Delivered from Witchcraft and Tarot

My name is Katina. I grew up in church all my life. When I was 17 years old I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord
and Saviour. I loved Jesus with all my heart. I was in church everytime the doors were open. It was a rare occasion that I
would miss a service and when I was absent it seemed like my whole week was unbalanced.

When I was 20 years old and still in college I became good friends with someone much older than me. He was going through
a tough time and he confided in me about some controversial issues he was facing. I started slipping away from God because
I didn’t understand how to stay friends with this guy and serve God at the same time. Later on, I stopped going to church.
Walking away from God was like killing a part of myself. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t make myself go back to church. I
just stayed in a state of denial.

At 27 years of age I was so far away from the Lord that I experimented with Witchcraft. My experimentation became a
lifestyle. I used Tarot cards on a daily basis, I had an altar where I lit "special” candles and I used the ouija board. Don’t be
fooled like I was into thinking that people who have passed on are the ones talking to you. That’s not it at all! You will come
face to face with Satan himself because he’ll be the one talking to you!

He’ll tell you lie after lie and convince you that you’re talking to a dead family member or some wise person whose passed
away long ago.

Using the ouija quickly became an addiction. I would spend about eight hours per week in DIRECT contact with the devil.
After awhile I started to experience strange things. For example: In the middle of the night I’d awaken by the sound of
someone running down the hallway and opening or slamming the front door. I would get up to check it out, but there was
nothing to see.

There were times when I would hear someone walking up my bedroom steps and walking across my floor towards me in
bed. I would turn around, but no one was there. I would lie in bed and feel the entire bed shake as if it were pushed.
Shadows would move across my walls when there was nothing to cast a shadow. A lamp that sat securely on my desk
catapulted out at me. These were just the beginnings of more terrifying things that were yet to come.

You may be saying to yourself right now, "Why didn’t you just turn back to the Lord?" It’s because I really didn’t know how!
At this point my mind was not my own. You see, by stepping into the devil’s playground I unknowingly gave him permission
to control me. I was terrified! I was afraid to go to bed because I was tormented every night. I’d get up during the night to
use the bathroom and I’d feel something walking behind me or hovering over me.

I actually know what the presence of evil "feels" like. If there’s a bad spirit around me every hair on my body stands on end.
There’s also a "whoosh" feeling that starts in the pit of my stomach and moves straight up my body. It feels like the "going
down" feeling on a roller coaster. This started happening more frequently and it got more intense to the point where it took
my breath away. This was the turning point in my situation. Up to this point it had been going on for about a year and a half.

After that, changes started to quickly take place. I was in my room when I suddenly had the unquenchable desire to listen to
Christian music. As the music was playing I looked over at my Tarot cards and I just couldn’t stand to see them. Something
big was happening in me that I didn’t yet understand. I had such an urge to get rid of every occultic thing I had and that’s
exactly what I did.

That night I went to bed and had a dream that changed my life. Jesus stood next to me and said "I’m so jealous. You have
time for your friends, you have time for your work, you have time for everything else, but you don’t have any time for me.”
Then he put his arm up to his head and he started to weep. At that moment in the dream, all of the pain and sadness that he
was feeling was transferred directly into me. I immediately knew that I’d been searching everywhere for answers when the
answer was right there in front of me. I broke down and started to sob. I had an encounter with God and I knew he was my
solution. He lead me to a wonderful, spirit filled church where the people are radically saved. I walked into that church on
December 24, 1998 and re-dedicated my life to Jesus Christ and I walked out a new creation!

