Choo Thomas – Heaven is so real

I just finished watching a video of this Choo Thomas talking about “Heaven is so Real”. I am a pentecostal and believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and have witnessed many powerful manifestations of God, but in my view, these revelations are not of God.

Its not that I believe that its impossible for a believer to visit heaven or hell in this life. I believe its happened in some cases and I’ve even helped publicise such accounts.

Choo Thomas of course includes Scripture and gospel truth in her account, and this no doubt will give the message some credibility. But warnings to repent and threats of hell are common to many religious writings. Even the Qu’ran threatens sinners with eternal fire.

Of course it sounds good to tell people to draw near to Jesus and live a pure life – the Bible tells us to do this – but this does not make HER book true. I can create a fiction about spiritual visions with exhortations to repent, and I think I can make it match better to the Word of God than she does, but I fear God too much to do this. Even if you sell a million copies or a zillion copies, even if it becomes a big hit on the charismatic book stands and people get stirred up – if it sows falsehood it doesn’t please God.

The Bible says to “test all things”. Its the teachers and prophets who tell you NOT to test what they are offering who are in contradiction to the Word of God.

I haven’t read the book but the video itself contradicted itself on various points. At one point she is saying that all God’s people will be raptured and at another point that Christians would be left behind and should not take the mark. This is self contradictory. It is also is a false interpretation of the bible – see my article at”
to which no one so far has offered what I consider to be a convincing rebuttal.

However, many teach the pre-tribulational rapture theory including many pentecostals and for this reason some will rush to say that these Choo Thomas revelations are of God. She is just saying what some believers want to hear.

I personally believe this doctrine is dangerous because in fact it is likely to be one of the REASONS for the great falling away. When in the final days faithful Christians realize that the antichrist has come, they must suffer and they have not been raptured (as the Bible teaches will happen), they will cast aside their confidence in the Word of God along with the pre trib theory – not realizing that this pre-trib doctrine is an invention of men.

I took at look at her website – choothomas . com. I quote:

“Heaven is so Real is our Lord Jesus’ end time book. He only used my body to write this book. He wants all believers and unbelievers to read it and prepare for His coming. He said, He is giving people a chance to know what it takes to enter His Kingdom through this book. Remember, none of our salvations are secure until the end. We must do our best while we have a chance.”

She makes out that this book is more relevant than the Book of Revelation. If Jesus is 100% responsible for this book, then it must be as good as Scripture. True prophets of the Lord nowadays don’t say this kind of thing. Sadhu Sundar Singh gave revelations but he acknowledged that they may contain imperfections.

I don’t believe that Jesus wants all people to read her book. I’d say the real Jesus is more interested in everyone getting hold of the Four Gospels and the New Testament for starters. I don’t normally take time to find fault with what others write but since this has become a charismatic bestseller it seems, I believe I should stand up and be counted. Just as the early church, baptized in the Spirit as they were, were vulnerable to deception and quickly lost the true fire of God, so today’s spirit-baptized believers are vulnerable to deception and need to learn to discern truth from error.

And this idea of us all “doing our best while we have the chance” does not sound like Christianity to me – it sounds like self-effort and striving. It is Christ in me who will live and do works pleasing to God – “my best” won’t do it, and no one ever truly and consistently gives their best anyway.

If its true what I have read elsewhere on the net, that David Yonggi Cho has told us not to look at the book theologically but as a valuable experience I say this: Jesus does not reveal false theology. The truth of this revelation stands or falls on the integrity of theology it contains. I say this as a pentecostal believer in the integrity of the Bible.

Dr Yonggi Cho may have a huge church and has been greatly used by God but it doesn’t mean he is infallible at all. A case in point would be his endorsement of Robert Schuller, whose religious humanism parading as a new reformation of the gospel should be clear enough to any biblically literate person. I was in Korea and saw his posters endorsing Schuller. This was in 1992.

I don’t feel the need to buy the book after having seen the video but I take note of what others say about the book. I haven’t bought a copy of the book of Mormon either, but when I was reading it in Korea about 15 years ago I was struck by how consistent much of it seemed to be with the King James Version of the Bible. That didn’t make it right of course. Satan can do a pretty good con job. He is smarter than we are.

Satan has convinced hundreds of millions of people to trust false prophets like Mohammed, Joseph Smith and Sai Baba. These guys all said some plausible sounding things, as does Choo Thomas. But it doesn’t make it true. We may want to believe it, but that doesn’t make it right either.

Another thing: all these strange and bizarre experiences and lack of self-control and bodily weirdness is in my view not something that is consistent with the nature of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives self-control and a sound mind. Just because there is a feeling of power and pleasure does not mean that something is of the Holy Spirit. Hindus also experience that when they get involved with their godmen, yoga and all this. I would recommend the writings of Derek Prince on this. He wrote a great book on the topic of Deception.

I had no spiritual witness whatsoever that these revelations were right. They are also inconsistent with what others have said about heaven and hell who claim to have been there.

Her picture of aborted babies in the warehouse is very different to what others claiming to have seen these aborted babies have seen.

It may be curiosity that drives people to believe in such things. Each time one comes out, it seems that Jesus tells them that they are the Messenger of the Final Warning or whatever before his coming. Jesus doesn’t contradict himself. There can only be one final warning, and only one last trumpet. However he did tell us in Matthew 24 that there would be many false prophets and that they WOULD deceive many. Of that we can be sure. When Jesus prophesies something, he prophesies it correctly.

I’ve read parts of Romanian books where the Christian author claims these out of body heaven experiences and surprise surprise, in these visions and OBEs “Jesus” confirms their bizarre doctrines. One is that if you didn’t have as many children as you possibly could, even as a believer, that the pre-existent souls of the babies you were supposed to have would throw you into hell once you got to heaven. Great.

What this proves is that the devil is well and truly able to give revelations to people according to the false doctrines they believe. He can do it while they are “out of the body” also. These religious spirits come to deceive people who have not learned to divide the word of God correctly, and there is always some spirit to supernaturally confirm some false doctrines. Even the mormons have a burning in the bosom feeling which confirms their false doctrines.

To the Word and to the Testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no light in them! (Isaiah 8:20)

If we do not receive the love of the truth in these last days, God himself will send a spirit of deception against us and we shall surely fall. Be careful. 2 Thessalonians 2:10

On the cover of the video I got (and on her website) it says, “None of our salvations are secure until the end”. However, this contradicts what she claims in the video, where she says that Jesus promises to take her to heaven on the last day. She seems to make herself an exception from the statement on the DVD cover. How could her salvation NOT be secure if Jesus has truly already spoken this word to her? But if that is so, what is on the DVD cover is not right.

Look more carefully and you will see this self-exaltation throughout these revelations. Actually, Jesus doesn’t normally make us look good and feel good about ourselves when we encounter Him in His glory. Look in the Scripture – everyone, even the apostle John, was totally humbled when they actually met the Lord. They weren’t left with the feeling that they were really holy people. Same was true of Daniel, Isaiah and other holy prophets and apostles.

We are safer if we stick to the Word of God and spiritual manifestations that are entirely consistent with the teachings of the Scripture.

I could be wrong about all this but I share what I believe in the hope that it will encourage believers to turn to the Word of God first and not base their hopes on any other writing or teaching. The internet is now full of the writings of self-proclaimed prophets. I was reading one guy today who says he is one of the two witnesses in the book of revelation.

The people I believe to be true prophets today are not infallible but there is something really different about them and it is far more impressive and verifiable than the kind of stuff we read of in Choo Thomas’ writings.

In the meantime, plenty of people are in danger of swallowing error through this kind of thing. Take heed that no one deceive you.

