Call to Fasting

The difference between what our Christianity ought to be and what it actually is in our day comes down to a lack of prayer and fasting. We plan to do something about that. See my challenge at the end of this article.

Fasting for Personal Freedom

If you are miserable, and your prayers have remained unanswered, it is because you are not sufficiently in tune with God yourself. Sometimes our impure motives block answers from coming, sometimes it is an impure theology which denies the power of God. Combining FASTING with the Word and prayer will eventually eliminate both. The problem is not God's unwillingness to give good things. Don't ever think that. (See Matthew 7:11). God is a good God, but we have become fleshly. To fast unto God means to stop eating for a few days, or many days, and intensify your prayers. Boldly speak out the promises of God during this time. Your answer will come.

Fasting to Minister like Jesus

Jesus fasted 40 days before starting to destroy the works of the devil with power, and we won't do the works he did – especially the miracles – unless we also fast with similar dedication for long fasts. John 14:12 records our Savior saying, "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also." There are very few Christians who believe in Jesus enough to follow His example in fasting. But that is what it takes to consistently do the works He did. Short fasts can produce miraculous results, as they have in my life, but the results consistently fall short of the glory of God also. God is calling us to longer fasts. He is calling us to be prophetic, not pathetic. We should stop making excuses. Yes, it is a battle, it does involve moments of pain, but as one Christian said, "Pain is weakness leaving". Godly leadership is related to our willingness to bear pain, where required (and it often is).

It will no longer do for one in ten thousand Christians (if that) to be serious about undertaking long fasts for the glory of God. God is calling His people everywhere to undergo extended periods of fasting and prayer, as well as many short fasts, in preparation for a huge harvest of souls that has already begun in some places – for example – Central and Latin America. The church leaders in these nations are people of fasting and prayer, or at least they got started that way.

Fasting and Grace

God has already given us every spiritual blessing in heavenly places (Ephesians 1:3), including the love of God poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5), but we don't experience much of it, we don't walk in much of it, until we learn to "cash in" God's checks through persistent fasting and prayer, with a focus on Jesus and the Word of God. Fasting, when combined with prayer and a determined focus on speaking and applying the Word of God, will root out the garbage which is clogging us up, both spiritually and physically. We see too much evidence of sin and unbelief to deny that we are need of radical cleansing.

Fasting does not earn us merit with God. The salvation and forgiveness of God is a gift (Ephesians 2:8,9) and fasting can't buy it. But fasting is a major key to actually, in reality, putting down the flesh and worthless thoughts, and humbling ourelves before God that we might receive greater grace (James 4:6). Fasting brings us into line with the will of God. Very few people on this planet experience much of the will of God for them. The will of God is expressed through the Word of God. That should not surprise us.

Fasting as a religious practice puts the practitioner in touch with the spiritual world and deepens devotion to whatever spirit one is worshiping. That is why muslims, who during Ramadan fast 30 days a year during daylight hours, are generally so deeply entrenched in their beliefs (though there is no solid basis for them). We as Christians, have often failed to deepen ourselves in consecration and faith towards God through fasting, which is why the Spirit of God often has so little effective power in and through our lives. It won't do to decry the lack of power, love or holiness in the church. God has given YOU and I the power to be a part of the solution. The ball is in our court.

Benefits of Fasting

Isaiah 58 tells us the benefits of fasting. Fasting won't benefit us much if we cling to impure motives and continue to treat people wrong. Stripping out the conditions and the negative parts which had to do with the people's failures, we can extract the following statement from Isaiah 58 concerning those who fast, so as to bring their attitudes and actions in line with God's will:

If you fast according to God's will, you will take delight in approaching God. Your voice will be heard on high. You will loose bonds of wickedness, undo heavy burdens, let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke. You will share (physical and spiritual) bread with the hungry, and clothe (spiritually and physically) the naked.Your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, your righteousness shall go before you, the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard. You shall call, and the Lord will answer; you shall cry, and He will say, 'Here I am'. Your light will dawn in the darkness, your darkness shall be as the noonday. The Lord will guide you continually, satisy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail (which implies continual fulness and refreshing by the Holy Spirit); you shall restore and build up the community in righteousness. (See Isaiah 58).

