Choo Thomas – Heaven is so real

I just finished watching a video of this Choo Thomas talking about “Heaven is so Real”. I am a pentecostal and believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and have witnessed many powerful manifestations of God, but in my view, these revelations are not of God.

Its not that I believe that its impossible for a believer to visit heaven or hell in this life. I believe its happened in some cases and I’ve even helped publicise such accounts.

Choo Thomas of course includes Scripture and gospel truth in her account, and this no doubt will give the message some credibility. But warnings to repent and threats of hell are common to many religious writings. Even the Qu’ran threatens sinners with eternal fire.

Of course it sounds good to tell people to draw near to Jesus and live a pure life – the Bible tells us to do this – but this does not make HER book true. I can create a fiction about spiritual visions with exhortations to repent, and I think I can make it match better to the Word of God than she does, but I fear God too much to do this. Even if you sell a million copies or a zillion copies, even if it becomes a big hit on the charismatic book stands and people get stirred up – if it sows falsehood it doesn’t please God.

The Bible says to “test all things”. Its the teachers and prophets who tell you NOT to test what they are offering who are in contradiction to the Word of God.

I haven’t read the book but the video itself contradicted itself on various points. At one point she is saying that all God’s people will be raptured and at another point that Christians would be left behind and should not take the mark. This is self contradictory. It is also is a false interpretation of the bible – see my article at”
to which no one so far has offered what I consider to be a convincing rebuttal.

However, many teach the pre-tribulational rapture theory including many pentecostals and for this reason some will rush to say that these Choo Thomas revelations are of God. She is just saying what some believers want to hear.

I personally believe this doctrine is dangerous because in fact it is likely to be one of the REASONS for the great falling away. When in the final days faithful Christians realize that the antichrist has come, they must suffer and they have not been raptured (as the Bible teaches will happen), they will cast aside their confidence in the Word of God along with the pre trib theory – not realizing that this pre-trib doctrine is an invention of men.

I took at look at her website – choothomas . com. I quote:

“Heaven is so Real is our Lord Jesus’ end time book. He only used my body to write this book. He wants all believers and unbelievers to read it and prepare for His coming. He said, He is giving people a chance to know what it takes to enter His Kingdom through this book. Remember, none of our salvations are secure until the end. We must do our best while we have a chance.”

She makes out that this book is more relevant than the Book of Revelation. If Jesus is 100% responsible for this book, then it must be as good as Scripture. True prophets of the Lord nowadays don’t say this kind of thing. Sadhu Sundar Singh gave revelations but he acknowledged that they may contain imperfections.

I don’t believe that Jesus wants all people to read her book. I’d say the real Jesus is more interested in everyone getting hold of the Four Gospels and the New Testament for starters. I don’t normally take time to find fault with what others write but since this has become a charismatic bestseller it seems, I believe I should stand up and be counted. Just as the early church, baptized in the Spirit as they were, were vulnerable to deception and quickly lost the true fire of God, so today’s spirit-baptized believers are vulnerable to deception and need to learn to discern truth from error.

And this idea of us all “doing our best while we have the chance” does not sound like Christianity to me – it sounds like self-effort and striving. It is Christ in me who will live and do works pleasing to God – “my best” won’t do it, and no one ever truly and consistently gives their best anyway.

If its true what I have read elsewhere on the net, that David Yonggi Cho has told us not to look at the book theologically but as a valuable experience I say this: Jesus does not reveal false theology. The truth of this revelation stands or falls on the integrity of theology it contains. I say this as a pentecostal believer in the integrity of the Bible.

Dr Yonggi Cho may have a huge church and has been greatly used by God but it doesn’t mean he is infallible at all. A case in point would be his endorsement of Robert Schuller, whose religious humanism parading as a new reformation of the gospel should be clear enough to any biblically literate person. I was in Korea and saw his posters endorsing Schuller. This was in 1992.

I don’t feel the need to buy the book after having seen the video but I take note of what others say about the book. I haven’t bought a copy of the book of Mormon either, but when I was reading it in Korea about 15 years ago I was struck by how consistent much of it seemed to be with the King James Version of the Bible. That didn’t make it right of course. Satan can do a pretty good con job. He is smarter than we are.

