Every other day we hear someone, somewhere is persecuted, martyred, humiliated and convicted for being a Christian. I could like to know from you (Christians), why is it so that this happens to us? Is there something wrong in us or in others? If it is in us what are the reasons?

I believe to get some reasonable answers from everyone here. I hope you will give some of your precious time to pinpoint things out.

What do YOU think?



  1. evstevemd says:

    I have subscribed to K.P Yohannan’s Mails and he gives many updates on Gospel progress on India through his ministry Gospel for Asia. He have free books, and I have downloaded and not yet read them. Yes, India need prayer, that the spark that have started will be fueled by God to be a bigger fire
    Check here for books:

    Tit 2:11-12 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live sober

    • It is my utmost desire that that Gospel of Salvation and Grace would reach to every Indian home. Living in a locality in New Delhi, I can hardly see any true Christian here. When I try to speak of Christ, people cut my words with the doctrines of Hinduism saying Jesus Christ may be one of the way for salvation but not the only way. Christianity is considered as a foreign religion. The Gospel is still unknown to billions of people. They even don’t know Jesus Christ. But yes, I rejoice that in some parts to India, the people are hungry for Christ and even people are receiving Christ. I pray that the love of Christ will not grow cold here, but will grow very rapidly. After the persecution in South India, people even fear to openly confess of being Christian. Christ is our Strength; India along with rest of the world will one day proclaim the glory of God. I wait to see that day when every heart will thirst for Christ

  2. Recently the first Sunday of October 2008 I went to a church. In youth meeting a young man born in a Hindu family but later with grace of God came to know Jesus and accepted Him as his personal Saviour and Lord. He started to attend this particular church. In the beginning he explains that everything was amazing and excellent, very clear to him. But as time went on, he stated that He became quite confused with the doctrines followed by this church. In general, this particular church is growing very rapidly earning lost souls to salvation. The question arises here, the pastor of the church as well some other members of the church frequently ask Him to be baptized in water. The problem is that; this individual is now messed up in the norms of the church. Spiritually He is dawning towards the other end because no one is able to answer Him in a right way nor they help him in his prayers to seek the will of God. Everyone is loading their opinions on Him through scriptural text. But no one makes Him understand that it is an ordinance and not a sacrament. One very important thing I will add to this is – why is membership necessary in church, which can be received only after baptism in water? Why is today’s church making baptism a yoke on the heads of believers who are not spiritually matured to handle this situation? Can’t we leave convicting and convincing power to Christ himself to perform, because when our Lord does; he does it in perfection. We can only make them aware, but we have no right to interface between the relationship each one of us personally shares with our saviour.

    In India, you are called converted when you are baptized in water. In many occasion I find that baptism is done in haste, not giving enough time to a person to realize what actually is happening with him or her. These are the people who usually backslide and then return back to their former way of life in other religion. Today persecution in not rising due to the number of person having faith in God and sharing a personal relationship with Christ but due to the number of person converted to the religion ‘Christianity’. As this young man said that now he is only 40% convinced to receive Baptism but to be a member of church he must baptize now without further questions.

    Baptism of water is a sometime done instantly after the person receives Christ in his life and is fully convinced to be baptized and in other case it takes a long time for a person to come up to this decision. I believe we should help the person patiently to understand its meaning and leave that person in the hand of Christ to do the rest. Until the person himself is ready for it. Baptism of water should not be a yoke which is heavy to carry rather it should be the most joyous decision a person had made.

    The glory of the Church is not in the number of people it had baptized in water but in the number of souls saved through the blood of Christ after receiving Him as their Lord and Saviour convinced only by His grace.

  3. For every revolutionary movement to embark on there is always s small spark that starts somewhere in the remotest place. It is somewhat similar to Indian freedom movement from its colonizer or may be of some other countries; but the stories are almost comparable. There is no gain without some loss.

    These days Christians in southern part of India are persecuted, tortured and killed. You can hear this news in almost every house. At this hour, hearts of all Christians every where in the world need to be united to pray for them. Politely, I would like to express some of my personal views. Arguments and comments are welcomed.