Wow! What motivation God gives us! Do you believe those promises? If not, you should fast and pray to remove your unbelief! Fasting (while meditating on the Word) will kill and burn up unbelief like nothing else. Almost everybody can fast short fasts, and most of us could fast long fasts. I am of a slight build, yet God has enabled me to fast many days on several occasions. It has changed my life, and will continue to do so in the future.

Many Christians would like to have miracle working faith as long as they can still follow their own agendas, and pursue their own interests. This kind of faith, real faith, does not come by continually hearing and disobeying the Word of God. When we really "hear" with a right heart attitude, faith comes, but many times our hearts are too hardened, we only hear with our minds. Perhaps some of my readers are approaching this message with a hardened heart. Excuses arise in your mind. Excuses arise in your mind. Your heart has been hardened by either unforgiveness towards others, personal compromises or a desire for other things, especially fleshly comfort. If this is you, you are out of the will of God. Your condition is serious, though outwardly others may not see the trouble. If you want a real cure, however, fast and pray. God even favored the wicked king of Israel, Ahab, after he fasted in response to God's message of judgment. Then you will see a radical change, and you will start to take an amazing delight in God.

Challenge to Response and Action

I'm urging my readers to fast and pray. If you decide to do that after reading this message, write me. Tell me some of the days you are fasting. My promise is to pray for you seriously and personally if you will commit yourself to fast at least 3 days in a row, I will join you in bringing your petitions before God, and praying for God to strength you. The best way is if you can post them on the forum but if you don't want others to know you could email me. God is faithful and will answer, if we persist in faith and dependence upon Himself.

I believe the Lord has called me to help enlist an army to pray and fast for major miracles and breakthroughs. We will reach the masses through the internet and by other means. But at the core of it, we know that only God can produce results, and the blood of Christ will be applied to more and more people if we can express our desire, through prayer and fasting, for the Spirit of God to work

Please give your feedback on this message and let me know your response.

Yours in Jesus Christ's Service,

Michael Fackerell

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  1. Before I read your article I had the same insight.
    The Lord Jesus fasted before he started to destroy the works of the devil with power.
    What an encouragement! WOW!

  2. .

  3. Michael,
    Thank you for the article on fasting. I need you to stand with me as I have started a 3 day fast today to draw closer to God. I desire to have that intimate relationship with Him where I can be able to hear from Him.
    Thank you.

  4. fishiigoroar says:

    Fasting XD i’m only on my 2nd day of fasting, and i now i realise how much i take for granted considering food. I have put myself on a partial fast for 3 days only allowing myself plain chiken soup with no solids and water.

    Yesterday i had many cups of water and 2 bowls of soup. Today however i feel realli different after last night, after affirming my faith with a few articles i read here that day b4.

    I do not feel tired =D haha.. i still feel hungry… but lol i feel energetic HAHA XD.. its rather strange >=) LOL. THX YOU FATHER GOD XD FOR GIVING ME THE STRENGHT TO CONTINUE ON XD. Today i plan to just go with water. Continue reading articles from this site, continue reading the Bible an sing with my heart along to some Hillsong cd’s XD to praise n worship Him.