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  1. HI,
    I used to beleive everything I read but now I seem to see so many of these experiences around on the net and each one seems slightly different. I do beleive that God still speaks though prophets but I am having a hard time deciding which ones are true and which ones arent. On the surface, they all seem biblical.
    People all seem to be given details about the rapture and the beast and how many people will be raptured etc. I dont want to be put off prophecy altogether but I am really struggling with it at the moment.
    Right now I am thinking that the only thing I can really beleive in is the bible itself.
    You mentioned that other people had seen aborted babies differently in heaven-do you have any links to these accounts?

  2. You mentioned in the post above about some people you beleive to be true prophets.
    I beleive in the importance of prophecy and I love reading about peoples experiences of heaven. But I am very discouraged at the moment because I think that the Choo Thomas book is dodgy and so now I dont know who to beleive. Some advice from you would be most welcome.

    • No ministry is perfect, and while some ministries are definitely prophetic, they may not qualify for the title “prophet” because I would attach a pretty high standard to that.

      Let me say one thing: I am not ready to base my life on anyone’s prophecy now. Get it from God yourself, prophets may confirm it later. If God quickens a Scripture to you, that would normally be a solid base from which to work. God rewards those who diligently seek Him, not those who diligently seek prophets.

      Most of the people who I consider to be true prophets are not household names.

      Dr Bernard Blessing from Ghana I would say is a true prophet.

      Faylene Sparkes in Australia I believe is a prophetess.

      Shyju Mathew from Kerala definitely has the makings of a being a prophet.

      I have met other Indians who have outstanding prophetic ministries. Some of these guys are nameless to me, yet they have wandered into my life at key moments and given detailed prophetic words that have come to pass.

      I have met little women in Romania whose prophetic ministry was pretty uncanny.

      John Bevere I would call a prophetic teacher. He brings a very important message to the Body of Christ. He has become very well known. The same was true of Derek Prince, who has now gone on to his eternal reward.

      Some ministers have an amazing giftedness such that they can even get names by word of knowledge of people totally unknown to them, but THAT does not mean that the person stays upright all the time in all they do. VERY FEW right now live TOTALLY above reproach. Certainly I am not perfect myself. (By the way, I am certainly NOT a prophet. My wife has that calling though. Last night she had a vision of a meeting in another part of the world that we are connected to and the details were later confirmed).

      • Aloysius Beenu Michael says:

        Dear Mr Michael,

        Praise the Lord. My name is aloysius and i am from india. I want to just link you to the site a ministry started by Dr DGS Dhinakaran who went to be with the LORD on 20 FEb 2008. His son Brother Paul Dhinakaran is now carrying with his work whom the LORD has revealed about his second coming. “The lord told him that we have reached the end of time”. Please do read it and let me know how you feel it. Please mail me at the e mail address [email protected]

        • I know of the ministry of these men of God. I have heard them preach and minister. I know they have walked closely with the Lord and achieved great things for the Lord.

          Obviously we have not yet reached the end of time. Just how close the Second Coming is, we don’t actually know. I GUESS it will be in about 20 years from now, but I don’t know.

          We Christians love to talk about the Second Coming, but there are hundreds of millions of people in your country alone who have NEVER HEARD OF THE FIRST COMING.

          I’m trying to do something about that through television, but until now so few Indian Christians are even awake to the opportunities. So many are thinking instead of how to send their sons for MBAs in the United States.

        • Peter called his generation “the last days”; John called his generation “the last hour” – therefore the entire Church age are the last days.

      • I heard Brother Bernard predict about the US election and it failed. I wouldn’t believe him even if that came to pass. First because it doesn’t upbuild Christ’s body in any way. Second, it is the Word of God and that alone that we should focus on; not sensational prophecies.

        I am reading Choo Thomas’ book and already dropped it down to a vivid/visionary fiction level. will finish to read it to warn my friends who will read it. Sprinkling Scripture verses in a book doesn’t make it Christian or biblical. We should be very careful to swallow every bait we come across. I appreciated some of the comments in this site.



        • Yes, Brother Bernard did err about the US Election, it would seem. We have til January to know for sure. He has made mistakes, but we have seen in some things he can be supernaturally accurate. He does seem to love and glorify Jesus very much. It shows that it is not easy to correctly hear God all the time, even if you are gifted and very disciplined. But we should all press on to know the LORD better, and not give up the quest just because its not always easy to know God’s voice reliably.

          Prophet TB Joshua seems to be VERY reliable – even when he talks about international events to come. He usually doesn’t speak on the subjects people are itching to hear about though.

          • theyearofthelordsfavor says:

            Oh Michael, I just read a horrible write up about TB Joshua and his church! Will you please check it out?

          • There is no such banner with the islamic creed in TB Joshua’s church. Also, if they have videos where TB Joshua says that he has turned water into the blood of Christ, let them produce them.

            The people I know personally who have gone there saw no such thing. I have a magazine from TB Joshua’s movement, no such rubbish as these people state is in that magazine.

            It is just horrible what lengths Christian skeptic cessationists will go to when they cannot deny that mighty miracles such as not generally seen since the day of Christ are happening. Are they trying to say the man is the antichrist? They are on dangerous ground indeed.

      • Esteria says:

        Many people are mislead because of lack of knowledge.the modern church has lost its bases of true.what do i mean….nowhere in the new testament has the apostles given churches names but nowadays all churches has them.any reference that one needs for anything is through the Word of God.For the Word is truth.My heart is pained because those called in the 5-fold ministry hav clouded the ministry of the Spirit with carnality.Men want to do the work of God…thats insane..its the WORK OF GOD.Its not my work but His.The passed few weeks God said to me that my servants they go without being lead by my Spirit.When it comes to the things of God you have to be carried by the Spirit.Moses went up to the mountain to talk to God,the bible says God called Moses out of the mountain.Already moses was in the mountain but God was not enter the presence of God,he had to be called(lifted up)to God and only God can bring you to Himself.any service you do for God you need to be filled and lead so that the Spirit of God may speak to his people not the other way around.we dont play with the thing of God or will pay with our lives.He must be revered in all.a prophet cannot prophecy without being moved and carried to allow the words of God to flow.Church has become a playground for filth and carnality.people no longer fear the King of glory,the creator of all,the all powerful and all knowing.until the righteousness of the church surpasses that of the pharises and teaches of the law then we in trouble…may God strenghten us by His grace so to keep hold and esteem to His Word alone.Let God be true in our lives and all be liars.Let the be repentance in the house of the Lord,let the be wailing,mourning and fasting in His house so that there be cleansing and deliverance in the of Christ.For the body has disconnected itself from the head and that is Christ Jesus.We cannot blame one person but we all have failed and its time to acknowledge that truth.If you without sin then cast the first stone…Oh how Israel has wandered away from Him and became a prodigal Son.How He has loved us that He wants to take us back though we have become prostitutes.What kind of loves is this…that He had to come down from glory to saved His love.Ooh man of God only if we understood the depth and width of this Love.If only we could understand His heart.I’ve come into this world to tell of whats in his heart.My call is that men be reconsiled back to Him.Im just a vessel He uses to His people.Ooooooh how i long for that when i dwell with Him in His glory forever.

        God is love
        May God show His mercy to this generation…..

  3. Kathryn Bablitz says:

    Thanks for your opinion on this Michael; it is sensible and backs up my feelings on the subject. I like you, was not 100% certain that it was wrong but it bothered me and you have strengthened that with some good points. I don’t like to go against anyone who appears to glorify the Lord Jesus; however if she is deceived then we must discern it. Deception wouldn’t be deception if it was easy to spot.

  4. I’ve just finished reading the book, “Heaven is so Real”, after several people recommended it to me and am glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s spirit does not agree with the writings. I feel the book depicts Jesus in a carnal manner, dancing, giggling and holding hands with the ever-so-good daughter, Choo. Actually as I’m writing this, I realise it smacks of blasphemy. Does she think she’s God’s “Daughter” as Jesus is his Son!?