Satan has convinced hundreds of millions of people to trust false prophets like Mohammed, Joseph Smith and Sai Baba. These guys all said some plausible sounding things, as does Choo Thomas. But it doesn’t make it true. We may want to believe it, but that doesn’t make it right either.

Another thing: all these strange and bizarre experiences and lack of self-control and bodily weirdness is in my view not something that is consistent with the nature of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives self-control and a sound mind. Just because there is a feeling of power and pleasure does not mean that something is of the Holy Spirit. Hindus also experience that when they get involved with their godmen, yoga and all this. I would recommend the writings of Derek Prince on this. He wrote a great book on the topic of Deception.

I had no spiritual witness whatsoever that these revelations were right. They are also inconsistent with what others have said about heaven and hell who claim to have been there.

Her picture of aborted babies in the warehouse is very different to what others claiming to have seen these aborted babies have seen.

It may be curiosity that drives people to believe in such things. Each time one comes out, it seems that Jesus tells them that they are the Messenger of the Final Warning or whatever before his coming. Jesus doesn’t contradict himself. There can only be one final warning, and only one last trumpet. However he did tell us in Matthew 24 that there would be many false prophets and that they WOULD deceive many. Of that we can be sure. When Jesus prophesies something, he prophesies it correctly.

I’ve read parts of Romanian books where the Christian author claims these out of body heaven experiences and surprise surprise, in these visions and OBEs “Jesus” confirms their bizarre doctrines. One is that if you didn’t have as many children as you possibly could, even as a believer, that the pre-existent souls of the babies you were supposed to have would throw you into hell once you got to heaven. Great.

What this proves is that the devil is well and truly able to give revelations to people according to the false doctrines they believe. He can do it while they are “out of the body” also. These religious spirits come to deceive people who have not learned to divide the word of God correctly, and there is always some spirit to supernaturally confirm some false doctrines. Even the mormons have a burning in the bosom feeling which confirms their false doctrines.

To the Word and to the Testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because they have no light in them! (Isaiah 8:20)

If we do not receive the love of the truth in these last days, God himself will send a spirit of deception against us and we shall surely fall. Be careful. 2 Thessalonians 2:10

On the cover of the video I got (and on her website) it says, “None of our salvations are secure until the end”. However, this contradicts what she claims in the video, where she says that Jesus promises to take her to heaven on the last day. She seems to make herself an exception from the statement on the DVD cover. How could her salvation NOT be secure if Jesus has truly already spoken this word to her? But if that is so, what is on the DVD cover is not right.

Look more carefully and you will see this self-exaltation throughout these revelations. Actually, Jesus doesn’t normally make us look good and feel good about ourselves when we encounter Him in His glory. Look in the Scripture – everyone, even the apostle John, was totally humbled when they actually met the Lord. They weren’t left with the feeling that they were really holy people. Same was true of Daniel, Isaiah and other holy prophets and apostles.

We are safer if we stick to the Word of God and spiritual manifestations that are entirely consistent with the teachings of the Scripture.

I could be wrong about all this but I share what I believe in the hope that it will encourage believers to turn to the Word of God first and not base their hopes on any other writing or teaching. The internet is now full of the writings of self-proclaimed prophets. I was reading one guy today who says he is one of the two witnesses in the book of revelation.

The people I believe to be true prophets today are not infallible but there is something really different about them and it is far more impressive and verifiable than the kind of stuff we read of in Choo Thomas’ writings.

In the meantime, plenty of people are in danger of swallowing error through this kind of thing. Take heed that no one deceive you.

What do YOU think?


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  1. mercedes Reyes says:

    I was disturb when Choo said that her mother went to hell because no one preach to her. Jesus said that this message will be preach to everyone and then it will be the end. I was also surprise that the Lord will lead her hell to see her mother and many other friends. I did not finish reading the book because I was disturbed by her mother story. God is not a lier and neither contradicts himself. My God is good very good and a merciful God. We need to be alert because the devil is trying to deceive us. We need to do what the Lord said, go a preach the good news of salvation to all of those in need. But today the messages are all about prosperity be careful!!! May the Lord Bless you let’s fast, pray and vigil to be prepare for what the Lord wants to show us.

