Dream Of Return Of Christ

An Egyptian born lady coming to Christ after dreaming and pondering if there is a God.

Buddhist Monk raised from the Dead

an amazing story and event and testimony of a monk who apparently dies, saw hell, met Jesus and returned to life – which has resulted in the conversion of many in Myanmar – source Asian Minorities Outreach.

Seeing Jesus – Mark Wattenford

Mark Wattenford tells of two near death experiences – including one in which he saw the Lord.

Out of Coma

My name is Eric Salzmann and this is my testimony about how I was Born-Again. On April 23, 1996 when I was 23 years old, I was in a motorcycle accident that caused me to go into a coma for over 3 months. I can remember almost everything that happened to me while I was in the coma. I was out in space, I saw a bunch of people just floating behind 2 Big Doors.

Visions of the World of Spirits received by Sadhu Sundar Singh


The life of Sadhu Sundar Singh was most remarkable in it’s Christ-likeness. He was born amidst the depths of Indian culture and religion, and into a Sikh family. During the early part of his life, Sundar’s mother would take him week by week to sit at the feet of a sadhu, an ascetic holy man, who lived some distance away in the rainforest.

But with the death of his beloved mother when he was only fourteen years old, the young Sundar grew increasingly despairing and aggressive.

Delivered from the Fear of Death

In 1992, I began to get extremely stressed from my job and marriage. I was a Regional Manager for a high tech electronic company with lots of people to manage and offices to run for profit. I began to be anxious about everything especially death. The anxiety grew larger and larger until it began to consume my life. I felt like each day I was going to die. When the sun went down the anxiety intensified. I was divorced in 1993 and this was the final blow in my life. I was out of control drinking and not looking to God for help.

A Vision of Jesus and His Love

I Saw Jesus! – Karen Templin

I had not been to church for many years, but I had been feeling a strong calling from Jesus. I continued reading other people’s testimonies of Him, also the near death experiences of people who had actually gone to Heaven, and met Him. I could feel myself drawing closer to Him.

Sarah, my seven-year, old daughter had met a new friend in school, and her mother had invited us to church. I said, “Yes.” I was willing to do anything that would draw me closer to Him.

I had felt a calling from Jesus.

Seeing the love of Jesus – a Near Death Experience

It was a Wednesday night August 2005 when I was rushed to emergency due to chronic abdominal pain and vomiting thought to be pancreatitis. My bowel had burst, my lungs collapsed and my kidney’s failed. I was wrapped in ice due to my soaring temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and no blood pressure. My body was pumped full of fluid which caused retention and my weight soared from 65-140kg within one week. It literally ripped me apart. The pain was so excruciating that my body started shutting down. I went blind and could not speak.

The exhaustion I felt was tremendous.

Where Shall I Hide –

Neavei Isaac, the author, currently resides in Queensland, Australia. He was born and raised in New Zealand

I want to tell you about the single most important event in my life. In doing so I will have to reveal some things of a personal
nature. I guess almost everyone has things in their personal history which they would rather were otherwise. There is no
profit in dwelling on things which have been cast into the sea of forgetfulness; they are recalled here only to provide some
necessary background.

African sees Jesus and ministers

William heard about Jesus in his childhood from his mother who went through a lot of difficulties and born again and saved. He was only 6 when he accepted Jesus as his savior and now is working for the glory of Jesus Christ. Here it is in his own words.

I have a testimony to share with the world out there and to encourage them to christ jesus.

I was born in family where life was very interesting. when mom was a small girl and before puberty she was raped .


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