    I now realise the importance of saying grace before eating LOL. I REALLY THANKED HIM FOR THE ONLY SORTA FOOD I HAD LAST NIGHT WHICH WAS SOUP. Haha and hes healing me >=) ! B4 i fasted i never realli enjoied eatin that much, after having one severe case of stomach upset about almost a year ago caused by alcoholic binging ( which i refrain from now )… but now.. LOL i can’t wait to get my first bite of fruit >=) LOL I WANT A MANGO !! OR AN APPLE LOL! Haha and can’t wait to eat what mum prepares for food XD. But that’ll have to wait till Sunday morning >< LOL. I do feel closer to the Lord an excited lol, this is a new experience and its going so well. LoL i've suffered a little >=) ! I saw a packet of lollies out on the table last nite n i was sooooooooooooooo wanting to eat just one ! LOL. Haha and the smell of toast in the morning OH GOSH >< LOL YUMMMMMMMM ! >< but i've succesfulli refrained from eating lol. Haha last nights dinner D= smelt soooo nice LOL.. but i just had the soup =( LOL. I had a dream last night too... where i was searching for things to eat, and came across like what was suppose to be containers full of pasta in my fridge. I was hungrily searching through each container n found it was empty.. finally i found a pot that had some pasta in it but to no avail it was old... and off >< .. and mum told me not to eat it LOL. Then i suddenly remembered i was on a fast >=) ! LOL n in a way i was glad i had found nothing to eat in that fridge LOL. Haha i’m glad even in my sleep the Lord reminds me NO FOOD your fasting ! XD LOL.

    Haha and for the new believers i realli realli suggest u give fasting a shot ! LOL it realli makes u appreciate the food u eat, and appreciate who ever cooks the food, and most of all remember and appreciate God for creating the ingredients for the food we eat that being fruits and animals n grains n that XD.

    Haha and wen u dedicate your time to reading and searching the Lord u certainly draw closer to him. I do miss playing my computer games though =( LOL… but i’m beginning to really enjoy this experience and will deffinately do it again in the near future even if it means no computer games for a while =( LOL.

    BUT YES XD LOL THX MICHAEL HAHA XD your fasting chellenge and the article realli appealed to me, while i was readin the article b4 i began the fast, i got a lil teary, knowing that this was an experience i realli needed to have to draw closer to God. My fasting i must say is still a little imperfect but i plan to improve with each attempt. Its suppose to be a time of full dedication to the Lord, yet.. i still have MSN on >< just to keep me a little company. God Bless, i hope that others who have accepted Christ and who have never fasted b4 give it a shot >=) LOL and hey it gives u something else to talk about to other Christian friends XD to me its a victory worth sharing if u complete a fast for the first time >=) ! haha

    Goodbye =) ! !!

  5. fishiigoroar says:

    oops… posted here instead of the forums =/ *copies n pastes*

  6. butterfly says:


  7. rickyprediger says:

    …when one has a non-Christian family who may think he’s mad doing it, and doesn’t want to make too much of a big deal of it (either to try and avoid conflict or to adhere to Jsus’ command not to draw attention to one’s acts in the Sermon on the Mount)? This is how I find myself. I’ve tried fasting say for one or two meals in a day, nothing really gained as I’ve not been too sure what to do with it and I admit I keep making other excuses to avoid fasting too! But anyway, shuld I bother mentioning it to my family when I fast or keep it quiet?

    • fishiigoroar says:

      I’m sure u respect their choice of free will for them to believe in their religion although your most hoping they believed in Jesus to. Therefore u should tell them u are fasting, and fasting for your own growth and devotion to Jesus. So that they realise and respect what u are doing as u have respected them for their own free will. In doing this they will also not prepare too much food that u’ll be forced to eat out of politeness and respect because they made it for u. Because now that u have told them what u are doing they know what you are trying to achieve and will not make your share of food for the few days u’ve elected to fast.

      I think its okay to let family know u are fasting, i believe its when u go out saying n boastin that u are fasting to gain sympathy or status from people that u don’t know that, that is wrong. So by all means let your family know.

      Remember that when we live for Jesus, we should not be afraid of what others think of us, even our own family. Be right with the Lord and he will look after you no matter the case. Read Matt chapter 10 verses 32 to 40. Read verse 37 especially.

