Marriage On The Only Rock

Judy Rousseau shares how God brought her husband back to Himself and to her, thus restoring their marriage.

Healed from Bulimia And Anoxeria

A young lady shares how she was delivered from this problem through the faithfulness of a woman of prayer.

Healed Of Sexual Abuse

A young lady shares how her life was messed up but also the new life and healing from scars she found through Christ.

Sherry Ruddick

This is the story of how Sherry grew up in an abusive dysfunctional family, and got into drugs. But Jesus appeared to her and changed her life, and gave her a wonderful family.

From Atheism to Faith – Justin Combs

The Broken House of the Foolish: A True Story of a Man Who Found God – By Justin Combs


By looking at our surroundings, what do we see? Do we see only what we want to see, or are we able to broaden our perspective and get a greater idea of what is beyond the range of our eyes? Do our pleasures in this life come from what we can touch with our hands, or does it come from the knowledge that we have of what may seem to be beyond this plane of existence? For that matter, what is pleasure?

Freedom from Alcohol, freedom from fear

Freedom From Alcohol. Freedom from Fear.
by Craig Smith
At the age of twenty-three I was riddled with fear and guilt. At that time I was unemployed and a university drop-out. I had no qualifications and no job prospects. I was dependent on alcohol to the extent that I could not function socially without being drunk since I used alcohol to cover up deep feelings of inferiority. Desperate to be accepted due to my poor self-image, I would immediately conform to whatever ideas and behaviour was in vogue amongst my friends.

Verona Rupert – Survival from Abandonment

I don’t have a lot of memories of my early childhood before the age of 5.

My father left when I was 4, my mother raised us on her own until I was 7 and then we moved in with my grandmother. My mother worked fulltime and so did my grandmother so my brother and I had to grow up pretty quick and learn to do things for ourselves. My mother was as active in our lives as she could be when not working.

My grandmother was the second parent we didn’t have. She wasn’t always a very nice lady but she loved us and cared for us. She took us in to her home and helped raise us.

Gina – Child of Destiny

Gina was an orphan and was adopted by a couple. But when her mother gave birth to their own children they started to withdraw their love from her. Life started to feel like unbearable and miserable for her…. they took her to a place for ritual sacrifice in exchange for some money.. she shouted to Jesus for the first time in her life …

His Love Poureth – Vini

Jesus called Vini to experience him at the age of 15, and from then Jesus was with her. When she cried out to Jesus in her depressed situation about her studies and future, Jesus consoled her and blessings started to flow into her life.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

This is a testimony that I should have made years before, but I was an ignorant of the importance of a testimony.

A Challenge to God – Vicki

My name is Vicki, born in Pennsylvania in September, 1968.


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