Rwandan Sees Heaven

The testimony of Emmanuel, a Rwandan man who died and by an amazing miracle was sent back by God.

From Hell to the Glory of God

Rev. Timothy LaFond shares how as an unbeliever he was electrocuted at work and went to a literal hell. After crying out to God he came back to life, and after some time got saved. He is now a preacher carrying a mighty anointing from God.

To Hell and Back

Could a man see hell and yet come back to tell of it? You judge.

Michael Stein

Michael Stein shares some special experiences with the Lord.

David Smith

David shares how the Lord saved him from death while in a coma, and some things of what he saw and experienced during that time.

Josh Ott

Josh Ott relates how he almost died as a youngster but came back through the faith of his parents and the mercy of God.

Suprised By God

A young Catholic person prays to receive Jesus and has a powerful dream in which Christ is revealed.

My Tango with Death

Mike White shares how he saw heaven and how he came to return after a near fatal bicycle accident.

A Walk with the Angels

Toni Sweikert shares an interesting experience.

Dream Of Return Of Christ

An Egyptian born lady coming to Christ after dreaming and pondering if there is a God.


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