Demonic visit

Does anyone know anything about this:

A friend of mine was visited by some little black men wearing bowler hats. They were not real, presumably demonic.

This friend prayed the name of Jesus and they left.

He asked an aboriginal friend about it because he had bought a boomerang from an aboriginal artist. The man said that some boomerangs are cursed with mummery men. Does anyone know anything about “MUMMERY MEN” and is it typical to see little black men wearing bowler hats?

If anyone knows anything about this, I’d like to hear from you.

Im not sure what to think as I’ve always believed that Christians cant be cursed?

What do YOU think?



  1. warrior daughter says:

    The months that I was being cursed did happen…The curses did not attach themselves to me since I was always awaken before they were able to..A few years ago I would have not believed this was possible but when it happens to you personally it is a different story..My home has been a sanctuary for me and there is/was nothing in my home nor do I watch shows/ books that are bad for my spirit..I am not a new Christian but God wanted my eyes to be open to things that I thought could not be possible for a born-again Christian to experience…My discernment seemed to go out the back door when I became involved with this person and in all my life I have never been so needy of another person…I was allowed to experience what I went through for my growth and also there was disobedience on my behalf since I was told by God to be leery of this person…There is much teaching in churches concerning warfare and some are in error…..In the western world not much is given to demons/witchcraft but in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world demons/ witchcraft are very much known…Concerning the dreams with the bull.. I knew that this was not a ordinary bull and so I did much research and it is the bull-god of ancient Egypt that the Isrealites worshipped and was the god baal..He looked the same as pictures that I was able to find…..One very vivid dream I had about this person was that I went to his home and he had many weapons just inside his door that were made of wood and these weapons were consumed by fire before my eyes…I am not a superstitious person and I know that greater is He (Jesus Christ)that is in me than he (satan) that is in the world…I am just so glad that my heavenly Father revealed the true nature of this person and offered much forgiveness to me for my disobedience…. I believe I was allowed to go through what I experienced was not only for chastizing but also for growth in my life and to realize that spiritual warfare must be conducted by all Christians every day…This experience has taught me that God will sometimes reveal to His children things in the dark spiritual realm…Since going through this I am to discern things more clearly that before were not as clear…Like I said before I am just so glad that I serve a risen Savior that wants only what is best and will never leave you nor forsake you and will not ever disappoint you…

  2. warrior daughter says:

    Yes, Christians can be cursed. After being involved with a false prophet and breaking apart with plans of marriage he started to put curses on me. I did not know until after the break up all that he was into. He was very deceitful and goes around to churches and is invited to speak but he is a false prophet a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I just thank God every day for His protection and His coming to pull us apart and rescue me. It was a very hurtful experience but I can truely say that what God did for me (pulling us apart) was a beautiful gift from above even though at the time it was so hurtful… The thing is that I literally had to duck firey darts as I was drifting off to sleep. I would see these darts and actually duck my head… There were many dreams were he was in them and had me tied to a bull (the god Baal) also God would wake me up as when a black like a centipede creature would try to crawl into my brain and there were many spider like creatures trying to access my mind…There were many animals involved and I know now that he is involved in witchcraft…I had to be on the look out constantly for about 8 months for the curses…Everything in my home that had anything to do with him I had to burn (pictures; letters; emails ect)…Every night was a warfare battle but God is faithful and without Him I would not have survived…

    • kennethleenorth says:

      I looked around me once and took note of the concrete and asphalt as opposed to the trees and the grass. I could see the structural differences. What I could not see because I was blind by superstition was the intricacy with which God created man. When you say that Christians can be cursed, do you mean cursed at or does the curse actually attach? How were your days spent and what is the condition of your home? I do trust that you have checked your home and are not in fact being tied without your knowledge in your sleep and that spiders do not in reality crawl upon you while you are sleeping. Do you live in a crowded apartment or drafty farmhouse? Are you unconsciously listening to the music or terror movies of your neighbors subliminally in your own home without your realizing it? From where-ever these images were conjured up, it sounds like God used them for good in cleaning out your home and your life. Praises be to God that you have been given a firm foundation that is immune to curses. Build upon this foundation in faith and not superstition and know from where you receive guidance in your life. I am told that there are those who “practice” witchcraft. I do not believe that there is any power in witchcraft. I will not bow to this superstition. Christ can give us all power over superstition. God can give you peace when you sleep. If you trust in God he can change these firey darts into injections of spritual power to rise above and do battle against superstition. You have only to claim this gift. The spiders and centipedes can be changed from invaders of your brain into librarians that help you carefully arrange your thoughts along the lines of faith and not superstition. A bull is a bull and not a God. Only the superstitious believe otherwise. People get tied to bulls when they are unwilling or unable to ride them without being tied. It sounds as if God is telling you that he is delivering you from superstition despite your fears.

  3. kennethleenorth says:

    I find it interesting to note that you would place within the same paragraph two conflicting ideologies. On the one hand you state that the little black men are not real and then you make reference to them being demonic. Are you in fact then saying that things demonic are not real? What then is real and not real? Is your faith in God real? Have you been saved from superstition or do you kneel to it daily? I cannot speak for your friend nor can I about mummery men but I do like little bowler hats. When Samuel came to Eli and asked him what he wanted, Eli was dumfounded and said go back to your room for I didn’t call you. Yet, when Eli finally gave in to the sincerity of Samuel he instructed Samuel to commune with God. God has chosen many forms with which to communicate with different persons. To Moses through the burning bush and to Bellack (spelling?) through the mouth of an ass. Christians can’t be cursed, but they can be cursed at, tested, tried and even killed. I suggest that your friend examine closely his revelation to determine if it is of superstition or indeed of God and to commune with God and not superstition. Your friend should examine the fruits which come from these little black men for all good things come from God.

    • Angel-in-hiding says:

      I don’t think that is exactly what was meant. I believe that the original post was just separating the spirit world from our world. Christians can be cursed, and have curses placed upon them. Don’t you think it was a bit of a curse from God when King Nebuchadnezzar became as a mad man? It was a curse placed upon him from God to bring him to repentance. Christians, like any one, can also have curses placed upon them by witches in this world.

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