    Her dances are no more than rituals (touching her eyes 7 times and moving her hands in a specific manner!)Her displays of being under the power of the Holy Spirit reminds me of people in the throes of being delivered! She contradicts herself on every second page almost, first saying that Jesus says this is his last visit and then the next week he’s there again, thus making Him a liar.

    She exalts the book to a level where she essentially claims it to be an add-on to the bible. Has she forgotten what the last passage of Revelation warns us against? What about the mansions in heaven? Massive beachfront houses with your name on a plaque!? The bible says we will have His name on our foreheads! And if it is such a divinely inspired text, I would expect God to open their eyes to the various spelling mistakes.

    Then there’s the renewed body. Why would we need food? If we did, why would we eat meat (cattle and fish etc.) That means there will be animals that will have to die, but death would have been defeated. Are we just going to take little bites out of the animals and let the flesh grow back?

    Also, there is only a heaven and a hell. You either bask in the glory of God’s grace in heaven or suffer eternally in hell. Not so in Choo’s encounters. She speaks of people living outside the gates of heaven. There’s no fire, just desert and sad people who can’t get into heaven. That’s unbiblical. She actually tells us that Hades exists. The place between heaven and hell where, if you weren’t good enough, you won’t get into heaven, but at least you won’t burn in hell. Crap! There’s heaven and then there’s hell. End of story.

    I’m actually spitting mad. She makes a fool of God and exalts herself to be the example to follow. Jesus said, “Follow ME”. Not follow Choo Thomas to dance all day every day and pray ritually 4 times before lunch etc. Her defence is if whoever reads the book does not believe her accounts, then they are condemned.

    Well, I reject the book completely. I judge it to be false encounters with Satan. The only thing I don’t get is what her motivation is. One would suspect money as she talks about God blessing her to be rich, but I think it’s more to do with the self. I pray that other people will see through her falsehoods and continue to search until they find Jesus Christ in truth.



    • I just bought this book and haven’t finished it yet. Although I am not trying to be judgemental of her and what she has experienced, I was completely taken by the fact of Christians that were stuck in-between with the sand robes on with long faces. Choo asked how long they would be there and he said forever. These were Christians that were backslidden and had sought after the world, which sounds like an in-between place between heaven and hell. There is no biblical evidence of this place. I have never believed in “Limbo” and a place for lukewarm Christians. I don’t believe in an in-between state…because then the question is….how far can you go, or mess up to go from being in heaven and this in=between place. If I took this information to heart, I would wonder everyday if I died today and not repented and made a mistake….where would I go. God is not the author of confusion….and to me this is confusing if taken too seriously. I am praying right now over my reading the rest of this book.


    • I too felt that the relationship she portrayed between herself and Jesus was a little more than father n daughter. I must admit the book made me rethink my relationship with God I felt it was more….I’m not sure but it seemed off. There was an awful lot about how wonderful she was. I don’t know her so can’t say. She did admit she didn’t know much about the Bible and someone else helped her there. I read it out of curiosity. I have no clue what she was up to but there were some things that didn’t make sense! It would be interesting to know from where it all came?

  5. Anonymous says:

    boss i read ur stuff. i first came across this choo business when i was @ the bank and saw a copy printed from the internet on a tellers desk. i googled the name thomas choo n os i was in a hurry printed ur rebutal.

    i strongly agree with what u say and indeed salvation is not earned but comes by Gods grace. God knows we are imperfect and will never be whih is why we need Christ in our lives. yes we must do our best in working on our relationship with God, but see we can only come so far. i wish to remind mmadam choo that we are all equal in the eyes of God. salvation is for those who believe and accept Christ as their PERSONAL SAVIOR.

    Plus i strongly dislike that u r implying God made a mistake in writing the bible and was orrecting it. i understand from ur video u say the book tells of thing we need to know that were not written in the bible. ur self exholtation and making Jehovah an imperfect being is absolute blasphemy.


  6. the only thing i have to highlight on is that these prophetic books and revelations should not be the basis of your salvation.Satan is very cunning and makes lies appear so true that you may end up believing him.In so much that has been said you are to have a personal relationship with GOD.God can speak to you directly;seek him and you shall find him.The bible told as that in the end times God shall pour out his spirit and old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions.These i believe are already happening but in the same way satan has sown tares amongst the wheat and in trying toremove the tares…………. SO therefore concluding on this sensitive subject ‘BY THEIR FRUITS WE SHALL KNOW THEM’

  7. I bought two of Choo’s books with the intention of giving away, but ended up in the shredding bin. That was after watching her video, it gave me a eerie feeling.

    Watching Benny Hinn show make me very uncomfortable.

    Josel Osteen articles which was regularly freely email to me by someone I did not know. They inspired me a lot until one day I came across his interview on Larry King’s show.

    Rick Warren author of “Purpose Life Driven” is another one of them and now Oprah Winfry…. and many more to come as the bible has warmed us. They are all just putting on christian mask in actual fact a real antichrist behind misleading people and leading people away from true God.

    Anything that contradict the bible and deny Jesus Christ is our Lord, Saviour, the son of God, the only way
    to God is false teaching.

    • Gods sunflower says:

      I agree with you Sir, anything that contradict the bible and deny Jesus Christ is Lord, is false teaching, we are definately living in the last days, the bible says that there will be a great falling away in the last days, I used to think falling away meant not coming to church any more, but I am beginning to think it means all the false teaching people are going after these days.

  8. Robin Stieber says:

    I enjoyed your comments regarding Choo’s book. I had a little trouble when she started talking about the “powder room” in heaven where she changed clothes and I thought going to the bathroom would not be something we’d have to bother with in heaven. I did like the part about Jesus serving grilled fish, though! I think that her point throughout the book is to be awake and aware because we really don’t know when His return will be and we should bring the Gospel to others as we can. Seeing as how we can’t save ourselves and that it is God’s initiative to draw us toward Him, reading Choo’s book will not magically save us. Unless it really is a manifestation of His grace and a last ditch effort to save the lost. But does he need a book to do that?? I don’t want to be a “doubting Thomas”, but I wish there was more testimony from others that they actually saw and heard her go through some of the physical gyrations she talked about. Seems like no one was in the house most of the time….comments?

    • Anonymous says:

      I came across this site from I enjoyed some of the tear jerking messages (especially the fromer muslims). Choo, Thomas named came up from another testimony in South Africa. Immediately something did not seem right….rapture and some of the stories. So I googles Choo Thomas False Prophet…here I am. WOW!! Powder Room and Jesus Cooking grilled Fish!!! Come on now… that is hilarious and NOT in the bible. First of all a “Powder Room” can represent vanities etc., There are a lot of prophecies on the internet and they all sound like they line up with scripture and good..but we need to not depend on these but Jesus and his Word. We can not go wrong.

  9. jane georgousis says:

    I have read Choo’s book. I was reading it a second time when I came across this blog. You have all Made great points.I thought it was Kewl that someone could tell us about Heaven and hell. I too at times had questions or felt like this is too good to be true.I also thought well Gods spirit came into Ezekiel and lifted him up off the ground.God can do anything he wants to do. I do see there has been contradictions in her story.One is left feeling like they cannot measure up. Because she put the world aside for him! I don’t know how someone just completely does that. We all have to go to the store, hospitals etc…I did have a problem that she could visit with him anytime she wanted. I don’t know of anyone that has “God on Demand”! I have video on Demand. I do not want to judge her heart . She could very well believe this has happen and be sincere. Butt I would be careful in my claims about my book.We are the body and we need all of us to make it ALL work. No one is better than the other…
    Thanks, Jane

  10. mercedes Reyes says:

    I was disturb when Choo said that her mother went to hell because no one preach to her. Jesus said that this message will be preach to everyone and then it will be the end. I was also surprise that the Lord will lead her hell to see her mother and many other friends. I did not finish reading the book because I was disturbed by her mother story. God is not a lier and neither contradicts himself. My God is good very good and a merciful God. We need to be alert because the devil is trying to deceive us. We need to do what the Lord said, go a preach the good news of salvation to all of those in need. But today the messages are all about prosperity be careful!!! May the Lord Bless you let’s fast, pray and vigil to be prepare for what the Lord wants to show us.