    I personally believe that not even a single drop of blood of a faithful Christian goes wasted. The reason is this; every naturally when someone who is entangled in spiritual mess due to religion conflicts, in which he/she tries to find the ultimate way to the True and living God where finally the lost soul can rest in supreme peace; the person feels a door opening when they see the other person suffering and yet holding on their faith to the God they believe. For someone particularly country like in India where you can find billions of god and goddesses it becomes every difficult for a person to come out of these chaos. Even though, if a man fulfils all his earthly desires, still there is always a gap or hole in the heart which only God can fill. We all need God; the only difference is that some realises it and some don’t. It is difficult to spread the the Gospel of God or even to say Who Jesus is to those who don’t know Him. But fortunately when something like this happens automatically people want to know who is the One they believe and are even ready to die in His name. Many people are witnesses that during persecutions of Christians some other people turn to Christ. God raises great messengers after this. We know how Apostle Paul came to Christ after persecuting Christians himself. I think whatever is happening is a plan of God; He had ignited the fire of Truth, which will gradually spread everywhere. I’m praying that many hearts will turn to Christ for salvation. If everything is going normally no one cares, but when a change occurs everyone is attracted. If I’m not wrong even Christians who are spiritually sleeping; wakes up when they hear what is going on with their brothers and sisters in Christ. At least, they get a reason to speak of Christ. Thousands of Christians are born when one Christian is martyred.

    Of total Christians in India almost 70% of them are Roman Catholic, of which almost 85-90 percent Catholic are in Southern India where persecution in going on, churches are demolished etc. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I don’t think the way Roman Catholic worship the idols of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and other saints are right. We should worship our God in spirit. These idols always become a barrier between us and Our Heavenly Father. I see in myself the difference between the relationship with Christ when I had picture of Christ and now when I had thrown it away. It’s completely a new and greater joy. In addition to this, idols worship and worshiping other than Our Heavenly Father is Biblically wrong. The veil was long ago torn apart which divided us from Holy of Holies. I believe it is God’s desire that Roman Catholic who are being persecuted in India will know to worship God in Spirit leaving the idols which they worship in Churches and in their homes. It is a time for awakening of their souls also. In this ways both the believer and unbeliever will know the Truth which is in Christ.

    I will like to request you to please give a minute of your time to prayer for those who are being persecuted that they will be delivered as well they will grow in faith for Christ in spirit, and also for those who are persecuting so that God will forgive their sins; but infact He will raise them to be messengers of Salvation through Christ. Our God does not rejoice when He sees the lost. He loves us equally and desires all of us to come to Him for eternity.

  4. India had lost it identity has a secular country. Communal harmony have no meaning. I just wonder at the sight of devastation going on. On 13th September there had been major serial bomb attacks in three states of India including New Delhi. Islamic jihads are spreading its wings of terror all over the country and on the other hand Hindu activist are pouncing upon innocent Christians. I can’t explain this situation. Something is really going wrong. But I pray God will use it to mould it in a right way.

    Hindu leaders are horrified by seeing the rapidity of growing Christianity mostly through Hindus conversion. Political leaders are playing a big game in the name of religion to gain votes of majority during coming elections. Situations are so tense here.

    I have often heard a very common question in India i.e. “How much did they pay you to become Christian?” Generally unbelievers think that conversion to Christianity means money. I wonder upto what degree it is right? Well, all we can do now is, pray for the Christians suffering in India and in the other parts of world. All I can do is to Hope that someday God will send someone with the leadership of Moses and courage like Apostle Paul to change the form of society. Nevertheless in Unity is Strength.

  5. Before the army of one kingdom is ready to capture the other neighbouring kingdom. The army ready to conquer should be in complete unity with one another, with good understanding among themselves, full devotion, a burning zeal to win no matter how much they have to struggle, every soldier though of what ever age group or knowledge should give their full support, if there is even a little misunderstanding, lack of unity or self centeredness then the mission is sure to fail because the opponent kingdom will try to find out these weakness to use it as a weapon against them. You should never consider your enemy to be weaker than you. In unity of mind, heart and soul is the strength of a person. So, likewise without the unity among Christians themselves, they cannot win the battle in which they have to spread the Gospel of God throughout the world. You know your mission but you don’t have a proper plan to carry it out. If you make a small mistake your enemy will pounce upon you and you won’t be able to do anything as your companions are not with you to help you out, they see you but will never lend a helping hand for they are bounded with the things that give joys to their flesh, they have become like a statue that is there but still is not because the spirit inside them had died. This is the reason why Christians missionaries are persecuted throughout the world.