  2. jane georgousis says:

    I have read Choo’s book. I was reading it a second time when I came across this blog. You have all Made great points.I thought it was Kewl that someone could tell us about Heaven and hell. I too at times had questions or felt like this is too good to be true.I also thought well Gods spirit came into Ezekiel and lifted him up off the ground.God can do anything he wants to do. I do see there has been contradictions in her story.One is left feeling like they cannot measure up. Because she put the world aside for him! I don’t know how someone just completely does that. We all have to go to the store, hospitals etc…I did have a problem that she could visit with him anytime she wanted. I don’t know of anyone that has “God on Demand”! I have video on Demand. I do not want to judge her heart . She could very well believe this has happen and be sincere. Butt I would be careful in my claims about my book.We are the body and we need all of us to make it ALL work. No one is better than the other…
    Thanks, Jane

  3. Robin Stieber says:

    I enjoyed your comments regarding Choo’s book. I had a little trouble when she started talking about the “powder room” in heaven where she changed clothes and I thought going to the bathroom would not be something we’d have to bother with in heaven. I did like the part about Jesus serving grilled fish, though! I think that her point throughout the book is to be awake and aware because we really don’t know when His return will be and we should bring the Gospel to others as we can. Seeing as how we can’t save ourselves and that it is God’s initiative to draw us toward Him, reading Choo’s book will not magically save us. Unless it really is a manifestation of His grace and a last ditch effort to save the lost. But does he need a book to do that?? I don’t want to be a “doubting Thomas”, but I wish there was more testimony from others that they actually saw and heard her go through some of the physical gyrations she talked about. Seems like no one was in the house most of the time….comments?

    • Anonymous says:

      I came across this site from I enjoyed some of the tear jerking messages (especially the fromer muslims). Choo, Thomas named came up from another testimony in South Africa. Immediately something did not seem right….rapture and some of the stories. So I googles Choo Thomas False Prophet…here I am. WOW!! Powder Room and Jesus Cooking grilled Fish!!! Come on now… that is hilarious and NOT in the bible. First of all a “Powder Room” can represent vanities etc., There are a lot of prophecies on the internet and they all sound like they line up with scripture and good..but we need to not depend on these but Jesus and his Word. We can not go wrong.

  4. I bought two of Choo’s books with the intention of giving away, but ended up in the shredding bin. That was after watching her video, it gave me a eerie feeling.

    Watching Benny Hinn show make me very uncomfortable.

    Josel Osteen articles which was regularly freely email to me by someone I did not know. They inspired me a lot until one day I came across his interview on Larry King’s show.

    Rick Warren author of “Purpose Life Driven” is another one of them and now Oprah Winfry…. and many more to come as the bible has warmed us. They are all just putting on christian mask in actual fact a real antichrist behind misleading people and leading people away from true God.

    Anything that contradict the bible and deny Jesus Christ is our Lord, Saviour, the son of God, the only way
    to God is false teaching.

    • Gods sunflower says:

      I agree with you Sir, anything that contradict the bible and deny Jesus Christ is Lord, is false teaching, we are definately living in the last days, the bible says that there will be a great falling away in the last days, I used to think falling away meant not coming to church any more, but I am beginning to think it means all the false teaching people are going after these days.