  11. Alan - a visitor says:


    I may be coming in a bit late, but I have been asked to read this lady’s book also.

    I am from a Pentecostal background as you are and live in South Africa. I was saved in a sect that saw such visions and had similar experiences as she did. The group also believed that when they died that they became part of the Godhead or Trinity. The Lord graciously delivered me from out of them after amazingly saving me in their midst. One thing that struck me at the second weekend I was with the group was that their leader’s wife came up to me and quietly asked me (a new believer at the time) “Alan, are these experiences and visions the right thing/really from the Lord”. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted, but it spoke to a nagging doubt I had even then, that this was not faith.

    My immediate impression of Choo Thomas’s book is that, in the light of John’s injunction in 1 John 4:1 to “…believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” that this dear one fails badly. Firstly, Paul says: in Romans 8:24: “For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?” Secondly, Peter says in 1 Peter 1:8: “Whom having not seen, (i.e., the Lord Jesus) ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.”

    What Choo Thomas is sharing is not faith and her connection with David Jongghi Cho is also a warning, as Dr Paul Jongghi Cho (presumably connected – his father???) taught a form of “faith” which, in my opinion, is nothing more than a type of “visualisation”. Secondly, and what really irks me, is a sense in my spirit that this woman is putting across that there are “special” Christians(like herself). If you want to believe that, then believe also that all Christians are special, for the first words to Gentiles in Acts 10:33-35 from Peter were: “…Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.” We are striving in our ministry to teach Christians we come across that they are not the “Laity”, but very much a part of God’s work and ministry. This type of “experience” – based “revelation” works directly against this and can make many Christians ask the question: “Why don’t I get this kind of revelation, – arn’t I special too”.

    The truth is, the Book of Revelation has sealed God’s revelation of the future for us – In Revelation 22:18 the Lord Jesus says explicitly: “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:” What is concerning here is that these plagues happen during the tribulation, which means that one experiencing them will be left behind (including the erring Choo Thomas) – what irony!

    My question is this,if, as I read, there is no proper mention of foundation teaching (which should come before revelation on heaven) would God all wise give a person instruction to build the roof before such foundational teaching in one’s life? The book focusses on these experiences when vital Christian aspects are not even mentioned.

    I like you insights on the scriptures and ask if you also believe in a three-and a half years of tribulation for Gentiles and the latter three-and a half years for the Jews as I am currently seeing it.

    Please feel free to contact me in future.

    Kind Regards,


  12. I don’t know Bernard, but would like to add something. I consider false prophets as satan’s agents, since they are used by him. I do classify people who teach/say false things as either they are ignorant of what they say (just erred unintentionally) or agents (who lies intentionally).

    For first group, you will know when he/she knows that was wrong, they are humble enough to repent! Here is a case, though from not well trusted source:
    I love Derek for his direct, open and humble teaching. Yes we children of God have ups and downs, but humbleness and being open to what is true is what we are to be!

    Blessing from Jesus to all you His children!

    Tit 2:11-12 For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live sober

  13. Michael:

    I know John Bevere. known him since 1990. Spent a lot of time with him in the early – mid 90’s. I used to see him a lot and we’d talk, go out to eat ..etc but over the years I have lost touch.

    My first question to you is, I am not sure what you mean John being a prophetic teacher? His book “This Saith the Lord” is good. However, he is not an eschatologist. I do not agree with all he teaches but I have been in his services where the power of God was so strong it was all I could do to breath. I give him high marks. He’s got a heart for God like no get out! He’s the real deal. I love John.

    You mentioned prophets from other countries. My second question to you is does the United States have a national prophet? If so, who? Now don’t mention any of the flakes like Kim Clement, Bob “wacko” Jones, Benny Hinn, Chuck Pierce or any of the WOF/3rd wave/Elijah List goofballs. These people wouldn’t know a word from the Lord if it came down the middle of the road at high noon, butt naked, wearin a ten gallon red hat.

    Do we have a national prophet in America?
    What is a “prophetic teacher?

    • Hello brother,

      By a prophetic teacher I mean someone who is delivering Bible based teaching that is a highly needed up to date word of what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church at the time. It is not just “truth” they preach but the most relevant, pertinent truth which needs to be heard – truth and understanding which goes against the grain of what the easy-going, backslidden church leaders are intimating.

      I don’t think there is such a thing as a “national prophet” in America – though there are many who would love to be thought of as such, no doubt. If there is one, I don’t know of that person. I’m not even sure that God designates people with such pompous titles “national prophet”, “national apostle”, “international Holy guru” and the like. In fact, the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 23 about calling no man “Rabbi” or “Father” in my mind addresses this carnal tendency of men to desire titles and ranks in God’s Kingdom, and to be called by men as such.

      I would agree with you that many of the leading “brand names” in American “prophetic” and “apostolic” circles are off-beam. They are trying to take over the church of God and as the Todd Bentley fiasco proved, they don’t really have a clue what is going on. They just jump on whatever supernatural bandwagon they can find that looks like God might be at work in, and try to use it to enhance their prestige and following.

      • Michael:

        I like your attitude. Good reply.

        Ok…so by a “prophetic teacher”, I am going to interpret your statement that they are cutting edge to what the Holy Spirit is saying for today? If this is what you meant then I would definetly put John Bevere in this class.

        John will be here in Scottsdale in a few weeks and I will speak with him on this topic. However, the days of us going out to eat after church are probably over. He’s in such demand now and usually all the ministry staff is surrounding him afterwards. He’s a great guy who started his personal ministry out of our church in Michigan when he was the youth Pastor for ahhh…how do I say it? Well …Mr. “Touch not thy anointed or I’ll curse you”… Benny Hinn. Unfortunately…or maybe fortunately …..John was a personal house sitter for Robert Tilton as well before Hinn. Another WOF goofball fallen off the cliff. Let’s trust God allowed him to view these men in a unique way and he will not repeat their mistakes, abuses and absurdity.

        Ok…so you also don’t subscribe to any national prophet? Maybe they were in the OT days but not today? I believe in prophecy but man oh man…the lies flying around the past 15 years is enough to make a heard of billy goats puke. It’s an epidemic Michael. We got more false prophets in America then Eli Lilly has pills! I do think that David Wilkerson has admitted he is likely a national false prophet. By his own volition. Congratulations Dave. Here’s your key chain.

        Ok…….God Bless

  14. Fantastic visions- mighty prophecies-I say to the Law of Christ, to the Testimony of his servants. Why pay for what is not bread – or devour / read / listen to what is not sure? (Isaiah 55 paraphrased)?.

    The Church is filled with hungry people who have voracious appetites for they eat empty food and scorn the free banquet.


    • Hey Michael:

      I couldn’t figure out how to respond to your blog so I it reply on this one below.

      I think I have read all the books out there on these heaven and hell experiences. There are more on, in fact this site is loaded with them!

      Here’s my reply to your Choo commentary. Well…a limited reply…….ah .. I find all the stories have some consistency here and there and some contradictions. From Jesse Duplantis’ “Close Encounters of the God Kind”, where he claimed some people in heaven have the robe of righteousness and others have the garment of salvation. One allows entrance directly to the throne, the other …well you gotta be taught and wait. These 2 garments are mentioned in the Bible but not the delayed part. Dr. Eby has an interesting book, “Didn’t You Read My Book”, where he claims in Heaven music sounds different because there is no time thus no beats. Roberts Liardon, whom I was legal counsel, claims when he was 8 God took him to heaven in “I Saw Heaven”. He says he saw body parts from unclaimed healings.