    You cannot win the battle alone. Wake up your friends for they have fallen asleep.
    Togetherly you can blow the trumpet for on you side is the Only True Living God, who have the courage to come against you.

    • IneedJesusso says:

      Well where do I start you have made a lot of points here. The fact is this world has been corrupted and it is a difficult and terrible place to live in at times. I am in no way disputing what is plain to see. We must not however under estimate what the power of God can do. It is true, humble servants of God are at times persecuted and yes some do die. It is impossible for us to know all the particulars of each case only God knows some things, I am greatful for those lives though and thank God for them. Spreading the word of God is our mission. Our Christian fight is not one of the flesh and blood, it is a spiritual battle. Ephesians 6:10-14. When I was reading your writing you made me think of some missionaries I had heard about that were martyred, they died horrible murderous deaths. Yet from this terrible darkness great light and many conversions came. I am recounting a particular event that my sister knows of personally through her mission work. This great light came in a time of extreme sadness. The Christian families (whose loved ones died) in fact showed such gentleness and forgiveness on the death of their loved ones. It impressed the local people from the area where the missionaries had been working. In that loving forgiveness and gentleness, the light of Christ shone so very brightly, many so impressed converted to become Christian. They were brought to conversion because of what they had seen in these people. This is spoken of in the Bible in Matt 5:13-16 John 12:35-36, 2cor4:6. We also know from the Bible that evil has no power over our God and many dark situations are through the grace of God transformed to make way for new light. Many, many testimonies on this site alone are proof of that. Look at how many speak of the great grace and forgiveness of God and how God has pulled many from darkness and despair into the light. How great a testimony is the life of Paul (Acts9:1-31), How gracious is our God that a man with so much blood on his hands could go on to become such a great servant of God having been transformed from darkness into light. God is the same yesterday, today and forever and despite the terrible times in which we live, the same rules still remain and we are to live in this world as harmless as doves but strong in the spirit. It is very difficult but through Christ our path is clear. We must hold fast to our saviour Jesus Christ whose light sustains us and as Christians we can get through everything with that, we must not let fear have a foothold. I have myself been through difficult times, as do many, yet Christ remained all throughout; he was and is there for us at every moment. We just need to keep close to our saviour Jesus Christ with promise of eternal life. I am not perfect by any standard; I must though strive to be like my saviour. I was born a lone Christian in my family and it hasn’t always been easy but my family placement is what God wanted. He put us in places of his choosing for his purpose. We as Christians are to bring the truth and light of Christ to others placed around us, so as to help them to know. To know of Christ and his free gift of salvation, because God loves them. Across time I have seen some people around me come to Christ through prayer and witness. It has been slow progress but one saved soul even is a great triumph, we must keep going. My greatest happiness was seeing my Mother accept Christ. Little by little she came to love Christ until she came fully to ask him into her life. She died a few weeks later. I had great peace when she died because I knew in my heart she went on to be with The Lord. In fact she indicated to me that she knew she has to leave this world without grudge or malice to anyone or something to that effect. In her last days she was drifting in and out of consciousness and at one point she was speaking like she was talking with Christ in here room, she even spoke the name of Christ several times in the conversation, completely unaware that we were there. She knew where she was going. I thank God we had time to speak of the free gift of Christ in her lifetime and I am honoured and privileged to be like it describes in the bible, to be like a lamb amongst wolves. In fact Jesus told his disciples that this is what it would be like. I often feel inadequate and I am at times daunted by this and I most definitely have felt as vulnerable as a lamb sometimes, but I just can’t bear the thought that if I don’t then those around me could end up in hell for all eternity. So however much at times this place does feel like hell I always remind myself it’s not, and if I don’t get witnessing, people I know and love will experience hell for all eternity. I in an ideal world would love to go shut myself off long term and be only in the company of other Disciples of Christ in a sort of heaven on earth, but this is not possible for every Christian or even particularly realistic and frankly I am not even sure if it would be Gods will anyhow. I am not in that sentence criticizing Christian communities out there as I know most endeavour to do the work Christ puts before them. I am speaking more of how at times I just wish I could shut away from all the evil of this world. Fellowship is wonderful and my soul loves it. But not everyone in this world is lucky enough to be surrounded by fellow Christians. I myself used to ponder on Gods plan and what my part in the world was. For years I used to think to myself why me? Why me? Why was I sent amongst these people? People who just don’t understand the love and beauty of God. Who mock me, and think I am nuts. I am a Jesus freak in the eyes of some, my family especially. They just keep ignoring the inevitable question of where do we go when this life is all done. Your writing made me think about all this and I am thinking that where ever we are in this world and however hard it can be we must be truly grateful for such opportunity to be like lambs amongst wolves. Those first chosen disciples were encouraged to just get out there and at times put themselves in difficult or even treacherous situations in order that others may be saved. Great numbers of people in the world across time came to know and accept Christ because of this and because of what Christ did for us. No man on this earth could suffer as much as Christ did for us. When life gets me down I read mark 15/16 and remind myself how Christ suffered so as we may have eternal life. It is all a part of Gods plan, his big picture. And each and every Christian has his or her part to play however small that may seem at the time.

