Don’t do it without me

Lord, whatever you are doing this season, Please don’t do it without me. If you are healing somebody, which I know you are Please don’t pass me by. If you bless others this year, Please remember me. If you are pouring out your Holy Spirit, Please don’t forget me. Please include me in whatever you are doing this season, I need You Lord. Bless me, Heal me, Fill me with your Holy spirit, Give me a hunger and thirsty for your word. Please God…

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  1. Lily -N-Valley says:

    The closer you draw to HIm, the closer He will draw to you. Meaning the more you want of Him the more He will give to you of Himself.
    Jesus commanded us to love one another, as He loves us. Doing this shows God’s love in us. It is showing to others the love God and Christ has shown to us.

    Think about this: When a person is in love, they feel good, and they want everyone to feel the love they do. They want to share it. Well, in a romantic relationship such as between a husband and wife. You can’t do that. However, with God’s love, which is perfect its the light of your soul and you can share it. Simply by letting the Holy Spirit lead you. He will lead you to people you can minister to and give wonderful morsels of God’s love to, for them to feast upon. He will lead you to people who need your prayer for healing. He will lead you to people who need Hid encouragement and He will place the words in your heart to give to them.
    As long as you are willing for Him to use you for His glory. He will.You will not always know much He is using you and effective you are being, through His will. But that too is His for His glory and for your own good.
    One thing I have found with God is the more you do for others, somehow the more you do for yourself, but that is God’s perfect circle of love.
    Leading others to Christ and encouraging each other is what we as true children of God are suppose to do. For God would not have one to perish.

    We already have the Holy Spirit in us, but I guess we need Him operating better and more fully in our lives.
    Keep seeking and fanning those flames of desire….

    • I want more of Him, I need more of Him. I want Him to make me an instrument and use me for His Glory. In the past, I only surrendered most of me but this time I have completely given Him full control, I have given him permission to break me, mold me and refine me. I don’t want people to see or hear me, I want them to hear and see Him in me. I want to look at life, people and myself and see what He sees. I want to dance in His presence every moment of my life, I seek to see His beautiful face.
      Holy spirit I want to know you, reveal yourself to me. Draw close to me as I diligently seek you.

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