Church wake up, rise, be bold and stand up against those who oppress the poor!

OK this is the reality folks. I don’t mind sharing about my life which is no longer just a personal matter but a matter of survival. I am moving out of Cambridge UK as I cannot afford to live there, although I may be exempt from paying the bedroom tax, (through disability) I believe there is a limit to discretionary payments and many who need that support will not get it. The reality is AFTER paying all my standard utility bills which by the way is a joke, for example the electric company EON wanted £91 a month for electric (do not have a tumble dryer or electric cooker) and that is a whole week of my benefit leaving me with nothing to live on, as one example. After paying bills, I have £40 for food, no money for clothing, bus fares, fuel, or even toiletries. I was told if I were to pay bedroom tax it would come out of my benefit leaving me with just over £26 for food and possibly a bar of soap. As benefits freeze and prices rise, I will not be able to keep my heating on, and I am riddled with health problems, will not be able to eat properly or in a healthy way, so more health problems, this will cost more money in the NHS in the future. How a government can squeeze the poor and sick like this is beyond belief, its inhumane. Everyone has the right to the basics in life, that is food and warmth, and clothing. Its almost like a regime where only the fittest will survive and lets just trample on those who have not got much or are sick and get rid of them from our society. Does this remind you of someone who wanted a pure race? If I could work I would, I am not a lazy person, just a person who is in daily pain and now even the benefits that I get for being sick are also under threat, removing from my life the only thing I depend on, my motability car, which is my legs. As a volunteer I have in my illness help support many marginalized people, so I am no scrounger or layabout. Society as a whole needs to stop judging people who are on benefits and start thinking about the government they support in how they treat the most vulnerable, they are the real enemy. Why did people vote in a man who is trampling over those who are unable to do anything. Rather than go hungry people WILL steal food, lie, and find other ways to get money to survive because the system has made it impossible to get out of the poverty trap. I am sure there are some who scam the system, but the majority do not. I am sure many are happy to give up their spare bedroom and give their house to another larger family, but to enforce things in the way that they have is irresponsible and heartless. I am ashamed of this government riding roughshod over decent people. They forced care in the community to come and closed down wards, and the care in the community for most is not there, they closed rehab centers so now addicts are not getting the right support, most are still on a strong opiate drug keeping the drug companies rich and costing the taxpayer millions in health bills, people who are mentally ill and those who have problems are waiting up to a year before getting the help, I know this not just by statistics, but personally with members of my family who needed help and didn’t get it. Stop spending money on warfare and missiles, there’s a thought, let politicians take a drastic cut in pay, most don’t defend the public anyway but just line their pockets, put money into the basics of life and morally get your compass going in the right direction. I will do my best to survive, but at what cost is concerning. Utility companies are making large profit margins, but that is not being passed down to the customer. We are going backwards to the dark ages, I can see me sitting by candlelight with my tin of beans and a duvet for heating around my shoulders, washing my clothes by hand, and having no computer or television because I cant afford to pay for my electric. I don’t smoke, drink, or go out, and even in my illness I am trying to find ways to earn an extra penny or two to help with the bills, HAS ANYBODY GOT A TENT, IT MAY COME TO THAT? In the USA there are tent cities, and this is not just for those who were on the welfare system but families who had jobs, losing their homes because they could no longer afford medical insurance or pay the bills. Maybe the royal family should sell off their assets and the rich consider the poor, come on everyone, what is happening is immoral and inhumane, it is time to take a stand against those who oppress the poor! And for those of you who have plenty of food and money, start a food bank, we are going to need a lot more of those. Oh! by the way, when I had a visit to my home by the council I was told, there are no disabled properties for me to downsize into, there is not enough social housing. WOW! no surprise there then. That’s because through Thatcher everyone was allowed to buy their council homes, that was not a good move. We must get out of this mindset where owing stuff is such a great thing, it isn’t when it comes at a cost to society and those who are left with nothing. Greed is the problem here, and people want, want want, and don’t care any longer for those who don’t have. Even Jesus had no place to rest his head! But he was so rich in other ways, I think those two words are compassion and love.

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