Thousands of Burmese Buddhist Monks Embrace Christianity – Missionaries say

RANGOON, BURMA :– Burma anticipated a nationwide boycott of upcoming Buddhist religious exams Thursday, March 20, amid reports that thousands of Buddhist monks have turned to Christianity.

Some “4,700 Buddhist monks accepted Christ as their [Lord and] Savior,” ahead of Easter said Christian Aid Mission (CAM), a major mission group representing native missionaries in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

Hanson Thomas – a straight Indian customs officer testifies

Hanson Thomas speaks as a customs officer in Mumbai city, India. He talks about how Jesus has been with him even as he has stood for what is right in a job with plenty of temptations to corruption.

Deepak Mahtani – a successful Sindhi businessman comes to Christ

Deepak Mahtani was very successful as an entrepreneur and made it big in Europe. Even today he is a leading London based management consultant. What was it that caused him to believe in Jesus? Find out here.

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Sundar Selvaraj was born on 17 March 1962 into a Catholic family. He has two sisters and a younger brother. When he was about seven years old, his father embraced Hinduism and became a layman priest.

Young Sundar being the first born male child followed his father’s footsteps and became a devout Hindu. He gave himself to the study of mantras and was versed in performing pujas (religious ceremonies). He even carried the kavadi – a form of Hindu penance, for three years. When he was about 16 years old, there arose a question in his heart about karma, life after death and nirvana.

Yun gets a Bible

Brother Yun from China had to fast and pray before God miraculously supplied him with a Bible.

Collection of Testimonies from India

About 15 short testimonies of Indian people from different backgrounds. Hear what miracles the Lord Jesus Christ did for them and how He set them free from religious bondages.

A Brokenhearted Brahmin Girl receives Christ

After being disappointed in love, and having sought comfort in various sins, as well as in Hindu rituals, Saraswathy hears about Jesus and receives a brand new life

Yun Suffers

Tells the story of brother Yun’s arrest in China.

Out Drugs Shame Despair

Dear Brother David,

Greetings from Calcutta .

My name is Shobana. My father is a drunkard, my mother, poor and
humble. My parents have got two daughters only, me and my sister. I
am aged 17. I am studying in the Science group of the +2 class of the
Hindu Higher Secondary School, Calcutta (West). My younger sister is
studying in standard 10th of the same school.

Our whole family believes in Hinduism. My father is an auto-rickshaw
driver, though a drunkard. As he spends all his income for liquor, he
neither helps mother nor supports us in our education.

False Voices

A young lady from Singapore shares how she had a false start in coming to Christ, and was deceived by a voice masquerading as the voice of God. She was later truly saved.


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