Don’t Get Stuck in the Past – 1 Samuel 16

There are lessons in 1 Samuel 16 concerning the risk of getting stuck in the past – excessively mourning over past mistakes and failures, or looking to the past to identify what God wants to do now.

God wants us to quit mourning, get filled and led with the Holy Spirit, overcome our fears, obey Him and discern with spiritual discernment so we can avoid the traps that challenged the prophet Samuel.

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  1. Reasontogether says:

    The Lord is teaching me so many things through this ministry. I appreciate the practical messages you give.
    May the Lord bless you

  2. willie5678 says:

    Sticking in our past will give us more pain,overload our mind and grab us into darkness.Its better to forgive our past and always thinks of our present with surrendering ourselves near god and follow his holy path can bring us peace and stability to our soul and mind.

  3. Joshuagm1991 says:

    wrong video.

    God bless

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