is nothing but chaos in the air people are fighting and arguing and ralph smiles the whole time like hes enjoying it, but when hes gone we have our mom back again and shes happy and smiling and jokeing like normal, shes happy, not depressed. Its getting to the point that this man is stealing things from all of us if we leave it there, and mom wont beleive a word we say, he gets naked in her bedroom and uses her camera to take photos in her bedroom closet, i dont know if hes in a cult and i dont know how to make it stop i dont know what to do, its like all of us can see through all the lies and deceit but my mom cant,my little neice is scared to death of him, after the blow out and him physically hurting my sister her mother she was depressed for a week straight and wouldnt smile or be happy and shes only 6 years old, i dont see that as normal 6 year old behavior. I need somones help if anyone knows what i can do about this problem please help me help us all out!!!!! thank you and god bless

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