Delivered from the Fear of Death

In 1992, I began to get extremely stressed from my job and marriage. I was a Regional Manager for a high tech electronic company with lots of people to manage and offices to run for profit. I began to be anxious about everything especially death. The anxiety grew larger and larger until it began to consume my life. I felt like each day I was going to die. When the sun went down the anxiety intensified. I was divorced in 1993 and this was the final blow in my life. I was out of control drinking and not looking to God for help. In 1995, I met this wonderful woman Sharon and we were shortly married. Sharon recognized my ailment a was a tremendous help. We got back in Church and the anxiety was in check but not gone. The fear of death was still there.

In 2000, I had a pulmonary embolism and was near death. While in the emergency room a peace so overwhelming came upon me after I prayed to the Lord (3) times, “Thou You Slay Me, I Will Serve You”. After God’s peace fell upon me, I was given a vision by the Lord.

My vision was, I looked to my right side and there was Jesus. We were in a valley looking up a mountain that had caves carved into the mountain side. In the caves were people that had different color screens like thin plastic cover there face. I asked Jesus tell me what this means. Jesus softly spoke, you see the blue one, they have a fear of not being loved. The green one is a fear of not being successful. The yellow one is a fear of people. The red one is you, the fear of death. I said they are the in prison. He said yes, but where are the bars, where are the guards. Jusus said they can come out any time. I asked him why don’t they. come out? His reply was because the don;t have FAITH.

At that point, I asked Jesus for faith and I flew out of my prison, never to be back in there again. I was emotionally healed. Praise to the Lamb.

Sometime anxiety tries to creep back in but I rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Anxiety is a deception of the devil and is not real. You cannot touch, see or smell it, so it isn’t real.

I have faced other trails in my life but my faith is unshakable thanks to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much for allowing me to write you this e-mail and I am honored.

Your friend in Christ,

Jim Tatum

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