      On your point about fractions and quarrels between Christians I do agree with you, more unity amongst the Christian church would be good, but yet again the bible spoke of that too. I am thinking of Paul here of 1 Corinthians 3.The bible spoke also of false prophets and how in these days the very elect if that is possible could be deceived. The fact is we are in times where as I previously mentioned the evil one is trying to wreak chaos everywhere. He tries to divide and conquer; he tries to send in his false prophets too with signs and supposed miracles that we may be tricked. It is complicated and not without pitfalls. And this whole thing of divisions amongst Christians is a whole other debate in itself. Perhaps we should talk and think about that also. Think about this as a subject in itself. Why is the Christian world divided? Is it divided? But for the moment I say keep calm about it all dear souls as I try to do, and keep that light of Christ held close, it is a gift and treasure to us of a different kind, a pearl of wisdom more precious than any earthly promise or treasure. We were never promised treasures on this earth or that we would not suffer, but what we were promised is the biggest and greatest gift of all, Matthew 13:44. The gift of salvation that one day when all this is over we may live eternally with our beautiful creator in Heaven. Thank you so much for your very interesting discussion it gives us a moment to evaluate all that is going on and where we as Christians stand.

      • Thank you so much for this comment. I appreciate you. It gives direction towards the great light. I never mean to say all the Christian people in my comments. Its just a common noun to address. No one can be perfect, but we can strive to be because Christ Jesus has made us His own. Like not all the finger in our hand are same so neither can all the people be same but still they are binded as one. We have different talents, different thoughts, different believe, different culture or lifestyle and many more different things yet we can be one in Him.

        We are towards the end of time. I can’t explain but I feel like a great power or say great change is going to come within this few years which will turn the course of history. I’m obviously not prophesying because it is already written and not a word can be added to it. God is really on work. It is due to Him that you and me exists and came in contact. He is preapring a great army to proclaim His gospel throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. And those who were not His people He will call ‘His people’ and her who was not beloved He will called ‘beloved’. And in the very place where it is said to them ‘You are not His people’ there they will be called ‘sons of the living God’. And those who have never been told of Him will see, and those who never heard will understand. The time is coming to gather all nations and tongues. And they shall come and shall see His glory and He will set a sign among them. So there will be one flock and one shepherd. The first will be last and the last first. For all who have sinned without the law will also perish without the law, and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law. The righteous shall come out on top and the wicked shall perish! Surely He is coming soon.