      Read my comment to Doug today. I find most of the H&H testimonies interesting but as I mentioned in my own death experience, I do not base my christianity on a most unusual experience I claimed happened. I base it on God’s Word. If these peoples testimony help clarify or confirm God’s word, fine. I’ll read it but I don’t allow it to become a form of theology for me nor do I allow my past death experience to become theology for me.

      Does this make sense?

  15. Heavenly Visions Indeed?
    This is surely a matter of key concern. We live in an era dominated by opinion and personalized supernatural experiences.

    I can attest that those who are baptized in the Holy Spirit have a a great sufficiency of the Presence and Power of God. For such Christians there is no place or space for reveries about the Heavenly Realms.

    The real question is this, “Is the Word of God a sufficient experience?” We are told that the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. We are also told that the Word of God is Truth.

    A simple Question: if Christ had found it necessary to provide the type of detail that Choo Thomas claims is of God, then why is it omitted from Scripture?

    The Spirit would lead me to add this: It is omitted from Scripture for the same reason we are not called to observe days and seasons and all these things- for our Fellowship with God is such that we experience his Rest and his Glory in our daily lives. Our every day becomes a Sabbath, our every thought a witness to his perfect law- we don’t have to read about “not committing adultery- for our thoughts are directed and filtered by the Holy Spirit. And when such thoughts arise, we have the power to crush them- knowing full well their origin.

    In a like way to those who are in such Fellowship, heaven is very close it fills our every day. Reveries about crystal like lakes with strange heavenly motor boats are diversions from the depth we experience.

    Another simple question: By these reveries, does Choo Thomas add anything of worth to our walk in Christ? If not, then this is double evidence that this is of doubtful origin.


    Choo Thomas’ warnings on Looming Tribulation and Rapture

    I note she is now making proclamations that we have entered the tribulation- and urging believers to prepare for the Rapture. A believer filled with the Spirit and a sound understanding of Scripture will know that Scripture is not boisterous in detail when it comes to the Rapture.

    For believers who are in true Fellowship with Father and Son directed by the Spirit, the timing of the Rapture is of no consequence to them. Nor do the timings related to the tribulation or other apocaplyptic events have any bearing on the purpose and direction of their lives. Such heed Jesus’ warnings yet are satisfied in their Fellowship and go about their lives in peace and joy.

    All witness whether visionary such as that of Choo Thomas or any other self-proclaimed revelation must face a first test and the test being- “does this add any value to a believer’s walk in Christ- my witness is that Choo Thomas reveries / visions fail this test.

    There is an added danger which is this. The Lord in his Word provides a minimum sufficiency- just that required to lead us to Christ and perfect us in Christ. All is contained therein. If we need certainty, therein we find the certainty. If we cannot find certainty squarely placed in Scripture, then the subject of our curiosity should be dismissed as irrelevant to our path likely to detract from our fellowship with God. We must carefully guard the portal to our minds, lest we experience a spiritual “climate change” of dangerous consequence.

    Lets contend for what has been given and reject the extraneous which misleads and fills the money bags of the greedy.

    Be cautious!

  16. kkarupa says:

    K Karupa

    I have also read the article about TB Joshua being a false Prophet .About how he claims that he is the only person who can do all those miracles.Isn’t it boasting that Paul talks about?Well I did not hear him say that but he uses the title Prophet which I am not comfortable with and I know that you (Michael)are also not comfortable with it.So how come you say he is a Prophet.It is long since i watched his programmes but I watch teachings by another man who use the same title i.e Prophet(Kobus Van Rensburg-SA)his teachings are so good and biblical what do you say about him?
    My only problem is that they exalt themselves- For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted-Lk 14 v 11.(KJV)

    What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

  17. This is strange: Tonight there was a man speaking here in town who claims to have died and been in heaven for 59 minutes.

    I was all set to go hear this man, give him an honest, fair listen when lo and behold, I got a communication from my son from out of town that the car had broken down and he needed me to come pick him up.

    Of course, being the dad I am, I did just that.

    But the catch is I missed hearing this man’s testimony. My plans were suddenly “altered”

    They tell me there are no accidents in the Christian life, so does anyone else here concur with me that I was NOT supposed to hear this guy speak tonight?

    • lookinforacity says:


      I look at it this way, if there are no accidents, then you are programed to live your life to it’s destiny. That also means you have no free will, to have accepted Jesus, you would have accepted Him no matter what you would have done. I think they call that Predestination, don’t they?
      I for one like the idea that God created me in His image with a free will, as He has.
      On the other hand .

      “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

      After the accident has happened though, God can use the circumstances of it, for our benefit.
      As far as the man you were speaking of, seems like he has been around for awhile, my own judgment on the matter is this. There were 12 Apostles, plus 1. There are no accounts of this happening to them, and as far as I am concerned, they were a little bit more likely to have experienced that type of thing than this guy. John is the only one that come close.
      What is the reason this person went to Heaven? To tell us it is really there! I know it’s there Jesus said it was.
      My Faith is in Jesus, not things like that.

      • Why is that concept so difficult to grasp?

        Have you not known the power of your God?

        No accidents means that nothing comes into our life (Trials, events, whatever), without the knowledge and PERMISSION of our heavenly Father. Nothing gets past Him! Does he not have perfect knowledge of our life and all the wiles and plans of the enemy?

        Is he not at all times many, many steps ahead of him?

        Is God ever fooled?

        Or is God instead, “taken by surprise”?

        He will “filter”, for lack of a better word, everything that enters our life. That means the devil has to have permission to do anything, as with Job. So nothing happens by accident..randomly, without first fitting into his plan for our life.

        Now if you can argue those points, then, OK. Have a party.

        • JustAGuy says:


          Do you have an attitude? “OK, Have a party.” “Have you not known the power of your God?” Your post appears demeaning to a brother or sister who gave their honest answer to your question. In this you have sinned or erred.

          To answer your question, “Are there no accidents?” in the manner that you replied to our friend, Have you not read “time and chance happens to them all?” Ecc 9:11. That qualifies as an accident. How does that fit in with the assertion?

          God does not filter all things. This would indeed inhibit free will. This theology makes God responsible for all evil and it is used of the devil to accuse God while excusing the devil and his work. Jesus said in Matthew 18:5-7 “And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!”

          How do we reckon that with the statement everything God allows is filtered for our good? He allows offenses to come, children to stumble and be lost for eternity. How can we say He approved of it, if He says transgressors will be severely punished?

          God is NOT in control! Why not? Because God is not a God of control. He is not a control freak. God works within the realm of relationship and free will. God is looking for our hearts to engage Him, not our flesh to be subject to His every desire.

          The Devil is the God of this world. 2 Corinthians 4:4. The devil is a control freak. He seeks to force his way upon all. God has set limits on the devil’s ability, and those limits are found in the preeminence of man’s will over all. The earth was given in this dispensation to mankind to rule. We, by our choice in Eden, let the devil come down into the affairs of men.

          The control freak, Satan, has enlarged his kingdom among men and victimizes and causes harm and havoc that is quite contrary to the will of God. To attribute divine “permission” brings up concepts that exceed the word you are using to define the discussion. God lets things “get past Him” because He will justify the accounts in the end. He will restore what the devil takes. He is our Redeemer. He saves us out of our trials in due season as we call on Him, but to say “all things are done with His permission” is to make Him complicit in evil.

          If your father “allowed” a person to break your legs, he would be complicit in the act. God is not complicit. We are. It is our will exposing us to Satan’s will being done outside the realm of God’s will. Romans 6:16-23 clearly shows our choices bring the fruit in our lives. If you have sin, it opens you up to evil. “The curse causeless shall not come.” When we walk outside the sheepfold, we are subject to being ravaged by wolves. Is that God’s will? No, God bids us dwell safely by Him and He will keep us from a multitude of evil.