After that everytime I would enter the church building I would get a splitting headache. I’d walk back to my car after each
service holding both sides of my head because the pain was so severe. This happened week after week. Sometimes people
who have practiced Witchcraft end up getting a "mind control” spirit attached to them. I was experiencing the classic

At this point it was still really hard for me to talk to God because I was dealing with a lot of guilt. With my face buried in my
pillow I began to pray. I went as far back as I could remember and repented of everything. I was trembling in fear because
of all that was going on around me. After I let everything out I realized that my headache was gone. The terror I’d been
feeling from the start had been replaced with such indescribable peace. Peace that passes all understanding! There was a
barrier of protection and the loving warmth of Jesus’ arms all around me. I stayed very still and quiet for along time and just
nuzzled right into him. I knew my Jesus took care of everything. I had the most peaceful sleep for the first time in almost 2
years. And its been that way ever since! Now I know I have complete authority over Satan in Jesus’ name. What an
awesome God we serve! He deserves all of the glory and honor and praise! He had to stretch way down to lift me out of
Hell. I’m thankful that God has long arms!

I hope this was encouraging for you to hear. I’m telling you this because prayer works. If you’ve been praying for a
backslider don’t give up!

It is never too late for anyone. It may not look like God is doing anything, but he is. He’s looking for mighty warriors who are
willing to stand in the gap and pray for lost souls. II Peter 3:9 says: The Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some
men count slackness; but is long suffering to usward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to
repentance. Don’t give up on God. He’s not slow, he’s just on a different time table then we are. He’s never early or late, but
he’s always right on time!




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  1. I never could understand this kind of things and I don’t really have anything to do with it. I had a tarot reading once and it surprised me how exact the reading details were. It certainly changed my perspective on these things.

  2. Katrina,
    I dont have words to thankyou you dear, by i wish you hug u right now, your testimony saved me. I am suffering from a crisis situation in my love life. I had many breakups in past, never had such a mature, reliable and understanding relationship, because of which it means a lot to me. I started relying on my partner, as i always felt we share more of a spiritual kind of love, the kind of love Bible tells us about. But some bad circumstances happened, like family crisis, sickness in family, loss in work, which caused a lot of negative energy around… creating a lot of distance between us. We have not talked to eachother for long, and last time we talked, he wanted to free from the commitmment because he is not sure when he will be able to restable his life. But i didnt love him for his good days only, i also loved him to be on his side even in bad days. But he simply doesnt understand this, and want me to move ahead leaving him alone with his family, and work problems.

    I cant be selfish, he didnt listen to me. And we are out for contact, but my inner self is telling me that things will be ok and he will be back to me. I was upset and needed answer to my question that, will he come back or what… and i tried this free tarot website, but i was feeling guilty. I dont know what i was feeling heavey hearted even when the tarot results were mostly in my favor. Then i read Proverbs which calmned me down… still i had some guilt like feeling. Today when i read your message, i really got my answer that why i was feeling bad. Its because my faith wanted me to seek answers from the LORD, not some tarots or anything.

    Thanks God i got the right direction on right time. I hope GOD keep on using you like a torch to show the right path and light to ones in darkness…. Praise the LORD, and my Love to you in Jesus name, God bless you dear.


  3. I opened up doors to the occult but not on purpose. A friend of mine told me to celebrate the Jewish Shabbat in my bedroom every Friday night. I did so and even wrote “Jesus” on every table. Even thought my intentions were for the Lord, Witchcraft fell upon me and demons began manifesting themselves to me. 3 years later and demons have been entering me every day since. My body has become very physically sick and the presence of God is nowhere to be found. Please…If anyone knows anyone who specalizes and is annointed in the Lord do do deliverance from the occult -please contact me. PLEASE can you help me?

    • Michael C says:

      Look, whoever you are. You have the power to get rid of this on the inside of you whether you want to believe it or not. Check out Luke 10:19 read it over and over. As a believer Jesus is talking to you too. Take the word and begin to walk around your house speaking it over everything. Get rid of everything that has to do with the occult. You can do it. Let me know how you are doing.

    • You have to have faith.Remeber that the Lord will never forsake us.Rememeber that love was the beginning of it all,the relationship between you and him.Refresh your spirit in his blood which is like wine.Remeber that we have a merciful and graceful God so have faith in him,all things were created through him and by him so there is no way you can be seperate from him.You should meditate on those things daily so that no matter what you do you are reminded GOd is by your side.