  6. Thank you so much for your comments here. Really we need to discuss these things.

    I belong from a typical orthodox Hindu family. So I would like to share some of the weaknesses that we have. The heart of India or any other major developing countries lies in villages. I remember when I was upto 14 years at means around 2001, everything in villages or in metros were different. There was a kind of decency, like Brother Michael had stated, you would not find anything absurd. But within these 7 years, India in the name of development had been corrupted a lot. Money is all that matters. Rightly, bollywood had become the root cause of this, in addition to that are the Hindus who want to place themselves above others calling themselves Guru’s or like wise by many other names live a life for money, pride, and lust but act like saints. They are decepting the thirsting Hindu people who in want of Divine Intervention go to them, but return more immoral in whose mind the same thing as the Guru’s are filled. After coming back in society they misguide the people, turning their devotion for Hindu gods as a weapon to demolish other religion. It is because they don’t want to loose their importance among the people, even polities plays a major part in it. Slowly during these years, Indian metros are almost corrupted, it is difficult to find a single good ethical family. Swiftly these things are reaching in Indian villages from where every Indian instinct lies. Now Hindus are not like before they used to be, say like of tolerant nature. The problem is that they are not even guilty for what they do, as they try to somehow compare their deeds with their Vedic words. Indians have a strange habit, like if there is nothing in a place and a person goes there saying this is a holy place, slowly one by one everyone will be curious thinking what is there, then someone will create a story which everybody will believe so this is how they are lost. I’ve seen and heard of these kinds of things myself. Every time in Indian news you will find someone claiming of heavenly anointing on them. Some people consider it nonsense and other take it seriously. Life is completely messed up. I feel India is in strong hold of demonic power. I pray God will come at the right time to rescue before it is completely finished.

    The problem I had shared in the earlier comment is that somehow every choas is created by Indians in India itself but they give all its bad credit to westerners, saying that it is all because of western influence as Indian are trying to copy western life style and culture. The metros are accepting it gladly but the orthodox Indian is taking it as an effect of Christian world. You know these teachers of law need some excuses all the time to blame others to keep themselves untouched with they called immoral as well putting this seed in the innocent minds of people. I don’t understand this idol worship at all. It very funny that Hindus will make statue of god and goddesses themselves, pray to it during the festive days and after that dump it in the dirtiest of places with broken parts. Everyone will treat it as rubbish. They don’t know what they are doing and what they get from it but they do because it is called a ritual, very important to follow! Well we cannot aspect anything good from them because they pray to idols in which there is no life. But what will you say about Christians you know and pray the True Living God yet live in darkness?

    I really want a change in this world of today not in India or eastern counties only but in the west too. Hearts need to be united. Hand in hand east and west have to walk. Afterall we all came to this world from the same place. Our instincts started from the same man and woman. We are away from our eternal home, learning the difference between right and down, shaping ourselves for the place that will take us either from where we came or to the place where we will be forever separated from the one to whom we belong. The Truth have to be proclaimed, for how long this world will not see the eternal light which came but still lies behind the dark veils of mind, overshadowed in the name of culture, corrupted in the name of religion. Why we fight saying this right and that is wrong, why can’t we see the light that beholds. I wonder how it would be hurting, who made all this world for peace and love but have to see it going towards the end of pit filled with misery and hatred. I wish I could make a change.