          There are many who use the ‘all things are filtered through God’s hand’ and do not realize they are needing to get back inside the protective covering of God’s provision by repenting and returning. He does not filter our lives when we are outside His will. He restores our lives in all areas when we return. That is my understanding.

          Blessings and Peace,

      • JustAGuy says:


        I like your name! I do not place confidence in after death experiences because the source is dubious. I saw a documentary on it years ago that Catholics saw themselves going toward Mary and each one saw what they believed in. These experiences cannot be verified by two or more witnesses and so judgment cannot be made to verify them. Have two people died at the same time and gone to the same place? (Now that I mention it, someone will seek to forge that account)

        There is a demonic realm that can give astral projection (aka out of body experiences) visions and such. Many times accounts contradict scripture, or are outlandish embellishments of it. Always the person is receiving special recognition and pride enhancing attention. Knowing these things, the whole field is off limits for my consideration.

        I agree with you the Word of God’s description is all I need to get motivated!!

        Even so, Come Lord Jesus!!

        Blessings and Peace,

    • I found out his name. It is Gary Wood, and here is his website:

    • Anyone finding so much meaning in one person in the midst of millions of christian’s writing books must realise that their opinion or interpretations has nothing to do with the person they are attacking but more with their personal experience and views. Everything that is not the word of God can surely be seen only in the context of love. I have never studied the doctrinal inaccuracies of whatever Choo Thomas has written, but what I allowed myself to receive from it was the content of a human heart wanting to be with Jesus. God is beyond our wildest dreams or imaginations, I am more than sure that He’ll never want us to break down what is around us when we need to build up our broken lives within Him.

  18. stefanie says:

    Rather then spend time trying to debunk someone’s book about heaven and picking it apart to death worry about preaching the truth to those that might be lost.

    I do not waste my time trying to figure out what heaven is 100% like or what hell is 100% like. I will never know what hell is really like and as for heaven i’ll know when i get there.

    All i know is it’s gonna be good. Choo Thomas is preching truth if your name is not in teh Book of Life it doesn’t matter how good you were on earth you will not go to heaven or else if everyone would go to heaven then there would have been no need for salvation.

    so rather than spend time tearing apart someone’s testimony which you have no right to judge go and preach and share the Love of God so that we can save as many souls as possible.

    Whether Choo Thomas went to heaven or not is not the point in these last days her message is true. I do believe she did experience heaven sure there are going to be believers left on earth after the second coming if you are not saved you are not getting in. Unsaved people go to church.

    I just hate when people pick at what God is doing, if you don’t like Choo fine write your own book. I wish God would take me up to heaven but hey I can wait all i need to know is there is a heaven and a hell I don’t care what the little details are and neither should any christian.

    I have read many “heaven” accounts and although they differ in some insignificant ways the basis is there it’s heaven God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are there and that’s all the matters to me.

    We need to leave the judging to God cause if you are wrong about Choo Thomas how horrible would that be if you hindered somone from readign her book and getting saved you have to answer to God. But if she’s wrong and we believed well then the worst is some people got saved and let her stand before God.

    • michael says:

      You write:

      “Rather then spend time trying to debunk someone’s book about heaven and picking it apart to death worry about preaching the truth to those that might be lost.”

      If the woman is lying or deceived, would that matter to you?

      The thought of how to preach to more lost people consumes me day and night. We are involved in it in every way possible. Is it just possible that you are misjudging me?

      “I do not waste my time trying to figure out what heaven is 100% like or what hell is 100% like. I will never know what hell is really like and as for heaven i’ll know when i get there.”

      So then, why have you read Choo’s book if you don’t waste time on things like that?

      “All i know is it’s gonna be good. Choo Thomas is preching truth if your name is not in the Book of Life it doesn’t matter how good you were on earth you will not go to heaven or else if everyone would go to heaven then there would have been no need for salvation.

      “so rather than spend time tearing apart someone’s testimony which you have no right to judge go and preach and share the Love of God so that we can save as many souls as possible.”

      What do you make of the Scripture that says:

      1Th 5:20 Do not despise prophecies.
      1Th 5:21 Test all things; hold fast what is good.
      1Th 5:22 Abstain from every form of evil.


      All prophecies must be tested. You are objecting to my critique without giving any solid reasons. You are just saying that I have no right to judge what she is selling. Not only do I have the right to do this, I am commanded to do this, and so are you.

      You seem to be assuming I’m not involved in evangelism. You know, we are out twice a week talking with all kinds of people on the streets and public places, plus on TV reaching tens of thousands daily, plus on the internet, plus giving out hundreds of tracts weekly. Were you the one talking about not judging?

      You better be sure that if someone’s testimony is bizarre and unscriptural we better be discerning, lest we be carried away with foolishness and ultimately discredit the gospel.

      “Whether Choo Thomas went to heaven or not is not the point in these last days her message is true.”

      If she did not go to heaven she is a deceived liar and false prophet. I think it is the point.

      “I just hate when people pick at what God is doing, if you don’t like Choo fine write your own book.”

      Do you hate it also when people pick on what the devil is doing? You are assuming that it is God, without answering any of my salient objections.

      I am not interested in writing some kind of fake account of heaven/hell experiences to make money. Please stop suggesting that I do. I’ve written about what I have seen and heard, and what I’ve thought about in the light of God’s Word.

      “We need to leave the judging to God cause if you are wrong about Choo Thomas how horrible would that be if you hindered somone from readign her book and getting saved you have to answer to God.”

      No, the Bible tells us to TAKE HEED LEST NO ONE DECEIVE US. God tells us to test prophecies, and to test the spirits. It is you who seem to be counselling DISOBEDIENCE to GOD’S WORD here. You seem to be objecting to the very process of testing and discerning. That is a problem.

      I am seeking to point people to TRUTH, including the truth about heaven and hell. I am not concerned about facing God for warning people about stuff that looks really flaky and unbiblical. Remember that Satan mixes some truth with every error – so take heed.

    • I couldn’t agree more with what you have just said judging is not for us but to leave unto God. It is up to an indivisual whether they believe or not. All I know is Jesus is Lord and my Saviour and I know there is God and that He is alive and well. The Holy Spirit our comforter is there to lead us to all truth so if you are not sure of the statements that have been made what don’t you contact the counselor and the ever present helper the HOLY Spirit? I believe these are the last days and it is better to get your personal relationship with God right while you are still here coz once you are on the other side there’s no second chance. I refuse to move by sight I choose to move by faith. The word of God says His people perish coz of the lack of knowledge. People have let unbelief to rule their lives instead of letting God be the one who takes charge of their lives. I always say if one doesn’t understand or believe what the other person is saying the Holy book is there all the time to give you the anwers you require. People need to change from their mentality and pray to God to open the eyes of their understanding and help them to have that revelation knowledge it takes the grace of God.

      Take time and know about the Holy Spirit and have the fellowship with Him rather than wasting time judging other people. This is the time to get your life in order by fixing your personal relationship with God for that’s what he desires for us to do.

    • People were getting saved long before Choo wrote her book. The Gopel, paul says is the power of God unto salvation not choos book. Whatever God is in line with His word .’. God does not contradict Himself.Just because someone say something that is true does not make them a servant of God. It waS ONLY ONE LIE THAT SATAN TOLD ADAM AND EVE.YOU WILL NOT SURELY DIE. Everything else was true, but look at what that one lie has brought. Like I have written in another post, in the book of acts chapter 16,verses 16-24, a woman possessed with a demonic spirit followed Paul and Silas prophesying that they were the servants of the most high God sent to show the way of salvation.This was all true. Did Paul say well if I stop her some one might be hindered from hearing us and not get saved. and what will I tell God. No he cast out the demon.God does not need the devil’s help.Romans3:8.. evil cannot be done so good may come. If something is wrong God has no dealings with it regardless of the outcome.

