The Fight to Overcome Fear and New Age Deception

He taught me who I am…

The story of a woman’s fight from Fear and the New Age Deception

Before you read through this book, I want you to be aware. Aware that there is a God, aware that he has a son called Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and know that I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord – my Lord and the Lord of all creation.

It sounds pretty serious and exactly what a religious person may say but most of what i’m about to write in this book is supernatural, based on all of the above beliefs.

Angie Whisman – out of witchcraft

Angie Whisman put herself under witchcraft. But she says that if we accept Jesus in our lives we can never go back to those bad activities again. She is a living example for this …

I am 36 years old and because of the miracle working power of Jesus Christ I am saved, santicified and filled with the Holy Ghost. You see I grew up in a Catholic home and continued in such until I was 20 years old, when I became a nun after which time I left the church and became an atheist.

Angie Witbeck – out of occult

Find out how a normal non-believer stumbled and fell into a dark place and was saved from death by our lord Jesus Christ.

Lord please help me to find the words

lord bless me as I write

please listen to me please lord help me to reach someone

please don’t let me die. I was so sure that I would. Maybe I would just end up in a psych ward. But nevertheless life as I new it was over. Nobody believed me. Everyone was convinced that I had lost my mind. I was very close to suicide. My husband had to take a gun out of my hands on two separate occasions.

Spared from Death

My hubby and i were in a coven when we tried to leave my hubby was brutally attacked and maimed in the face it was only christ who kept him alive through many surgeries hes never looked the same but found christ from this experience. they were about to come after me with a gun the next week because i had left high priestess and the day before he was about to shoot me the man who was going to kill me from the coven was arrested the lord spared me again. Had he not been arrested i would have been shot that week for leaving the coven I’m saved now and spirit filled.

Praise Jesus.

Delivered from Occult Oppression

I was baptised a Catholic although as a teenager I wasn’t interested in religion but as a child I had many dreams which were to end up being prophetic messages for my future although at the time they were just dreams, it’s taken me 36 yrs to see the light and hear the truth despite my many supernatural experiences along the way. I tried to see logic in everything and I guess it kept me in bondage for some time. I will write about the experiences that have impacted me the most as there have been too many.

My Experience with a Mystical Priest

David Gray shares his experience with a mystical priest who was channeling a Padre Pio spirit.

In April 2002, my aunt invited me to meet with a mystical Catholic priest from India with whom she had been consulting for help with relationships and other problems. She told me that she believed this priest had some supernatural power to foresee the future and to identify problem areas in people’s lives. I decided to go because I was rather depressed at the time and my faith in Christ was not yet very strong.

Gina – Child of Destiny

Gina was an orphan and was adopted by a couple. But when her mother gave birth to their own children they started to withdraw their love from her. Life started to feel like unbearable and miserable for her…. they took her to a place for ritual sacrifice in exchange for some money.. she shouted to Jesus for the first time in her life …

Freedom from Bondage – Jasmine

“God, how can you allow such horrible things to happen to me? All I wanted… all I wanted was to find you. What did I do wrong? How could you repay my desperate search for you with seven months of living in darkness!” I cried one day most self-righteously when I first discovered that the spirit who spoke to me for the past seven months was but an evil spirit disguised as God to deceive and lead me astray. He was not God at all.

I was born as Singaporean Chinese in the Year 1983, into a Taoist family. I was automatically made me a Taoist by birth.

Son Delivered from Black Magic

My son’s delving into black magic led to a psychosis that would last for two years. The doctor did not know what was wrong with him, said he would never be able to function without medication.

Prayers, support, and ultimately God’s power through a deliverance set him free from the powers of darkness. He is now healthy and well; restored in mind and spirit for over eight years.

Also, I have written a book about it. Visit to see more.

Karen Strand

Delivered from Mormon Deception

Michael, thank you for your insight on whether or not Christians can have demons. I appreciate that there are Christians who will take my experience at face value rather than wondering if I was truly a Christian when this devil entered me. I know there is great controversy on this subject among Christian scholars but for those of us who have experienced deliverance, there is no question as to whether or not a Christian can have a demon.


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