  7. IneedJesusso says:

    Anurekha, thank you for your comments it is always best to discuss these things so as to get to the truth. Michael has made some fair comments here that really do require some thought. It is especially important to remember that many in the western world are not in fact Christian. It is unfair to look at the western world as a whole and label all as wayward Christians. Likewise western culture is not a representation of Christianity at all and has in fact more to do with satan than God. I am talking of such things as television, films, music and fashion. And like Michael points out these things do exist in India also. We are in times now where satan is wreaking great havoc in this world in order that many may fall away by the way side. It is especially important not to be drawn away from what is the truth though. Many, many good Christians are still out there and spend much time trying to help others to know of the free gift of salvation. It is for those who know and love Christ to really pray to be as beacons of light. From which the light of Christ shines through. It is important we stay as close as possible to God through prayer and heartfelt repentance, so that others will see the way the truth and life that is Christ our saviour. The Bible warns of these times and tells us narrow is the way to heaven and wide is the way to destruction. Luke 13:24 Matthew 7:14. I also myself am reflecting and praying in regards to II Thessalonians 2:3 where Paul talks about the falling away of man. Could we be in fact in the times where Satan is already trying to both infiltrate what belongs to God? in order to attempt to destroy and lead to an eventual falling away of man. It is important we look at these things in the light of scripture and make sure we cling to our saviour along the way, and not be pulled along by bad examples in any walk of life or distracted from the truth that is Christ Jesus. Both yourself and Michael have made some interesting observations and I myself am by no means an expert on scripture, but let us folks look at things in the light of Scripture. All these things we know have been predicted in the Bible. Divisions in churches as you speak of Anurekha are just a part of the attack Satan makes on God’s people. It is important to look at this in its true light so as to avoid the divide and conquer techniques of satan. The perils are endless, satan lays traps at every turn, false prophets, spiritual attacks, lies, temptation, and false doctrines that denies Christ or in some way attempts to distort what is Christ through lies. It’s all there in the world. The truth however is still the truth and if we stick close to Gods word (the bible), Christ will lead us to our real home in heaven one day all in Gods time. We as Christians are aware of Matthew 25:1-13 and our need to be ready to one day face our lord. All of todays issues need to be addressed and discussed without fear as a part of that preparation. I hope I am not coming across as offensive or patronising. I just want to discuss these things and bring the works of darkness that you have brought up for discussion into the light. In the light of scripture we can really get to the truth. I welcome any further discussion as Like I have said I am no expert. I just want to stick close to Christ and be able to discern the truth. May God bless you Anurekha and I thank you for bringing such interesting and relevant aspects of today’s life, to our hearts and minds for discussion. Discussion such as this can be very productive and much can be accomplished if we are not easily offended.

  8. I’m not able to put a comment on Brother Michael’s Blog – Hindu Atrocities against Christians in India. So I’m writing it here as it will serve to both the purpose of Brother Michael’s Blog as well to this forum of ‘Conviction that can change the world.’

    I would like to share some of my own experiences regarding this point. Please, I’m not trying to offend anyone here, but in fact you will find some answers that we often unconsciously ask ourselves.

    As I was born in Hindu family, my childhood was very different from others, spiritually I was leading ahead of people around me, the main reason of this was first of all, God by my nature made me curious about this around me and I had an inborn zeal to know God in His divinity because deep inside me I knew I was made through Him and for Him alone. I had a habit of asking what, why, where, when and how? It’s not that I ask these question become I’m completely blind regarding the topic, but rather because I know I have an answer to these things not clearly and neither so dimly. I always want to have other person opinion. I believe in God, who is my Saviour my Jesus, and also I know in Him alone is all wisdom, so firstly I ask my questions to Him, when I feel I’ve got something I try to test it, because as Bible says we must test everything, get confirmation of that then only believe it.

    The story starts like this, after getting married my parents who belong from Bihar state of India which is almost dominated by Hindus shifted to Nagaland (a state in northern eastern part of India) which in contrast is dominated by Christians. I was born and raised in Nagaland. My father is a teacher in State Government High School. During 1985, Nagaland was a young state, towns and villages were very far from each other and it was thinly populated. When he was posted in a school in a remote area, the village consisted of only few houses and a high school. My father brought us to this place and we grew up here, not only we were growing even the village was fastly getting populated. When I was around 4 or 5 years old, I remember my father telling me about good things of the place, especially the Church in the village would become a topic and he loved saying Christians are good fellows, humble and honest in their heart. He liked that we were brought up in an environment filled with the presence of God. I know they believed in Christ. As I grew up I saw books in my house with the Gospel of God. Both my father and mother loved to be in company of these good people. Well, it was my father’s desire that I would study in the newly opened Catholic School in the village. My father for the first time along with my younger brother brought the New Testament of Bible for me and the other for the whole family. I was so excited. They had no problem when my elder sister used to go to Church on Sundays or even when she would participate in Church programs. In fact they would encourage me to go with them. My mother would say that Jesus is only the true God. When my mother or anyone in the family would be sick she used to call people from Church or even Catholic nuns to pray for us. Life was so beautiful then. In midst of many struggle we silently rejoiced in the presence of God.

