Creator God – Chapter One


The Bible begins with these words: “In the beginning God. . . .” The Bible does not prove the existence of God, but rather begins directly with God. The  first chapter of the Bible reveals that God is the Creator. The word “God” occurs 4,379 times in the Bible. Therefore let us know about this Creator God in our very first study.


Seven Words  Used  for God

1.  ELOHIM—An Hebrew word that occurs 2,701 times in the Bible

Eg. As in Gen. 1:1, “In the beginning God. . .  .”

2.  YEHOVAH—The  word that occurs 6,467 times meaning “I am Who I am.” Eg. As in Exo. 3:14, God said to Moses, “I am Who I am.”

3.  EL—Meaning “God Almighty” Eg. As in Gen. 17:1, The Lord said, “I am God Almighty.”

4.  ELOAH—Meaning “The True God.” Eg. As in Jer. 10:10, “The

Lord is the true God.”

5.  ELAH—Meaning “The Most High God.” Eg. As in Dan. 4:2.

6.  TSUR—Meaning  “The Rock.” Eg. As in Is. 44:8.

7.  THEOS—Meaning “The Supreme One” or “The Most High”

as in Lk. 1:35.

Names of God

These are few of the 74 names of God in the Bible

1.   JEHOVAH  JIREH—Meaning “The  Lord  will provide” Gen. 22:14.

2.   JEHOVAH  NISSI—Meaning “The Lord  is  my  banner” Ex. 17:15.

3.  JEHOVAH   SHALOM—Meaning  “The  Lord   is   peace” Judg. 6:24.

4.  JEHOVAH   TSEDKANU—Meaning   “The    Lord    our

Righteousness” Jer. 23:6.

5.  JEHOVAH  SHAMMAH—Meaning “The Lord  is  there” Ezek. 48:35.


Revelations of God

These are few of God’s revelations to us

1. He has revealed himself through the creation. Ps. 19:1

2.  He has revealed himself through our conscience. Rom. 1:19; 2:15

3. He has revealed himself through his Word. Rom. 16:25, 26.

4. He has revealed himself through Jesus Christ. Jn. 14:9

5. He has revealed himself through his Spirit. Jn. 16:8, 15.



Characteristics of God

These are few of God’s characteristics

1. God is omnipotent.  Rev. 19:6

2. God is omniscient. Rom. 11:33

3. God is omnipresent. Ps. 139:8

4. God is eternal. Gen. 21:33

5. God is holy.  Ps. 22:3

  6. God is love. 1 Jn. 4:8

7. God is spirit. Jn. 4:24



Personality of God

These are few evidences of God’s personalities

1.   God speaks. Gen. 1:3

2.   God decides. Gen. 1:26

3.   God sees. Gen. 1:31

4.   God rests. Gen. 2:2

5.   God blesses. Gen. 2:3

6.   God breathes. Gen. 2:7

7.   God rebukes. Ps. 2:5

8.   God answers. Jer. 33:3

9.   God plans. Jer. 29:11

10. God hears. Ps. 34:17

11. God knows. Ps. 139:1

12. God remembers. Ps. 103:14



Facts about God

These are few of the 694 facts about God

1. God is our creator. Eccles. 12:1

2. God is our heavenly Father. Mat. 6:1

3. God is not a man. Num. 23:19

4. God does not show favouritism. Acts 10:34

5. God does not change. Mal. 3:6

6. God is perfect. Matt. 5:48

7. God is unique. 2 Chron. 6:14,18



The Fatherhood of God

Jesus addressed to God as Father 176 times. These are some teachings on the Fatherhood of God

1. God is our loving Father. Jn. 17:23, 24

  2. God is our rewarding Father. Mat. 6:4

3. God is our forgiving Father. Matt. 6:14

4. God is our compassionate Father. Ps. 103:13

5. God is our heavenly Father. Mat. 6:9

6. God is our holy Father. Jn. 17:11

7. God is our righteous Father. Jn. 17:25


The earth rotates on its axis at approximately 1000 miles per hour. If that had been hundred miles per hour, our days and nights would be ten times longer, and our planet would ultimately burn and freeze. Under such circumstances  vegetation could not live! If the earth were as small as the moon, the power of gravity would be too weak to retain sufficient atmosphere for man’s  needs; but if it were as large as Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, extreme gravitation would make human movement almost impossible. It is obvious that the Creator has planned this world to suit man’s needs. Viewing God’s works, the Psalmist exclaimed, “In wisdom hast Thou made them all!”

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