  5. the only thing i have to highlight on is that these prophetic books and revelations should not be the basis of your salvation.Satan is very cunning and makes lies appear so true that you may end up believing him.In so much that has been said you are to have a personal relationship with GOD.God can speak to you directly;seek him and you shall find him.The bible told as that in the end times God shall pour out his spirit and old men shall dream dreams and young men shall see visions.These i believe are already happening but in the same way satan has sown tares amongst the wheat and in trying toremove the tares…………. SO therefore concluding on this sensitive subject ‘BY THEIR FRUITS WE SHALL KNOW THEM’

  6. Anonymous says:

    boss i read ur stuff. i first came across this choo business when i was @ the bank and saw a copy printed from the internet on a tellers desk. i googled the name thomas choo n os i was in a hurry printed ur rebutal.

    i strongly agree with what u say and indeed salvation is not earned but comes by Gods grace. God knows we are imperfect and will never be whih is why we need Christ in our lives. yes we must do our best in working on our relationship with God, but see we can only come so far. i wish to remind mmadam choo that we are all equal in the eyes of God. salvation is for those who believe and accept Christ as their PERSONAL SAVIOR.

    Plus i strongly dislike that u r implying God made a mistake in writing the bible and was orrecting it. i understand from ur video u say the book tells of thing we need to know that were not written in the bible. ur self exholtation and making Jehovah an imperfect being is absolute blasphemy.


  7. I’ve just finished reading the book, “Heaven is so Real”, after several people recommended it to me and am glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s spirit does not agree with the writings. I feel the book depicts Jesus in a carnal manner, dancing, giggling and holding hands with the ever-so-good daughter, Choo. Actually as I’m writing this, I realise it smacks of blasphemy. Does she think she’s God’s “Daughter” as Jesus is his Son!?

    Her dances are no more than rituals (touching her eyes 7 times and moving her hands in a specific manner!)Her displays of being under the power of the Holy Spirit reminds me of people in the throes of being delivered! She contradicts herself on every second page almost, first saying that Jesus says this is his last visit and then the next week he’s there again, thus making Him a liar.

    She exalts the book to a level where she essentially claims it to be an add-on to the bible. Has she forgotten what the last passage of Revelation warns us against? What about the mansions in heaven? Massive beachfront houses with your name on a plaque!? The bible says we will have His name on our foreheads! And if it is such a divinely inspired text, I would expect God to open their eyes to the various spelling mistakes.

    Then there’s the renewed body. Why would we need food? If we did, why would we eat meat (cattle and fish etc.) That means there will be animals that will have to die, but death would have been defeated. Are we just going to take little bites out of the animals and let the flesh grow back?

    Also, there is only a heaven and a hell. You either bask in the glory of God’s grace in heaven or suffer eternally in hell. Not so in Choo’s encounters. She speaks of people living outside the gates of heaven. There’s no fire, just desert and sad people who can’t get into heaven. That’s unbiblical. She actually tells us that Hades exists. The place between heaven and hell where, if you weren’t good enough, you won’t get into heaven, but at least you won’t burn in hell. Crap! There’s heaven and then there’s hell. End of story.

    I’m actually spitting mad. She makes a fool of God and exalts herself to be the example to follow. Jesus said, “Follow ME”. Not follow Choo Thomas to dance all day every day and pray ritually 4 times before lunch etc. Her defence is if whoever reads the book does not believe her accounts, then they are condemned.

    Well, I reject the book completely. I judge it to be false encounters with Satan. The only thing I don’t get is what her motivation is. One would suspect money as she talks about God blessing her to be rich, but I think it’s more to do with the self. I pray that other people will see through her falsehoods and continue to search until they find Jesus Christ in truth.



    • I just bought this book and haven’t finished it yet. Although I am not trying to be judgemental of her and what she has experienced, I was completely taken by the fact of Christians that were stuck in-between with the sand robes on with long faces. Choo asked how long they would be there and he said forever. These were Christians that were backslidden and had sought after the world, which sounds like an in-between place between heaven and hell. There is no biblical evidence of this place. I have never believed in “Limbo” and a place for lukewarm Christians. I don’t believe in an in-between state…because then the question is….how far can you go, or mess up to go from being in heaven and this in=between place. If I took this information to heart, I would wonder everyday if I died today and not repented and made a mistake….where would I go. God is not the author of confusion….and to me this is confusing if taken too seriously. I am praying right now over my reading the rest of this book.


