Cell Wall Rigidity – How a spirit of fear can impact our bodies

Cell wall rigidity is when the cell walls tense and will not allow the proper passage of good and bad in and out of our cells. In breathing, for example, if our aveoli, which takes in oxygen and releases the spent carbon dioxide, is affected it sets up oxygen deprivation in a crisis. The body then reacts to that crisis with the larger crisis of an asthma attack as histamines are released in a fight of flight response. The histamines have the effect of restricting the airways and that is why anti-histamines are prescribed or used.

If the cell walls in the colon and intestines are affected by stress induced rigidity, they do not receive the nutrients they as freely as they should, and they also hold onto the toxins longer than they should.

If you seek the Lord for insight into recent stressors and past ones that still haunt you, I would encourage you to take those before the Lord and confess them as sin and repent for entertaining them in opposition to God’s Word of provision and protection. Then continue to seek God’s Word that speaks against those fearful lies and take your thoughts captive, casting down those vain imaginations. This is how the process of renewal of our flesh can occur while taking our thoughts captive.

There are MANY other ways fear and stress impact us. Hopefully I can make the time soon to write up a bit more on it. You may even see syptoms of it in your own life and may find the way out of your poor health.

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