Can anyone tell me what they know about the worlwide church of god?

I am not going to bash someone elses faith but i simply do not believe in what they teach.My son and his cousin,who attend college together,met this girl in their christians group who has had an impact on them both as far as what she believes,my nephew began going to church with her and is trying to convert,which has caused problems at son has asked to go and i told him no.get grounded in youre own church first,ask yourself why do you believe what you believe and know what the word says and THEN.. you can visit church with your friend.I used scripture in galatians to support why i dont agree with their brother-in-law used the same scriptures and my nephew came up with scripture to argue his own point.does anyone know new testament scripture well enough to put to rest any notion that we are to follow after anything from the old testament?WHY do they observe the holidays when paul was very clear that we shouldnt,What new testament scriptures backs up their claim? If anyone can help me with this i would be most appreciative, even from members of that faith.I have always been taught that if your try to make yourself subject to any part the old law then you are responsible for all of it.thats a scary and hopeless place to be..THATS WHY JESUS CAME.yes,Jesus observed holidays but upon his death IT WAS FINISHED.I am not trying to be disrespectful,i am simply asking for information.i am still looking for new testament scripture myself.Any input wut would be helpful. Thank you.

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