    • I too felt that the relationship she portrayed between herself and Jesus was a little more than father n daughter. I must admit the book made me rethink my relationship with God I felt it was more….I’m not sure but it seemed off. There was an awful lot about how wonderful she was. I don’t know her so can’t say. She did admit she didn’t know much about the Bible and someone else helped her there. I read it out of curiosity. I have no clue what she was up to but there were some things that didn’t make sense! It would be interesting to know from where it all came?

      • Thank you ! You are spot on ! I feel myself getting angry too, she’s a deceiver ! God bless you Samuel. Christian greetings from Anneke.

  8. Kathryn Bablitz says:

    Thanks for your opinion on this Michael; it is sensible and backs up my feelings on the subject. I like you, was not 100% certain that it was wrong but it bothered me and you have strengthened that with some good points. I don’t like to go against anyone who appears to glorify the Lord Jesus; however if she is deceived then we must discern it. Deception wouldn’t be deception if it was easy to spot.

  9. You mentioned in the post above about some people you beleive to be true prophets.
    I beleive in the importance of prophecy and I love reading about peoples experiences of heaven. But I am very discouraged at the moment because I think that the Choo Thomas book is dodgy and so now I dont know who to beleive. Some advice from you would be most welcome.

    • No ministry is perfect, and while some ministries are definitely prophetic, they may not qualify for the title “prophet” because I would attach a pretty high standard to that.

      Let me say one thing: I am not ready to base my life on anyone’s prophecy now. Get it from God yourself, prophets may confirm it later. If God quickens a Scripture to you, that would normally be a solid base from which to work. God rewards those who diligently seek Him, not those who diligently seek prophets.

      Most of the people who I consider to be true prophets are not household names.

      Dr Bernard Blessing from Ghana I would say is a true prophet.

      Faylene Sparkes in Australia I believe is a prophetess.

      Shyju Mathew from Kerala definitely has the makings of a being a prophet.

      I have met other Indians who have outstanding prophetic ministries. Some of these guys are nameless to me, yet they have wandered into my life at key moments and given detailed prophetic words that have come to pass.

      I have met little women in Romania whose prophetic ministry was pretty uncanny.

      John Bevere I would call a prophetic teacher. He brings a very important message to the Body of Christ. He has become very well known. The same was true of Derek Prince, who has now gone on to his eternal reward.

      Some ministers have an amazing giftedness such that they can even get names by word of knowledge of people totally unknown to them, but THAT does not mean that the person stays upright all the time in all they do. VERY FEW right now live TOTALLY above reproach. Certainly I am not perfect myself. (By the way, I am certainly NOT a prophet. My wife has that calling though. Last night she had a vision of a meeting in another part of the world that we are connected to and the details were later confirmed).

      • Aloysius Beenu Michael says:

        Dear Mr Michael,

        Praise the Lord. My name is aloysius and i am from india. I want to just link you to the site a ministry started by Dr DGS Dhinakaran who went to be with the LORD on 20 FEb 2008. His son Brother Paul Dhinakaran is now carrying with his work whom the LORD has revealed about his second coming. “The lord told him that we have reached the end of time”. Please do read it and let me know how you feel it. Please mail me at the e mail address

        • I know of the ministry of these men of God. I have heard them preach and minister. I know they have walked closely with the Lord and achieved great things for the Lord.

          Obviously we have not yet reached the end of time. Just how close the Second Coming is, we don’t actually know. I GUESS it will be in about 20 years from now, but I don’t know.

          We Christians love to talk about the Second Coming, but there are hundreds of millions of people in your country alone who have NEVER HEARD OF THE FIRST COMING.

          I’m trying to do something about that through television, but until now so few Indian Christians are even awake to the opportunities. So many are thinking instead of how to send their sons for MBAs in the United States.

        • Peter called his generation “the last days”; John called his generation “the last hour” – therefore the entire Church age are the last days.

      • I heard Brother Bernard predict about the US election and it failed. I wouldn’t believe him even if that came to pass. First because it doesn’t upbuild Christ’s body in any way. Second, it is the Word of God and that alone that we should focus on; not sensational prophecies.