    Years were passing and so we were growing along with the whole small village to a big one. Not in a difference of 9 -10 years, we found everything around us was changed, along with the people. Now there was 3 Churches in the village. Clashes started among the churches itself, there was lot of comparisons. One church would say we are doing the right thing and the other would then speak in turn. Problems started to increase, my parents also started to worry as to which Church we should relate to. There were lots of confusion. Even the people who were once honest, now seemed to be deceitful, we felt the division in Church was turning very bitter. It was pathetic to see the condition of people around us. By this time my parents were slowly become strict towards us, now they don’t want us to either go to the Church or even freely mingle with people. The reasons were like these. Christians around us started to live two faced life, in one they will show they are very good and humble, would speak sweet things, would show as though they were always ready to help us but on the other side they had all the weakness, I don’t say that as Christian people don’t have weaknesses but I’m particularly speaking in terms of complete ignorance of presence of the Holy Spirit in our life. Since my father was a teacher, our family always placed a big role in the village; we had seen the village from the time it was just born. We knew almost every person by name and all about their background. I can’t explain to you of what the mess it was by the time I was 14 years. The church became a place for dating and all other immoral activities among the young as well the old. Girls younger than me were pregnant, I still feel like shocked when I recall the times, as whenever I would return from my boarding school (since my parents thought it was not good to grow in the community like this any further) I would find that one after the another girl at such a tender age of 12 -16 were becoming mothers. It was like a nightmare to find that almost everyone though it be young or old, girl or boy would drink and speak all dirty languages. I can’t explain it any further. Well, I have not written this to condemn them but to show you the direct effect it played on my parents mind. We all are humans, so we have the tendency to believe what we see rather than what it actually is. Like my parents saw that every one around us were Christians and now what a sinful life they lived. They started to compare it to their religion Hinduism and the culture of their people. You have to agree with this point that Hindus in general mostly live a very reserved life. They have some rules in which the society is bounded. So, you can find less sexually immoral people and very less drunkard or even people don’t use very slang language. There is a parameter for everything in typical Hindu family. Also you cant argue that in today’s society Christians in general (top view) as seen by other religion lives a very complicated life as the maximum number of unwanted pregnancy, divorces, extra-marital affairs, and in addition to that people in western countries don’t share a close family ties. Everyone lives their own life. In India, when you wear something revelling they will call it western wear. If you have affair before marriage, they will call it western culture etc etc. So in India western culture is referred to as Christian culture. So, they think Christianity is not good. They are blind because they can’t see Christ. They see Christians and not Christ. Like you see Hindu and not Rama (although it’s a bad comparision, on my part).

    Hinduism is of course a tolerant religion. My parents prayed to Christ like they pray to others. They are ready to accept Christ but not Christians. I remember my parents, rebuking me when I had completely turned to Christ living behind all the bondages of Hinduism. My parents thought I would become like one of the person in the village where we grew up. They didn’t see Christ working in me but they saw what happened earlier.

    In India, the word religion is also called politics. Since there are many religions in India, so politicians often try to bring religion when they want some thing what they desire. India had made religion a weakness point in which there is the strength of political leaders. But if you take Hinduism removing politics then you will find that they don’t want to accept Christianity because they fear by seeing the condition of western Christian dominated society.

    I think it is better to remove the word Christianity and replace it with ‘Believers of Christ’. Stop everyone who calls themselves proudly as Christian and yet live an immoral life. Christianity is a not a religion it’s a relationship with Christ. Don’t make a mockery of the Holy and Glories name of Jesus Christ. When you call yourself Christian and yet not live a humble life, then not only you doom your own eternal life but also you put a bad impression of the word Christianity to others who don’t know Christ.

    Sorry if I made some citation that hurted you.

    • Thanks for your comment here. I think it will be very enlightening for many.

      I remember when visiting India first of all in 1999 and comparing it to the last time I was there, in 2007. I was very impressed by the family values when I first went there. There were no sexy pictures around on the billboards and it seems that divorce was very rare in society. Its a bit different now.

      Things were on a downward trend though, and I credit this mostly to the influence of cable television and the movies. There was some western influence, but it was mostly Indian made stuff – they were always pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable in Indian culture. Indian culture is still more conservative than the west, but it is on a downhill slope. Bollywood has a big part to play it all – the whole source of corruption seems to be out of Mumbai.

