Conservative Anglican bishops boycott compromising Archbishop of Canterbury’s conference

I refer to this article which informs us that a signficant number of Anglican bishops are boycotting the Lambeth conference, which is a conference of bishops called by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is traditionally regarded as the leader of the Anglican communion. But that tradition is about to go out the window, at least for those conservative Anglican leaders who take the Bible seriously on the issue of sexual purity.

The current archbishop of Canterbury is a man who it seems won’t take a stand for or against homosexual practices. A diplomat and politician, he wants to placate everyone regardless of their views on this teaching. Thankfully, there are Bible believing Anglicans around still, who are not going to accept such a man’s leadership. True Christianity does not find its strength in men, but in a Holy God. And just as in the days of Joshua, one man’s sin could cause the people of God to fall before their enemies, so today, remaining united with unrepentant sexual perverts will make the Anglican church lose its saltiness, and to be fit for nothing except to be trampled underfoot by men. It seems though, that many Anglican leaders have taken courage and are saying, “Enough is enough”. Praise God for that.

There are many issues which threaten to divide God’s church. But on issues like this, I think its best to separate. Liberal churches have been dying everywhere for the last 100 years, victims of their own unbelief. Proponents of homosexual practices within the church like to talk about “love and inclusion” as if the God who destroyed the peoples of the world by means of a universal flood, sparing just one family, is really going to give up his standards so that he can include everyone into His Family and Kingdom who want to follow their own perverted and unnatural lusts. It is a sad mistake.

It is our role as Christians to be kind and respectful of homosexual people, and any other kind of sinner, knowing that we ourselves have been saved from sins worthy of death. We are certainly NOT called to be violent towards homosexual people. Let no one interpret me incorrectly. We should not hate homosexual people, or anyone else who rejects God’s Word. Actually, we should love them enough to try to help them to escape God’s wrath. But we can and should hate the sins God hates. It is God alone who has the right to punish mankind for their sins. God only punishes after some time. He gives people an opportunity to repent. But God WILL ultimately punish unrepentant sinners, whether they are homosexual or heterosexual. Even if the whole world unites in favor of sin, God will still not accept it. We are talking about a God who let an entire generation of the whole nation of Israel die in the wilderness for their unbelief, sparing only two men who were spared because of their faith.

Cultural attitudes towards various forms of sin may change, but God will always remain opposed to that which opposes His Word.

Let us remember though, that whatever rebellion may exist in the nature and heart of man, for whatever reason, God has provided a remedy through the cross. Jesus took all the evil and rebellion upon Himself so that we might be free from it, and begin to live in God’s light and favor, by the power of His Spirit and in His full and free forgiveness. Only let us not deceive ourselves that we can receive forgiveness while we wilfully treasure any kind of sin and iniquity.

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  1. Max Hudson says:

    I am a young christian in need of help because I feel I am slowly losing faith as I gow older…….
    The main reason for this is because a suffering of innocents. All around I see young innocent children dying and who are in a great deal of pain… (please do not take any offence from this because I am a Christian also..) I think to myself, how can an all beneolent and all powerful God allow this to happen? They have not sinned in any obvious way and they are as much a living loving human being as any of us, so how can this happen?
    Even if it is said that freewill prevents God from interfering that would make him not omnipotent……
    All thoughts and ideas/help would be very greatly appreciated..
    Many thanks

    • michaelaus says:

      The best answers to questions are found in the bible.
      For instance
      Look at the flood and Noah Gen 6

      God was angry because of the sinfulness of people so He wiped out the entire world except Noah and family.

      Women children the lot. No one was spared.

      When we see people suffering we can know that God allows suffering to remind people that they are mortal and bring them to repentance

      Not a complete answer but if you start to look at it as Gods way of getting our attension then it is more understandable

  2. This issue has been causing division within the church for many years now.
    It seems that under the leadership of Rev Rowan Williams, things are about to come to a head.

    It is no surprise but very unfortunate for the many Anglican ministers who know this to be a wrong step and are going to be forced to disassociate themselves from it.

    The extent of the increasingly liberal attitudes of the visible church can be seen from the recent charge of “Hate crime” brought against a minister in Canada.

    Christians are labled as intolerant and narrow minded because we are holding on to the truth of the Gospel in a world who’s mantra is “anything goes”

    The Bible does instruct us to “come out” of anything unclean and Im sure that there are many true fellowships who will welcome those who feel that they simply cannot continue to support a church organisation that is so blatently going astray.

    God bless,


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