Britain has almost been swallowed up by the E.U.

The move to destroy the civil liberties of people is not confined to the United States of America. It certainly extends to Europe, and to the people of the United Kingdom, as this video shows.

Again, I point this things out, not to urge readers to political activism, but rather to point out something far more basic, and that is this: expecting to build heaven on earth for yourself and your children is a vain hope. You cannot keep the good life you have been having in this earth until now for much longer. Don’t be a fool. Instead of trusting this world and its corrupt leaders, put your trust in Jesus Christ. Turn away from your sins and live for God. Look forward to the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven, as described in the New Testament. Be involved with God’s work. Avoid corrupt compromising phony clergy and do not build their kingdoms. Study your Bible, live holy, pray, and go in the name of Jesus to destroy the works of the devil. Organise Christian fellowship and communion in your home. Understand that Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world, nor of this age. Lay up for yourself treasure in heaven, not on the earth.

May God bless you.

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