      I remember hearing some young Mumbai radio commentator openly advocating loose sexual standards on a public program. Similar ideas were being promoted in the newspapers by certain fading actresses. All this has nothing to do with Christianity – certainly nothing to do with following Jesus. It has to do with the global pop/pagan culture which has its Indian form also.

      The people who are running TV and the movies in India generally all have their ganesha idols and what have you in their offices, and do poojas regularly. They are motivated by money and personal power. It is not right to blame Christians primarily for the decay in Indian family values. Nor is it intelligent or just to equate Christian culture with western culture. Western culture is now pagan. Yes, some nominal Christians have succumbed to the temptations put out their in the world that appeal to their own fallen nature. The only faith that is real is one where the Living Jesus Christ comes in and purifies us from the wickedness in our own hearts. We are dependent on Him. We need to give place to the Holy Spirit daily – otherwise we too could succumb to the evil of the world in its various forms. We CAN have an influence on whatever culture we live for good, principally by praying down the presence of God on the whole place, and speaking the truth in Love.

      The things going on in Orissa and certain others states have gone beyond a state of intellectual disagreement. Extreme Hindus are now practicing arson, rape, murder and injustice of the first order. I doubt they are following the principles of their own Scriptures in the Vedas here – though I don’t know enough to say. But somehow the spirits of darkness within them are enraged about the spread of the gospel. The people they are attacking are generally good, quiet, holy people who want them to come to salvation.

  9. IneedJesusso says:

    We Christians are like tourists here, strangers even, and are only here because God wants us to do His will whilst we are on this Earth. To be beacon’s of light to others. God wants us to help others find salvation too. He loves everyone and wants all to come to know of the free gift of salvation through taking Jesus Christ into our lives and hearts as our Lord and master. (Presuming you have done that and been water baptised).We belong to a different kingdom not this one. The evil in this world recognises the goodness of Christ in Christians and hates it and wishes to destroy the Good work that God has as part of his plan for our lives. Jesus is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings and the evil one has no power over Him. He tries to knock us off of Gods path and halt Gods beautiful plan. But God only allows these things so as we can conquer and become better for it. I was bullied all through my childhood and in some of my work places. Now I know why. The evil one knew I was going to be a Christian one day because I was looking for God as a very small child. I remember hearing a bible story as a very small child and knowing Jesus was all beautiful. Without even knowing it at the time a seed was put in my heart. That seed grew and saw me through all sorts of pain and deceit that the evil one had laid as traps. In fact I am grateful for any suffering that occurred to me. Because now my heart knows how others in that same situation feel and it has made me so much more caring for others in difficult times. It is also through the rough times combined with the love and grace of God that I have learnt the valuable tool of forgivness also. I am only sorry for any sin of mine along the way that has hurt our Father in Heaven and his beautiful son. He is so gracious he turns darkness into light. My darkness has been through almighty God transformed, to bring light forward. Through my past hurts I can feel for others in like situations and help others to reach out for Christ. I thank our Lord for allowing my heart to feel these things for my greater good. In regards to your statement is something wrong with me, well I will say no something is actually completely right with you. You see when you ask Christ into your heart and life he lives in you and with each day of your life that passes he works to refine you and to make you more like Him. He takes away our sins and makes us new through his grace and goodness so holy. He paid for our sins on the cross. Here is some scripture that verifies what I have stated in a brief form. Romans 8:17, 1 Thessalonians 2:2, 1Peter 2:19, 1Peter 3:17, 1Peter5:10, 1 Peter 4:4 , 1Corinthians 15:3, read especially1 Peter1through to 1Peter23. Ask the Lord to open your heart to know all these things through his word. He will, it will help you not to feel alienated but instead feel truely, truely blessed. It is also a good thing to have friends that are desciples of Christ also. We can help and pray for each other together to get us through these things. We can pray for others too, that they too will seek and find eternal salvation through Christ Jesus. It is such a wonderful gift to mankind that we need share this with all. The more light that comes into this wicked world the better for all. Thank you for giving me the chance to speak of such things.

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