CF Prayer List

I would like to share a condensed prayer list that I have been praying through with brother Michael and sister Anurekha. Feel free to add prayer requests and updates that are on your heart. We pray daily for these.


Pray for Viral Prayer Network

Christian – Draw the hurting and needy and give them hope and restoration. Bring encouragers and edifiers, and comforters to bless others. Wisdom for moderators. Bless the technical end and bring financial support to further ministry….

Phetheni Mlotshwa – Son on drugs, Christian husband needs work. Need to be debt free. Needs peace.

Steven Allen – God’s spiritual covering of children Megan 13 and Jason 9. Custody needed full time as mother is exposing them to much hurt and evil. Bring mother to repentence.

Uk Nin – Praise report. Fasting going well! Continue to minister to her(?)

Jordan – 16, begging to be set free from demon. Hopelessness setting in. Far from God.

R – Unfortunately I am one of those people you describe who is merely “trying to believe” at this point. I will definitely bookmark this article and implement the suggestions in it. I’d do anything to have my faith again.

Josh Jay – Hi…The problem with me is…, i have once experienced the love of God and fallen from his presence..i started comitting every sin which i used to do before coming to christ.. i dont wanna be like that but still i cant help…please advice what to do…i am in my youth.. please pray for me that i may flee from youthfull lusts…my heart is disturbed and not at all peacful.. Please pray for me and advice me….

Mel – Laryngitis. Sore throat, pain. needs healing.

Okwuchi – Needs spiritual fellowship. Help to forsake Godless friends….

Anurekha – “I would like to add this prayer points too. Sister Sheela may recover soon after her operation and a friend of mine Anamika is having some skin disease, please pray that she could be completely healed and won’t need a surgery.”

Jesse Davis – Ear infections, cholesteatoma, ruptured ear drum.

TristatedTS – Seeking transformation unloving husband, bitterness in marriage.

Prabhakar – getting baptized this Sunday Aug. 02. Heal body from pains,

Tony – I was fired in January due to being out for back surgery. I interviewed for a job a couple of weeks ago and they are suppose to make a decision this coming week. I would love to have this job Please pray that this job will come through. I am 46 and have never been fired in my life. This has been a very trying time.

Carol Beltran – peace wisdom protection. Help her mother cope without abusing.

Kimkrys – Help her know how to handle this with her husband. Heal marriage. Bring husband into process as well.

Jennifer Watson – husband divorcing her, 6 months pregnant.

Carla- Mother practicing witchcraft, oppressing, cursing. Strengthen and deliver her.

Melanie M – Build her up in faith to believe you will answer her prayers and guide her in the way she should go.

Zenobia – Thank you that you have met her on and that you are leading her and her husband through their difficulties. See them both all the way through.

Saschana Graham – Pray for me as i need deliverance in mind, heart, body and soul.

Katambila Lengwe – would like a green card to study economics in USA. Wants to know if he is cursed from occultic background and male prosititution.

Michael’s job training. Help him keep up with all he has to do.

Tim – Pray for my focus as I work, so as not to be distracted by the needs of those I am ministering to. Wisdom and clear word on how to prepare for America’s decline.

Persecuted Church Prayers – Strengthen those who are threatened and beaten for their faith. For those who have been imprisoned, meet them in their cells and give them strength, courage and faith to continue. Provide for the families of prisoners. Comfort and encourage them as well.

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