Busting a hole in the Boat

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I just don’t understand why all this energy is put into the enterprise of disbelief I always thought that a true lack of belief in something should manifest itself in a state of emotional and psychological indifference and dispassion and not in a state of fanatical militant devotion; moreover it just seems to me that such fervor of energy on the question of God invariably brings God back to the central focus of everyone’s attention and I thought that’s who the atheist wanted to get rid of?

Now if you have read or listened to anything that a lot of atheists’ have said  you will quickly realise that the god that they give their undivided attention to is almost solely and exclusively the Christian one while attacks on Allah and Islam are virtually non-existent. Now what’s incredibly ironic about this is that the very “freedom of speech” that provides these atheists’ with the pillars and scaffolding to scourge and ridicule Christianity is largely the by-product of Christianity’s influence on the social fabric of the western world. In actual fact the architects of civic freedoms and justice that we so richly enjoy came from individuals that drew extensively from a Christian framework and blueprint. On top of that the high value that Christianity placed on the individual person at the time of its emergence was in stark contrast to the Greco-Roman culture that regulated the individual into strict subjection and subordination to the state.

Furthermore if one compares the nations of the west with non-western civilization-nations one can clearly see the contrast. It’s no great mystery that non-western nations experience virtually zero civil liberties, civic rights, democracy, freedom of speech or freedom of religious or political expression. How suspiciously coincidental that individual freedom and rights are most prevalent where Christianity has had the greatest impact.

If this is up for dispute one only needs to look into the historical facts to quickly discover that political and ideological systems that function on a highly centralised governmental system such as socialism, communism, fascism or non-Christian religious dictatorships such as in Islamic nations to see that atheists would have no freedom of expression or freedom of speech for such things were bequeathed to them by Christian pioneers. In short, if atheists continue to pour all this energy into the demise and destruction of Christianity they may very well one day wake up in a societal governmental system that denies the right and privilege to speak in the first place – they may end up busting a hole in their own boat.

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