  4. IneedJesusso says:

    What a beautiful testimony. It really touched my heart. Thank you for your honesty, not everyone wants to admit past sin: even though we all have sinned. I love to hear about the love of God, it makes me so very happy. How beautiful is our God, He sent his only son to come and die for our sins, so that we too could live forever in Heaven. Amazing, what absolute beauty and grace. I Love our Lord and Father so much I feel as if I am in love all the time. I am in love with our Lord and God. His beauty, his grace, his mercy, his strength his qualities go on and on. For anyone out there that reads this and has not accepted Christ, please take it from me, it is a wonderful thing to have Christ live in your heart. You should snap up this beautiful gift. It is a gift from God, it is like nothing else. Who else is there everytime we call. He cares for us so much, He loves and guides us forever, Amen.

  5. I have had so many demons entering me over the past three years that my body is very physically sick and I am dying. I have been to many states having people pray over me, I have given Jesus my life and nothing seems to work. I do not feel God’s presence at all and I do not know how long I have left to live. I am in Rochester NY right now. I need someone who can deliver demons out of people. Please is there anyone that can help? I will drive or take a plane anywhere I need to go. Please email me at

    • Corrine,

      The most effective ministries in the United States that I personally know about are those at Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. I believe they will be able to help you.

    • lydia Kams says:

      Hello there, my name is Lydia and yes i do know of someone who can definitely deliver you from your afflictions and possession. Her name is Helen Ukpabio but she is based in Nih=geria at the time. She owns the Liberty church in cross river state there. I’m really sad that i’m getting this note/comment at this time. But i have to tell you first that you have to belive in Jesus Christ no matter where you go and you always have to have faith that you’ll be healed from whatever. I’m based in Maryland, USA at the time and i attend a church here that’s very very good too. If you have any questions you can email me at Take care and God bless you. Hang in there. Don’t give up.

  6. sandra Merino says:

    The Bible warns about practicing witchcraft or divination of any kind. This includes the use of recreational drugs. These occultic practices open doors for demons to possess the victim, attach themselves to, or attack them. This also transfers onto family members and even future generations!

    Jesus is the only answer. The difference between him and all the other religious leaders or figures is that Jesus forgave sins and has the authority to cast out demons which feared Jesus. Most other religions tell you to simply live a holy life and nothing will happen to you. Nobody on this earth is that perfect that they can go without sin, Jesus was the only one who never broke a commandment. He says “I am the way, the truth and the life and nobody goes to the father except through me.

    Other religious practices will tell you different. Don’t be fooled by counterfeits! Go straight to the highest authority!

    If you believe that he died on the cross and rose on the third day, then you need to repent of your sins. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and to be your Lord and saviour. Ask him to break all the curses and hexes in you that have come down from your bloodline and then turn from those sins.

    Find a radical pentacostal Church so that you grow in faith.

    May God bless you and keep you safe.

  7. loubey1969 says:

    Thankyou Katina for sharing your story.
    The devil is a liar, and so many are deceived into thinking that they’re practising ‘safe’ ‘white’ witchcraft, thats for ‘good’- many caught up in this deceit believe only ‘black’ witchcraft is bad, well praise God that He shows us His truth, it is ALL bad.
    In many bookstores there is such a huge selection of new age spell books and tarot cards, often packaged and aimed at young teenage girls, it does worry me, I feel for those young lives being drawn into bondage and darkness and lies. TV and media almost seem to romaticise the idea of spells and witchcraft too, making it seem safe, the answer to their needs. I shall be praying on this one me thinks!

  8. This is very powerful. Thank God for you. I praise God he delivered you my sister. honeetly i feel like crying over you in joy. Jesus lives!!! Stand strong in the Lord might!!!

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