Divine healing of son in hospital

On January 17, 2001, my 16yr old son went to visit his father out of town, he became very ill with a virus three days later they took him to the er, he went into resiportory heart failure and into a diabetic coma right there in the er.

His blood pressure was below 30, he had the blood gases of a dead person, his blood sugar was 1200. I had gotten the call from his father that I need to get there right away! He told me my sons kidneys was shutting down and it didn’t look like he was going to make it!

The doctor told me they have done everything medically possible to help my son, and it didn’t look like he was going to live, he said it would have to be a miracle from God, that is the only way he would survive, I had faith in God and have had miracles happen in my family before, and I knew God would not forsake me or my son in his time of need!

They took him to ICU. I was very distraught and in so much despair as any mother would be, a little woman who I call God’s angel, came up to me and said..” I have a message for you, god told me to tell you that your son will be alright, on His time not yours! But first you have to trust in Him, and He will do the rest. you have a mission to do, and you will know when the time comes. and she walked away, and I never seen her since then.

So I went downstairs and as I was walking pass something pushed me in the chapel, I fell on my knees and began to pray, I was speaking another language with God and only he knows what was said, when I came out of the chapel I saw this woman, we began to talk, she said her son was up for surgery the next morning, that he had had a bubble in his lung, I asked her if I could pray for him, she said sure I would love that, so I went to his room, asked him if he believed that God sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins, he said yes, I layed my hands on him and began to pray, the next morning I was waiting with his mom, when the doctor came out and said” there was no bubble found in his lung, no surgery is necessary! I knew from that moment on what god had wanted me to do for him, I went to people all in that hospital laying hands on them and praying for them, and miracles was happening everywhere people were being healed!

Nine days later my son woke up, god was right, he took care of my son, while i was doing a mission for him, my son is now 19 yrs old, he is insulin dependent and has to take shots everyday of his life,but God’s loving grace and his touch came down from the heaven’s and poured out his spirit and power on all of us God said “I will never forsake you” and that faith without works is useless!

God shows us how to put our faith to work even in our trials and tribulations! I hope who all reads this story recieves some inspiration and a blessing!

God bless all of you!

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  1. Jackie Irizarry says:

    Wow that is a great testimony! God is good! I really liked that testimony. Its so great how God could save a person like that. He does great miracles. 🙂

  2. mayravargas1 says:


    My name is Mayra Vargas and I am with First Spanish Assembly of God. We print a newsletter each and every month and in it we include “True Inspirational Stories” your story is just an awsome example of what God is doing. I was wondering if you could allow me to print this story for our next issue, please?


    Many blessings to you!

    Mayra Vargas

    Fisrt Spanish Assembly of God
    3301 Clay Avenue
    Waco, TX 76711

  3. evstevemd says:

    Great blessing story!
    Our God is God



    • Jim Katebo Mtafya says:

      Yes, I am really very much blessed by your testimony. Indeed a lot of us would rather forgo a Ministry and care much for a storm of life but in everything let us know that God is God, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

      I know of a time in 2005 while I was still at the University of Malawi. One day,my life was so much troubled of something to the fact that I was so much worried. I gave a petition to my two prayer partners, and gave them a partein on how they should pray “Lord God; Remember Jim.” Since I felt I was forsaken by God in the situation I was going thruogh.

      See what happened, during the night, God visited me in a dream. I found myself moving on a wide path, however the path was making a U turn that would take me ages to complete; and yet there was a short cut connecting the other side of the Road after the U turn. The only option to cut time was for me to go through that shortcut.”But could I have made it on myself, No.The shortcut was full of thorns and sharp stones. But suddenly I saw my father going a head of me,pushing the thorns a side, and thus clearing the way for me.I was following him right at his back.It was not easy for Him clearing the way for me. “Yes it was my father suffering, making a away for me. As we reached the other end. I said to my father, thank you for making a way for me, now I can go alone, but my father insisted, I can’t live you to go a lone, though the path may be wider, you still need my guidance and my protection. Immediately I woke up. I though of about it. yes it was God communicating to me that the situation I was going through yesterday, I was not alone, but rather, My father was going a head of me making a way.

      I tell you this is a God that will never live nor forsake us When we find it tough for us, we should take note that for God at that time is very busy a head of us making the way. “He will never live nor forsake us”

      Never live a Godly Ministry for a storm, But live a Storm for God to deal with it. Be at peace always.


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