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I just finished watching a video of this Choo Thomas talking about “Heaven is so Real”. I am a pentecostal and believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and have witnessed many powerful manifestations of God, but in my view, these revelations are not of God.

Its not that I believe that its impossible for a believer to visit heaven or hell in this life. I believe its happened in some cases and I’ve even helped publicise such accounts.

Choo Thomas of course includes Scripture and gospel truth in her account, and this no doubt will give the message some credibility. But warnings to repent and threats of hell are common to many religious writings. Even the Qu’ran threatens sinners with eternal fire.

Of course it sounds good to tell people to draw near to Jesus and live a pure life – the Bible tells us to do this – but this does not make HER book true. I can create a fiction about spiritual visions with exhortations to repent, and I think I can make it match better to the Word of God than she does, but I fear God too much to do this. Even if you sell a million copies or a zillion copies, even if it becomes a big hit on the charismatic book stands and people get stirred up – if it sows falsehood it doesn’t please God.

The Bible says to “test all things”. Its the teachers and prophets who tell you NOT to test what they are offering who are in contradiction to the Word of God.

I haven’t read the book but the video itself contradicted itself on various points. At one point she is saying that all God’s people will be raptured and at another point that Christians would be left behind and should not take the mark. This is self contradictory. It is also is a false interpretation of the bible – see my article at”
to which no one so far has offered what I consider to be a convincing rebuttal.

However, many teach the pre-tribulational rapture theory including many pentecostals and for this reason some will rush to say that these Choo Thomas revelations are of God. She is just saying what some believers want to hear.

I personally believe this doctrine is dangerous because in fact it is likely to be one of the REASONS for the great falling away. When in the final days faithful Christians realize that the antichrist has come, they must suffer and they have not been raptured (as the Bible teaches will happen), they will cast aside their confidence in the Word of God along with the pre trib theory – not realizing that this pre-trib doctrine is an invention of men.

I took at look at her website – choothomas . com. I quote:

“Heaven is so Real is our Lord Jesus’ end time book. He only used my body to write this book. He wants all believers and unbelievers to read it and prepare for His coming. He said, He is giving people a chance to know what it takes to enter His Kingdom through this book. Remember, none of our salvations are secure until the end. We must do our best while we have a chance.”

She makes out that this book is more relevant than the Book of Revelation. If Jesus is 100% responsible for this book, then it must be as good as Scripture. True prophets of the Lord nowadays don’t say this kind of thing. Sadhu Sundar Singh gave revelations but he acknowledged that they may contain imperfections.

I don’t believe that Jesus wants all people to read her book. I’d say the real Jesus is more interested in everyone getting hold of the Four Gospels and the New Testament for starters. I don’t normally take time to find fault with what others write but since this has become a charismatic bestseller it seems, I believe I should stand up and be counted. Just as the early church, baptized in the Spirit as they were, were vulnerable to deception and quickly lost the true fire of God, so today’s spirit-baptized believers are vulnerable to deception and need to learn to discern truth from error.

And this idea of us all “doing our best while we have the chance” does not sound like Christianity to me – it sounds like self-effort and striving. It is Christ in me who will live and do works pleasing to God – “my best” won’t do it, and no one ever truly and consistently gives their best anyway.

If its true what I have read elsewhere on the net, that David Yonggi Cho has told us not to look at the book theologically but as a valuable experience I say this: Jesus does not reveal false theology. The truth of this revelation stands or falls on the integrity of theology it contains. I say this as a pentecostal believer in the integrity of the Bible.

Dr Yonggi Cho may have a huge church and has been greatly used by God but it doesn’t mean he is infallible at all. A case in point would be his endorsement of Robert Schuller, whose religious humanism parading as a new reformation of the gospel should be clear enough to any biblically literate person. I was in Korea and saw his posters endorsing Schuller. This was in 1992.

I don’t feel the need to buy the book after having seen the video but I take note of what others say about the book. I haven’t bought a copy of the book of Mormon either, but when I was reading it in Korea about 15 years ago I was struck by how consistent much of it seemed to be with the King James Version of the Bible. That didn’t make it right of course. Satan can do a pretty good con job. He is smarter than we are.

Satan has convinced hundreds of millions of people to trust false prophets like Mohammed, Joseph Smith and Sai Baba. These guys all said some plausible sounding things, as does Choo Thomas. But it doesn’t make it true. We may want to believe it, but that doesn’t make it right either.

Another thing: all these strange and bizarre experiences and lack of self-control and bodily weirdness is in my view not something that is consistent with the nature of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives self-control and a sound mind. Just because there is a feeling of power and pleasure does not mean that something is of the Holy Spirit. Hindus also experience that when they get involved with their godmen, yoga and all this. I would recommend the writings of Derek Prince on this. He wrote a great book on the topic of Deception.

I had no spiritual witness whatsoever that these revelations were right. They are also inconsistent with what others have said about heaven and hell who claim to have been there.

Her picture of aborted babies in the warehouse is very different to what others claiming to have seen these aborted babies have seen.

It may be curiosity that drives people to believe in such things. Each time one comes out, it seems that Jesus tells them that they are the Messenger of the Final Warning or whatever before his coming. Jesus doesn’t contradict himself. There can only be one final warning, and only one last trumpet. However he did tell us in Matthew 24 that there would be many false prophets and that they WOULD deceive many. Of that we can be sure. When Jesus prophesies something, he prophesies it correctly.

I’ve read parts of Romanian books where the Christian author claims these out of body heaven experiences and surprise surprise, in these visions and OBEs “Jesus” confirms their bizarre doctrines. One is that if you didn’t have as many children as you possibly could, even as a believer, that the pre-existent souls of the babies you were supposed to have would throw you into hell once you got to heaven. Great.

What this proves is that the devil is well and truly able to give revelations to people according to the false doctrines they believe. He can do it while they are “out of the body” also. These religious spirits come to deceive people who have not learned to divide the word of God correctly, and there is always some spirit to supernaturally confirm some false doctrines. Even the mormons have a burning in the bosom feeling which confirms their false doctrines.

To the Word and to the Testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no light in them! (Isaiah 8:20)

If we do not receive the love of the truth in these last days, God himself will send a spirit of deception against us and we shall surely fall. Be careful. 2 Thessalonians 2:10

On the cover of the video I got (and on her website) it says, “None of our salvations are secure until the end”. However, this contradicts what she claims in the video, where she says that Jesus promises to take her to heaven on the last day. She seems to make herself an exception from the statement on the DVD cover. How could her salvation NOT be secure if Jesus has truly already spoken this word to her? But if that is so, what is on the DVD cover is not right.

Look more carefully and you will see this self-exaltation throughout these revelations. Actually, Jesus doesn’t normally make us look good and feel good about ourselves when we encounter Him in His glory. Look in the Scripture – everyone, even the apostle John, was totally humbled when they actually met the Lord. They weren’t left with the feeling that they were really holy people. Same was true of Daniel, Isaiah and other holy prophets and apostles.

We are safer if we stick to the Word of God and spiritual manifestations that are entirely consistent with the teachings of the Scripture.

I could be wrong about all this but I share what I believe in the hope that it will encourage believers to turn to the Word of God first and not base their hopes on any other writing or teaching. The internet is now full of the writings of self-proclaimed prophets. I was reading one guy today who says he is one of the two witnesses in the book of revelation.

The people I believe to be true prophets today are not infallible but there is something really different about them and it is far more impressive and verifiable than the kind of stuff we read of in Choo Thomas’ writings.

In the meantime, plenty of people are in danger of swallowing error through this kind of thing. Take heed that no one deceive you.

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