  19. hi there, id like to agree with michael about choo thomas. i did not feel the Holy Spirit witness in me that her words were true. and that is why i searched her name. i found it very disturbing all the hours and years of “body work” she had to go through for the apparant “miracle work” she was being prepared for….the book ended without her having done any miracle work…? so i didnt get the point…to me it felt that she was continually being physically exhausted, frightened and discouraged. that definitely does not sound like the Lord Jesus Christ to me.. i also do not believe that salvation has to be worked for, salvation is a free gift. yes, we imperfect humans do try and turn our backs on sin every day….and repent when we have sinned…because we love our Father…this however, in my understanding has absolutely nothing to do with salvation and being saved….what then did Jesus die for and make such a heart-wrenching sacrifice for?? it was for us…so that we could be saved…Jesus has already done the work for us to be saved…for us it is just a matter of accepting his wonderful gift by inviting Him into our hearts.

  20. basically, prophets bring edification. choo brings ungodly fear.

    anyways talking about our salvation. basically, when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour what really happens is justification Acts 13:39. the Christian walk is our santification leading to our glorification which is the full salvation. perfectionism is a false yet popular doctrine nowadays. although Jesus has took away the penalty of sin and daily we get rid of the power of sin, there is still undeniably a presence of sin which opens us up to temptations. therefore we need the grace of God. tired for a debate. the main point of my reply is that i don’t agree with the book written by choo.

    Romans 8:30
    Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.

  21. beloved_daughter says:

    Dear brother Michael.

    Wow i’m impressed you base your whole scriptural summary of this book (heaven is so real) on a video you just watched. “I haven’t read the book but the video itself contradicted itself on various points”
    This is the reason the church is not making much head-way when it comes to the harvesting of the lost. Too much criticising other people’s revelations as God has chosen to reveal to them, according to His will. they accuse us of not standing together, being always at each other’s throats. The point is you are missing the point. I’m glad that God said we must not judge because we all suck at it – we are terrible! There is no righteous judge, there weren’t back then, certainly aren’t any now. that is why God ordained our Lord to be King of Kings forever and ever amen to that.
    I understand you come from a sincere place, but even at our humblest most sincerest places, we still cannot match God’s thoughts or his ways which are much higher, wider and deeper than our own. maybe someone got the book and became curious over the Jesus portrayed in ‘heaven is so real’ and went and sought the Lord in this highly mentioned bible. Not everyone grew with the priviledge of knowing Christ, but it is their right nonetheless, so Amen to my Lord for being able to think out of the box, to do whatever He can to reach the many souls who are lost – I love him for His constant faithfulness. I would rather He exhausted all avenues to reach the lost. He’s resourceful and creative I give Him that much. I don’t question the bible I believe the bible is God’s word but remember He is a LIVING God who is not restricted to the confines of the pages of a book only. Did He not say thatt He will give his young men, maidens and the old visions and dreams? who are we then to question the scope or content of those visions and dreams. Remember if Choo was false she would not acknowledge Jesus Christ as her Lord and saviour and the saviour of the world. The devil does not like that so why would he give praise to Him that is above all stars and names that are named in the whole universe. In conclusion you are entitled to your opinion, but please read the book first (if you are of strong and unwavering faith) then you will still hold the same opinion afterward regardless of what Choo says. I think her book further illustrates the promises in the bible that heaven is a real place and that hell is also a real place which many christians are in denial to acknowledge.

    Joe 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

    Act 2:17 And it shall be in the last days, saith God, I will pour forth of My Spirit upon all flesh: And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, And your young men shall see visions, And your old men shall dream dreams:

    • No need to be ironic, I can research more than just a video to form an opinion. But if the video itself manifests unscriptural nonsense, you don’t need to go too much further.

      The fact that God is giving genuine visions and dreams in fulfilment of his Word today does not mean that people like Choo Thomas are speaking from the Spirit of God. Think about it.

    • My sister ,let me address the comment you made about too much criticizing of other peoples revelations as God has chosen to reveal to them according to his will.The simple fact is if the revelations people claim to have receive from God contradicts His word in any way then the revelation was not from Him. Its as simple as that. God cannot and does not contradict his written word. If He did He would be contradicting Himself. so yes He restricted Himself to the pages of the bible. It is HIS WORD. It is God who said His word is FOREVER settled in heaven. CHRIST SAID, HEAVEN AND EARTH WILL PASS AWAY, BUT MY WORDS WILL NOT PASS AWAY.It was God who said He will NOT ALTER the thing that is gone out of His mouth. In IST. CORINTHIANS 14:29 the apostle Paul writing under the divine inspiration of God wrote ,let the prophets speak ,two or at the most by three and LET THE OTHER JUDGE.We are COMMANDED to judge prophesy, not swallow it blindly because the person said thus saith the Lord.How do we judge it? We only have one measuring tool, the written revealed word of God. Thats is why Paul warns us if even an angel from heaven brings another gospel, let even that angel be accursed.Gal.1:8,9. As to the scripture, judge not that ye be not judged,every one likes to quote this but they fail to quote JOHN 7:24. JUDGE NOT AFTER THE APPEAREANCE BUT JUDGE RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT!!. So we can judge , if we can judge righteously. When it comes to revelations people claim are from God we can judge righteously because we have the word. Amen.
      Let me address another another point you made, about Choo Thomas acknowleding Jesus as Lord, so she couldnt be false. You underestimate the cunningingness of satan. Let me refer you to the book of ACTS16:16-24. Here we are told a woman possessed with a spirit of divination,( A DEMONIC SPIRIT,) who brought her master much gain by fortune telling followed Paul and Silas prophesying that they were the servants of the most High God and they were come to show the people the way of salvation. Did Paul say well she is speaking the truth so if it causes people to listen to us and get saved its ok. No he cast out the demon.Which action landed him and his team in jail and caused them to be beaten with MANY stripes. God does not need the devil”s help and will not receive endorsement from Him .The fact that what the woman said was true ,did that make her a true prophet of God? No,yet she spoke truth,but it was simply a trick of the enemy to give her credibility, so the people would think that she had the same spirit that was in them. That she also was God’s servant .And after they left she would still be there. Therefore believing she was of God they would follow her and end up receiving the same spirit she had believing they were receiving the Spirit of God . and be led astray. Satan is not stupid.Ask yourself why would a demonic spirit be exalting Gods servants encouraging the masses to listen because they were sent to show the way of salvation. Why would a demon want people to be saved?Deception, to give credibility to his servant.Dont be naive my sister,we are not ignorant of satan’s devices ,the word tells us.
      The fact is, while God promised that He would pour out his spirit on all flesh and you sons and your daughters shall prophesy,your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions ,and He will do this because He cannot lie, He will not reveal something that contradicts what He has already revealed in His Word.And saying if something, even if it is false causes people to seek after God its ok,is an error. The bible tells us we cannot do evil that good may come. ROMANS 3:8.. GOD DOES NOT HONOR OR ACCEPT THIS

  22. deborahknight20 says:

    She also does “spiritual singing” which is dreadful, like cats being strangled.

  23. sisterd says:

    I was recently banned from a Christian blog for calling Ms. Choo a false prophet.  I think if we lay some of the visions up against Scripture, we would find them at odds. 

    People who don’t tithe will go to hell….where did the NT BIble say that?

    Aborted babies in warehouses will have mothers to nurture them…..where does the Bible say that a resurrected and glorified body would need nurturing?

    If things don’t line up with God’s Word, are they God’s Word?

    Why didn’t God allow the apostle Paul to describe his experience in heaven?  If it were something that God truly wanted revealed, why not a man like Paul? 


