Toni Sweikert

Finds God’s love and receiving Christ heals the wounds of an abusive past. She talks of an experience with angels.

Greg Deitz

A young man reconciles with his father.

James Baxter

A war veteran testimonies of God’s goodness in his life.

Holly – delivered from suicidal thoughts

Her story of being healed of depression, suicidal tendencies.

Dr Kenneth Holcombe

From constant fear to perfect peace.

Never Forsaken

Ann shares how the Lord comforted and helped her in a severe crisis of being taken to prison for importation of drugs she did not know she was carrying.

Hurt And Depression

Jill tells of coming out of hurt and depression through the love of God.

The Scars Of Abortion

Cristy tell her story of the bondage that abortion brought to her life and her deliverance.

Freed from Paranoid Schizophrenia

Geoff Primanti talks about his healing from mental illness.

Delivered from Gambling Abuse and Addiction

Jenny shares how the Lord worked to deliver her from tormenting difficulties and bondage to gambling.


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