This post has been a long time coming! 99% of you will never believe this but the truth must be told.
About 3 years I was playing with an Ouija board and I attached a ghost. This ghost would stand at my doorways watching me, at night it would wake me up by shouting my name, in the day it would play tricks on me. After 3 months I thought I have got to do something about this ghost so I gathered all glasses together and proceeded to smash them all as I could not remember which glass I had used for the Ouija board. When I smashed the third glass I felt a tap on my back and this is when the demon went into my body. I was not a Christian at the time but I prayed the Lord’s prayer and this came demon came out on my breath, a ball of air arose up my throat and exited out of my mouth but a few moments later it re-entered the same way it left. I then noticed a strange lump on my left hand and I knew that this was its home in my flesh. I picked at this hard but pliable lump with some nail clippers and there was nothing there, it was not full of water or puss. A few days later the lump re-appeared again on my left hand.
I started going to church and after a few weeks an old woman asked me if I wanted the Holy Spirit, I replied that I had never heard of the Holy Spirit but she reassured me that everything would be ok and offered to pray for me. 3 old women began praying over me, one was praying normally, the second was crying and singing and third woman was speaking a strange language and bless me I did not know what was going on. I left the church that day feeling strange and it was like my head was in a bubble or a cloud. When I came around I looked up and realised that I had walked the wrong way home and I started to speak in tongues, I put my hand over my mouth in shock.
3 months later I met a prophet and he told me that I had received a gift from God and this was called tongues and he advised me to speak in tongues every day as this was the only gift that you could put on and off at will. Although when I first received this gift it was completely involuntary.
God is so good to me and He answers all my prayers, I have so many testimonies that I feel spoilt, He makes me feel so special. I know that I have the living God inside me at night sometimes I cannot get to sleep because of the fire burning in my stomach and this is a wonderful feeling. I am also still afflicted at the same time, as this demon still comes out on my breath when I pray and it manipulates objects to mock me; it will land mainly on pliable material, like a carpet or a cushion and then mould the material to show me demonic faces starring back at me.
God has given plenty of word through prophets and His living word and directly to me to let me know that He did not bring this affliction upon me but that He allowed it to mould me and that when He has finished moulding me that I will be able to ask for anything and that He will give it to me. He moulds me in a fire of affliction so that eventual I will be more like His one true Son Jesus.
Paul had a thorn in the flesh, a messenger from Satan, to keep him humble. I have heard people say that this was bad eye sight or that this was a bad back. I used to be full of pride, in fact I was a big head, a show off, a poser and bad eye sight or a bad back would not have made me humble only a thorn in my flesh, a messenger from Satan did the job.
I hope and pray to God that this testimony will give you revelation. 99% of Christians do not believe me and that used to bother me but it no longer does, Christians can throw all the scripture at me they like to prove me wrong but they are not proving me wrong in fact they are only trying to justify themselves. Christians claim to have received wisdom and knowledge from God about this subject but I am living proof that they are wrong. 80% of the people that come to my website asking for prayer are Christians with demonic forces in their bodies or in their lives; they have been afflicted but honoured all at the same time. Why would the almighty living God bother to allow such a great affliction to come upon a person if He did not intend great things for them? Rejoice in your affliction as do i.
I will not reply to any comments defending myself, I will reply but not in my defence. I stand with Michael on this subject as I believe that God also allowed Michael to go through a similar experience to mine so that he could start this website to bring people to the truth, as God also had me do a similar thing with me and He also called me to build a website, it is designed to help people, although my website is only a baby compared to Michaels.
Your prayers would be appreciated but please do not pray that I be brought to the truth or for my mind to level out if you believe that I must be crazy. Many pastors have tried to deliver me and then accused me of being out of my mind when the demons have not fled in the name of Jesus, why would they if God Himself has not finished with me, although I state again that God did not bring this upon me but only allowed this to happen for His glory and my benefit and for the benefit of others. If you still do not believe that a Christian can have a demon and the Holy Spirit living in them at the same time, then ask God instead throwing scripture at this post!
Thank you reading and God bless you all and may He Himself bring revelation and truth into your hearts.

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