        I am reading Choo Thomas’ book and already dropped it down to a vivid/visionary fiction level. will finish to read it to warn my friends who will read it. Sprinkling Scripture verses in a book doesn’t make it Christian or biblical. We should be very careful to swallow every bait we come across. I appreciated some of the comments in this site.



        • Yes, Brother Bernard did err about the US Election, it would seem. We have til January to know for sure. He has made mistakes, but we have seen in some things he can be supernaturally accurate. He does seem to love and glorify Jesus very much. It shows that it is not easy to correctly hear God all the time, even if you are gifted and very disciplined. But we should all press on to know the LORD better, and not give up the quest just because its not always easy to know God’s voice reliably.

          Prophet TB Joshua seems to be VERY reliable – even when he talks about international events to come. He usually doesn’t speak on the subjects people are itching to hear about though.

          • theyearofthelordsfavor says:

            Oh Michael, I just read a horrible write up about TB Joshua and his church! Will you please check it out?

          • There is no such banner with the islamic creed in TB Joshua’s church. Also, if they have videos where TB Joshua says that he has turned water into the blood of Christ, let them produce them.

            The people I know personally who have gone there saw no such thing. I have a magazine from TB Joshua’s movement, no such rubbish as these people state is in that magazine.

            It is just horrible what lengths Christian skeptic cessationists will go to when they cannot deny that mighty miracles such as not generally seen since the day of Christ are happening. Are they trying to say the man is the antichrist? They are on dangerous ground indeed.

      • Esteria says:

        Many people are mislead because of lack of knowledge.the modern church has lost its bases of true.what do i mean….nowhere in the new testament has the apostles given churches names but nowadays all churches has them.any reference that one needs for anything is through the Word of God.For the Word is truth.My heart is pained because those called in the 5-fold ministry hav clouded the ministry of the Spirit with carnality.Men want to do the work of God…thats insane..its the WORK OF GOD.Its not my work but His.The passed few weeks God said to me that my servants they go without being lead by my Spirit.When it comes to the things of God you have to be carried by the Spirit.Moses went up to the mountain to talk to God,the bible says God called Moses out of the mountain.Already moses was in the mountain but God was not enter the presence of God,he had to be called(lifted up)to God and only God can bring you to Himself.any service you do for God you need to be filled and lead so that the Spirit of God may speak to his people not the other way around.we dont play with the thing of God or will pay with our lives.He must be revered in all.a prophet cannot prophecy without being moved and carried to allow the words of God to flow.Church has become a playground for filth and carnality.people no longer fear the King of glory,the creator of all,the all powerful and all knowing.until the righteousness of the church surpasses that of the pharises and teaches of the law then we in trouble…may God strenghten us by His grace so to keep hold and esteem to His Word alone.Let God be true in our lives and all be liars.Let the be repentance in the house of the Lord,let the be wailing,mourning and fasting in His house so that there be cleansing and deliverance in the of Christ.For the body has disconnected itself from the head and that is Christ Jesus.We cannot blame one person but we all have failed and its time to acknowledge that truth.If you without sin then cast the first stone…Oh how Israel has wandered away from Him and became a prodigal Son.How He has loved us that He wants to take us back though we have become prostitutes.What kind of loves is this…that He had to come down from glory to saved His love.Ooh man of God only if we understood the depth and width of this Love.If only we could understand His heart.I’ve come into this world to tell of whats in his heart.My call is that men be reconsiled back to Him.Im just a vessel He uses to His people.Ooooooh how i long for that when i dwell with Him in His glory forever.

        God is love
        May God show His mercy to this generation…..

  10. HI,
    I used to beleive everything I read but now I seem to see so many of these experiences around on the net and each one seems slightly different. I do beleive that God still speaks though prophets but I am having a hard time deciding which ones are true and which ones arent. On the surface, they all seem biblical.
    People all seem to be given details about the rapture and the beast and how many people will be raptured etc. I dont want to be put off prophecy altogether but I am really struggling with it at the moment.
    Right now I am thinking that the only thing I can really beleive in is the bible itself.
    You mentioned that other people had seen aborted babies differently in heaven-do you have any links to these accounts?

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