      Remember that we are not fighting against one another but against the prince of evil and his dark forces. If you are told your not allowed to fast in your household by your parents, i then think it is best to do as they say. For God says obey your parents. Now when we obey our parents are we not obeying God =) are we not glorifying His name ! In that, u will have shown God that u do love Him and obey His words. Because this is a delicate matter >< and u don't want to stir trouble in your own family i think that is what u should do if your not allowed to fast. So that they may see the work of God in you. That being you obeying them. Hopefully through this and other well meaning things u do, they might be brought to Christ Jesus ^^ and receive salvation. How ever if they just think your weird or say nasty things for you fasting but still permitting you to fast. By all means continue fasting and forgive them of their insults for they do not know better as of yet. But through your deeds and walk with Christ they may begin to realise what they have done was wrong and repent and be saved ^^. I wish u the best =D ! GOOD LUCK. GOD BLESS ! BTW When we are fasting =P it is an alotted time between yourself and God, u dedicate these moments to Him. Do not get distracted by other things during this time. Pray to God, worship and praise Him and feed on his spiritual words read the Bible seeking His will. If you are fasting for healing that is what u should pray for during your fast. If your fasting to draw closer to the Lord God pray that he draws you near n gives u understanding during your fast. ^^ God Bless hope this helped in some way. Forgive me if i've said anything incorrect i am still new to His words, and this is my understanding of now. Read what i have written and see if it is right in your own eyes. If it is not continue searching for answers n pray that the Lord reveals them to you =) and then if u so desire offer me your corrected opinion on what i have written, that would be great =) then i could learn to XD. GOD BLESS GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FASTING ^^.

  8. jacolbree says:

    Michael, you had asked for response to your fasting article so I wanted to tell you my experience with fasting. I fasted everything but water this week MTW because I was off of work and wanted to spend the time soaking in the Lord. I spent several hours in praise, prayer and reading the Word each day. The second night I woke up at about 11:00 PM very sickly nauseated, shaky and a headache. As a nurse my first thought was in the flesh, “I must have a low blood sugar from not eating, I need to eat.” Then I thought, “no, God is bigger than a blood sugar.” I began to pray, “God, you created me, you know what my body needs, please strengthen me to faithfully finish this fast.” It was dark in my bedroom and my eyes were closed but I saw a very bright brief flash of bright light and soon after that I felt a numbing warmth come over my body and all my sickness was gone. It was an absolutely amazing experience. I praised God for a while after that and then I went back to sleep and woke up the next morning feeling fine. The Lord allowed me to finish my fast without difficulty and I have tremendously enjoyed spending time with Him and drawing closer to Him. I was not especially hungry this morning but my husband urged me to eat. Food I was accustomed to before the fast tastes so much bolder, sweeter and saltier. I thought that was odd. My fast has given me a burden to pray for the hungry. I live in a land of the plenty and never in my entire life have I ever had to go even a half day without food. These 3 days have brought me closer to God and He has granted me so much peace, love and joy. He answered questions for me that I had even forgotten that I asked about Him! Anyway, I once again thank you for your encouraging article on fasting. It is definitely worth it! All the glory be to God!


    • Thanks for that report, I am sure it will encourage others to try fasting as a means of drawing near to God.

  9. jacolbree says:

    Thank you for your article on fasting. I could not agree more. We do need to fast and pray for spiritual break throughs. I have had difficulty in this area. Please pray for greater discipline and strength for me in this area. I have done 3 day juice fasts which were spiritually uplifting but never have I done nothing but water for more than one day. Please pray I can fast for 3 days for revival in my church. We have become so complacent in our praise and worship and altar services. We need people delivered and healed and my church authorities do not even recognize the need for or believe the need for deliverance in Christians. We need a miraculous move of God. Pray we will have a great move of God to grant desire in our hearts to seek Him fervently.

    Thank you,

  10. EBENEZER says:

    The report is good because many people find it very difficult to fast and that is why the fire of revival is going down.

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