    “And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the
    revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger
    of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.” (2COR 12:7)  We are required to test the spirits and this one rings false to me.  I rejoice that many people may be coming to Christ.  God can use anything for His good purpose, but I pray daily that they will read the Bible and not accept this book as a substitute.


  24. I have always wondered why God would not allow the apostle Paul to speak of his visit to heaven, yet so many people have this vision?

    “I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I
    cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)
    such an one caught up to the third heaven.” (2COR 12:2)

    She has some comments that are not scripturally correct….people who don’t tithe go to hell.  Where is that in God’s Word?

    Babies whose mothers are in hell have surrogate mothers….where does scripture say our resurrected bodies need nurturing? 

    If it does not match the Word of God, it is not from God.


  25. Hi all. I am somewhat new in my journey with Christ and i am a bit taken aback by all this anti and pro prophacy opinions etc. I confess i had gotten half way with this book and have been planning on having a go at completeing it soon (it didnt really grab my attention and sounded rather extreme but i thought it may just be true.. after all the main point.. Jesus is exhalted from what little I read). Books on prayer, worship and Intercession have have been taking up my attention as of late. The burning desire and passion for Christ is ever present.

     I was reading all the comments on this post and couldnt help but compare what is written here to the way the pharisees thought of John the Baptist and then Jesus Christ with all the new teachings apparently. Are we being overly critical? Are we judging on what “we” interpret to be the messages conveyed through the BIBLE. This website inspired me greatly before today. I looked here many times a day for words of inspiration and encouragement.. today I have a different feeling.. not entirely negative, but just not like before.. I am by no means slagging anyone off here. I am the least of all to judge. Besides with my track record, I would make a pathetic one in anycase. The message i am getting from this blog.. Forget any books, teachings or messages on prophacy etc.. cos one would never know who is the originator of it all cos there will always be the sense of scepticism from a few. Should I just stick to the BIBLE only? Should one forget these books meant to bring encouragement?

    P.S. I would like to extend my thanks to all here whom have written their hearts. It felt at times as if I were looking into a mirror!

    • No my brother the message is not disregard all books on prophesy etc. After all the word tells us despise not prophescies.1 THESS.5:20. But we are told to judge it .1COR.14:29. As far as Christ bringing new teachings, If we read carefully we would see He simply removed the fallacies they had attached to the laws of God. And showed the original intent God wanted them to know, therefore He removed the idea that you didnt commit sin unless you physically did the act but showed that sin went beyond just the physical act, but even the motives and thoughts can be sinful. Therefore if I did something good for you, lets say meet a need for example, but my motive was so I could hold it over your head at some later date then it was not done in love and therefore in God’s sight my seemingly good deed would be construed as evil. So Christ said lusting after a woman though you havent physically touched her is adultery in your heart and hating even though you havent physically killed makes you a murderer.
      My advice to people is, It is ok to read books but make sure you are grounded in the word first lest you be deceived and led astray. Unfortunately this has happened to many.Read acts16:16-24. You will see even a demonic spirit will at times seemingly bear witness to God in order to decieve people.into thinking they are the real thing. Remember God has given us His word and He tells us to study to show ourselves approved unto God RIGHTLY divding the word of truth. 2TIMOTHY 2:15 . Any revelation ,teaching ,dream ,vision, propesy etc. that contradicts the scriptures is simply not of God and someone seemingly glorifying Jesus does not make them true. Satan is not called the great deceiver for nothing.

  26. Rapunzel says:

    I read Choo Thomas’s Heaven is so Real over the weekend. I felt sick afterwards.
    I really believe she is a true child of God, but she was still a spiritual infant when a preacher spoke a prophecy over her life. (Which could have been a false prophesy). She was so eager to believe it, that it is clear she worked herself into a state of self-delusion.
    Allthough Heaven is a reality, anyone with a bit of knowledge of God and the Word can see all the deceptions in this book. I really believe in the same way women can induce phantom pregnancies because they want to be pregnant, Choo worked herself into a truly disturbing state of self-delusion because she really wanted to be special to God.
    It doesn’t help that her husband seems like a weak leader (he is bacically a “prop” in the story) or that any one who crosses her will be blacklisted as a “disobedient child” by “God” on her next “visit” to “Heaven”.
    But hey, self-deceived as she is, God loves her, she is special, and who isn’t against Him is for Him. Glory be to God!

  27. Rapunzel says:

    Just to add onto my previous comment (see below): I think Choo’s broken English caused her to misinterpret certain things in the Bible. (She went to an American church at the time. If she read from a Korean translation, there must be certain things that are lost in translation or the translation she possibly read is a reason for concern). In the Heaven is so Real she admittedly says she speaks broken English; the book was written by a ghost writer.
    So when Choo read in Matthew (under the beatitudes) that Jesus said the pure will SEE God, and when she “saw God” due to her strong desire to do so (see below), she took it that if she was seeing God, it meant that she was one of the “pure” that “saw God”; not realising that seeing God obviously means going there at the end of life. So when she was in “Heaven”, being there with the “saints”, it really had to mean that she was pure, obedient and special. That is why “God” “told” her over and over and over that she is “His” special, pure and obedient child.
    Another misunderstanding that is clearly a product of the language barrier is where she compares Daniel’s trembling and the shaking of a building in Acts – which she misunderstood as people shaking – with her physical experiences before she went to “Heaven”.
    In a nutshell, I believe Choo Thomas is a sincere child of God, but she is an overly zealous spiritual infant without leadership or self-control. The real problem is that not even a preacher would be able to stop her from herself, because she is clearly abnormally stubborn and clearly disregards any form of authority or constructive critism. I doubt whether she would have listened to God Himself.
    But at least her book shows that we as Christians are often misguided. But we are still God’s children, and
    He loves Choo, and she is indeed special; as special as all His other children who have Jesus in their hearts.

    • Rapunzel,

      I read Choo’s book and to be honest it made me wonder if my own walk with God wasn’t lacking. Yes there were a lot of “mistakes”. She also admitted that she had not read the Bible. I have, and some of the things she said sounded like things she had heard just as you said. Being maybe new to the US, not having read the Bible, assuming that His birthday is on the 25th of December because I am sure that is what she had been taught. I think maybe you could be right about her and someone took advantage of her. I pray that is the truth of the matter. Not that she was taken advantage of but better that than the devil having a hold on her, The book was kinda crazy but what you say makes more sense because she just seemed way to naive.

  28. god_bless says:



  29. I read this book and found it deeply disturbing. In Choo Thomas’ view a Christian is banned from heaven for not tithing, animals are eaten in heaven despite the bible saying “there will be no hurt or harm in all My holy hill (and no, I am not vegetarian) and there is a mid-way place similar to the Catholic concept of pergatory (something as a 7yo Catholic I did not even believe!) The most alarming thing about the book though is that SO many have read it. It produces fear in the heart of a Christian – hardly the handiwork of God…

  30. I read Choos book & was blessed & encouraged. It’s a shame how so many people are so quick to judge. If I was just thinking of reading this book & looked at some of these comments, It would be a challenge not to have a negative opinion before I even read the book for myself. I’ll bet the fruits that Choo has sowed are amazing. I trust my LORD to reveal the ministries & people that are false. A lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves & spend some time with the LORD cause your certainly not acting like your father in heaven….

    • The Bible actually COMMANDS us in 1 Thessalonians 5:19ff to TEST all things, including prophecy. When you take time to read something like this, as I have done, and find glaring inconsistencies and foolish things you are not being “quick to judge”. You are warning the gullible.

      Listen: how do you know the Lord is not using me to reveal the falsehood in this ministry? Like so many, you do not address any of the Scriptural or other concerns I express. You seem to be going on how it makes you feel. That’s a dangerous way to proceed.

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